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IConflux designs, develops, and deploys cloud based and on-premise conversational chatbots to help you in streamlining client servicing and other operations.

Potential Use Cases of Smart Chatbots

Chatbots can be used across industries for many purposes. From lead generation to feedback resolution, client servicing, lead qualification and more, chatbots can redefine the way how operations are completed in a modern business ecosystem. Chatbots can be ideally used for:

  • Handling repetitive procedures, efficiently
  • Automating tasks that require human interaction
  • Optimizing existing complex processes
  • Simplifying information sharing through conversation
  • Standardize complex rules and procedures
  • Complying with technology disruptions

Industries we serve

Streamline BFSI operations and automate customer support with the help of chatbots and promise convenient, engaging and fun client servicing experience to your end customers.

Capabilities & Benefits

  • Reimagine your banking operations
  • Automate customer query resolution
  • Speed up information sharing
  • Optimize and automate investment management
  • Review and manage credit applications
  • Speed up money transfers and bill payments

Automate mundane/repetitive tasks like claims management across the value chain. Handle customer queries, promptly and improve customer service standards.

Capabilities & Benefits

  • Facilitate insurance buying and comparison
  • Automate advisory & claims management
  • Handle customer queries efficiently

Simplify HR operations and provide a more personalized experience to employees/candidates during recruitment, on-boarding and routine operations with smart chatbot assistants.

Capabilities & Benefits

  • Automate candidate screening process
  • Provide instant resolution to common queries
  • Streamline employee training
  • Speed up information sharing and internal operations

Improve the operational efficiency of supply chain system and logistics with intelligent & smart chatbots that can help with information sharing and facilitate customer support.

Capabilities & Benefits

  • Respond to inquiries in real time
  • Offer instant customer support
  • Provide real-time shipping information

Improve your hospitality operations while keeping guests delighted with 24x7 chatbot assistant to handle customer grievances, facilitate reservations & more.

Capabilities & Benefits

  • 24x7 available for customers
  • Better customer experience
  • Cost-effective
  • Automates the routine task of guests
  • Real-time assistance

Chatbot helps to address the biggest challenge faced by retail and eCommerce industry- to keep customers hooked. With Chatbots, eCommerce and retail segments can:

Capabilities & Benefits

  • Delight customers in a better way by providing personalized experience
  • Interact with customers in real-time
  • Set price alerts
  • Assist in ordering products

Keep clients hooked to your offerings by solving travel/booking/general queries, in real time. Help them plan vacations, assist in bookings and do more with smart chatbots.

Capabilities & Benefits

  • Address client queries and complaints
  • Provide travel and booking recommendations
  • Facilitate airline ticket, hotel and cab bookings
  • Improve client service operations

Most patients do not engage with the hospital after receiving medication so with the help of Chatbot they get a personal touch

Capabilities & Benefits

  • Help patients identify initial illness symptoms
  • Availability and ongoing monitoring for the patients
  • Automate doctor appointments, diagnosis bookings, counseling sessions
  • Increase the speed of delivery of the information asked
  • Easily scheduling of appointments
  • Answer general health queries

Streamline manufacturing operations by keeping stakeholders informed, providing quick resolution to queries and optimizing the process.

Capabilities & Benefits

  • Real-time process information sharing
  • Spread production-level information, automatically
  • Enhance inter-department communications
  • Streamline & automate routine operations

Enhance customer delight and provide them with valuable information, recommendations and more by automating client handling operations with chatbots.

Capabilities & Benefits

  • Provide real-time recommendations and suggestions
  • Send automated offer alerts
  • Gather customer feedback, automatically
  • Automate lead qualification with intelligent chatbots

Chatbots can revolutionize agricultural sector by streamlining information sharing related to crops, weather, market prices, planting cycles etc.

Capabilities & Benefits

  • Facilitate buyer/seller connections
  • Streamline crop/plant/fertilizer/price information sharing
  • Image recognition
  • Automated workforce
  • Maximize the production

Answer growing number of queries and automate your customer support operations with chatbots.

Capabilities & Benefits

  • Answer customer queries and enhance delight
  • Improve information sharing mechanism
  • Automate mundane client servicing operations

Take education operations to the next level by providing valuable advice, suggestions and counseling to students and other stakeholders.

Capabilities & Benefits

  • Offer answers to burning questions related to course curriculum
  • Provide career guidance and consultancy
  • Simplify administrative operations
  • Improve Parent-teacher interaction

Speed up the delivery of accurate and high-quality news pieces all over the globe with smart chatbots.

Capabilities & Benefits

  • Automate news creation and delivery
  • Gauge public opinion with real-time customer feedback gathering
  • Provide real-time news updates

Chatbots can automate repetitive processes, eliminate the need for human involvement and optimize operations. Here are some of the ways in which chatbots can help:

  • Lead Generation & Qualification
  • Feedback Gathering
  • Surveys
  • Job Application Screening
  • Personalization through Shopping Assistants
  • Student Evaluation
  • Customer Service & Support Operations
  • Product/Service Recommendations
  • Automating Appointment Schedules
  • Order/Service Tracking
  • Information Sharing
  • Live Agent Support

Platforms & Frameworks we Use

Over the years, our team has mastered the art of leveraging all major disruptive technologies for development of advanced chatbots.

Development Tools


Dialog flow


Microsoft bot framework + LUIS






Amazon Alexa








AI/ML Capabilities









Chatbots Developed by IConflux Work Efficiently Across Multiple Channels

Channels for Text-based Chatbots

  • Web Channels :- Websites, Blogs, Landing Pages
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Twilio WhatsApp
  • WhatsApp Business
  • Telegram
  • Skype
  • Twitter
  • Line
  • Viber
  • Slack
Channels for Voice-Based Chatbots

Channels for Voice-Based Chatbots

  • Google Assistant / Home
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Twilio Telephone
  • Cortana Virtual Assistant

Our Exclusive Chatbot Development Process

IConflux is one of the leading chatbot development company in India. At IConflux, we endeavor to nurture your business with ingenuity & innovation. To make the most out of the latest technology, we follow a structured chatbot development process that promotes innovation and alignment to your business goals and growth ambitions. Hire chatbot developers with us and take your business to another level.



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