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Web And Mobile App Development

About Us

Energized Conflux of Exuberance for Ingenious Inventions

Founded in 2012, IConflux is a result of a strong concoction of innovative minds who came together to endow modern enterprises with digital excellence. Enriched with the knowledge of powerful technologies and years of industry experience, Team IConflux creates valuable IT solutions for global enterprises.

About Us

Nurturing businesses with ingenuity and innovation, IConflux was started with a single purpose in mind: to help businesses build technological capabilities that accelerate growth. Powered by the same purpose, IConflux analyses modern ecosystem to devise customized IT solutions and build phenomenal tech products for growth of a business.

Corporate Mission

Corporate Mission

To drive innovation across client's business processes making them simple and efficient with the help of our world-class resources who become our client's dependable technology partner, forever.

Corporate Vision

Corporate Vision

To be an enviable brand name by offering industry-first technology solutions and thus become a credible entity for our clients.

Lining Success with Powerful Core Values IConflux is all about the success of the clients. Clients love us for our integrity, commitment, obsession and value-based approach.

Over the course of journey, IConflux explored and built a success philosophy guided by our strong core values. Our name signifies our stance towards success and keeps everyone committed to underlying values that we believe in:


Integrity towards everyone- our clients, employees, and society.


We respect our commitment. Once committed, we will surely deliver.


We are obsessive towards the quality we deliver to all our clients.


We believe in nurturing your business through best practices and innovative methodologies.


Our thought process is aligned to the future.


Loyalty runs through our veins. At IConflux, everyone is loyal to a common goal- your growth and success.


Originality in approach is something we abide to, day in and out.


We are unique owing to our X-factor that helps you stand out of the crowd.

Modern Development Hub with an Edge

With a team of 70+ dedicated resources and 6000+ sq. ft. of futuristic development area under our purview, we are the perfect destination for development of enterprise and IT solutions for catering to the custom tech needs of global organizations. Our strength lies in our ability to perform well, achieve better and deliver the best solution according to core business requirements.

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Achieve Excellence with IConflux Now Congregate Your Ideas with our Execution Ability Today