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Detailed Consultancy

Multi-Domain Expertise

Multi-Domain Expertise

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Strict NDA Signed

Agile Development

Agile Development Process

ERP System Development

Master the Process of Streamlining Operations with Power of Technology

Energize your Business with Tech-based ERP Business Solutions Now

Enterprise Resource Planning systems are the backbone of any progressive, modern business enterprise. With many different departments and processes, the management requires a centralized platform to maintain control and drive business results. ERP implementation promises efficient process optimization and management to drive organizational success.

Our expert team understands your core business functions, identify loopholes in current operations, develops a roadmap for ERP implementation and strengthens your strategy of goal-orientation with the help of technology. Using an ERP business solution, your organization can promote strategic decision making and enhanced visibility across routine operations.

Structured ERP Development Process

  • Understanding Custom Requirements
  • Evaluating Current Business Model
  • Factoring-in for Future Growth Projections
  • Continuous Maintenance Support
  • Viability Check
  • Making a Suitable Technology Decision
  • Delivering the ERP Platform

Why Choose IConflux for ERP System Development?

Smart & Capable Team of Developers

Being in the field for more than 5 years, our team has developed smart capabilities to understand custom needs and design solutions that meet the requirements.

Value-based Development Approach

Our development approach considers the inherent value of an ERP solution that helps in optimizing operations, efficiently and enhance performance in the long run.

Use of Latest Tools & Techniques

Equipped with knowledge of latest development methodologies and tech developments in the ERP segments, our team makes use of the tech components that works best according to personalized business requirements.

End-to-end Deployment & Maintenance Support

We do not just take responsibility of development but believe in helping you leverage the full potential of ERP through comprehensive deployment, continuous monitoring and maintenance support.

Designing Powerful ERP Systems

for Custom Requirements

Leveraging modern frameworks and tools, we take care of complete ERP system design, implementation, integration and maintenance. Our experts use standardized frameworks to streamline integration and provide end-to-end consulting and implementation solutions when it comes to ERP solutions.


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