My Crop


Project Description

MyCrop is a tech enabled collaborative platform to empower smallholder farmers. It’s a Farm and Farmer management system, a strongly interlinked top-down interface where the activities and output at the individual grassroots level can be monitored and analysed to achieve optimum results. It’s a sustainable agriculture platform which connects Farmers, Farmer Mitras and Experts. Farmers need action points for their field, and updated information for enhancement in their knowledge. MyCrop provides solutions to suit farmer’s needs and requirements in the form of a Farm Plan, Customised for each and every farmer. MyCrop works with young educated entrepreneur trusted by smallholder farmers and provides best in class training and equipment to Farmer Mitra for the mission.

Key Fetures

1. Calendar for different activities

2. Land Mapping

3. Order Management

4. Alerts and Notifications

5. Weather Details

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