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Web And Mobile App Development



  • Foxyloop


  • PHP
  • MySql
  • Android
  • Xamarin


  • Education


The application is one of the finest ERP developed by Iconflux. The system acts as a central communication medium for school authorities, parents and students. The system is an amalgamation of comprehensive features that ease the day to day work of the 3 entities involved. From attendance to examination all the processes are automated using this system including dominant process like Time Table, syllabus, lesson planning, complain box and leave application. The system also helps the administrative and management structures to carry out their job without hurdles.


Easy to use Interface

Introduction to Blue Prints

Offline Database Access

Rich and Precise Reporting


Separate Logins for parents, teachers, students and super admin as per their roles. Learning is not only made easy but fun as well. Easy for the teachers as they can review the student grades. Parents can review the results, attendance is managed, homework and time-table can be viewed by the parents.


Foxyloop is an ERP Suite for Educational Institutes and schools which helps in maintaining the data of the students within the schools/colleges. Online exams are given by the students based on which the progress reports are generated. Study materials are provided as well. Cutting edge user experience with easy to use interface for all the users. User Friendly and ready to customize ERP solutions for education institutes.