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Enterprise Mobility Solution 02 Feb 2018

Presentation: Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management focuses on the administration of mobile devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The task includes merging, supervising, protecting and managing the devices.

MDM can be a tool to secure the network, data as well as the mobile devices as its main purpose is to improve the functionality and security of mobile devices along with the reduction in cost and downtime.

Want to know how mobile device management is useful for various enterprises? ...

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Top 7 Mobile App Development Trends 2018

With the increase in the use of smartphones over the year 2017, there has been steep increase in the need for mobile app development. It had been a year of growth for app development. Previously, it was ...

19 Jan 2018
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Significance of CRM in Today’s Business Environment

“Know your customers, serve them well… and they’ll never leave you”.

For any business may it be big or small, Customer is their first priority. Because it ...

06 Jan 2018
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Presentation: Hybrid vs. Native Mobile App

Hybrid Mobile App or Native Mobile App? Which one is better? Both have their own pros and cons. Check out this presentation and decide yourself which one is better for your business mobile app.

In hybrid apps, ...

03 Jan 2018
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The Significance of Mobile Technologies in Insurance ...

The significance of mobile technologies in insurance domain is vastly neglected. As more people and consumers interact via mobile devices, underwriters can heavy weight their customer base and inventory by amalgamating mobile technologies to their marketing ...

15 Dec 2017
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7 Benefits of Implementing Mobility Solutions with Yo...

Unless you have been on a long, extremely long, adventure trip in the rain forests of Amazon, you must have noticed that the world has gone all mobile. Mobile devices have revolutionized the way companies do ...

01 Dec 2017
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9 Things You Need To Tick Off Your Check List Before ...

In a world that is quickly changing, where everyone’s coming up with a new idea every single day, it is important that you start working on yours as soon as possible. If you don’t, ...

17 Nov 2017

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