Project Description

Stationery Info is one the finest examples of web portals developed by us. As the name suggests, the portal has proven to be the best medium for the sellers to showcase their stationery products and hence it displays widest category of products available in stationery world for users to buy . Admin plays the vital role of management of all the operations in the portal. Moreover the portal provides users with Directory for Stationery World and Online access to Office & School Stationery Manufacturers, Suppliers, Importers & Exporters in India. So the system is more than just a buyer seller portal with facilities of updates on Trade-shows and Associations related to Stationery world and the users also stay connected to latest News and Updates.

Key Fetures

1. Rich User Interface
2. Optimized Search Engine
3. Logical Navigation
4. Cross-platform/browser compatibility
5. Commendable categorization of vast range of products

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