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Being an established iOS app development company in India, we understand the importance of having an engaging and intuitive mobile app to keep iOS users hooked to your business. Aligning best development practices with your business needs, we develop exciting mobile apps for iOS platforms. Our dedicated team of iOS developers have built all types of mobile applications and understand the complete mobile app development lifecycle, thoroughly to promise maximum customer impact.

Benefits of iOS Mobile App Development

iOS is the proprietary OS of Apple- one of the world’s largest and most innovative tech companies. Apple’s app store requires app developers to embed deep security features before making an app public. This means that data privacy and user identity is totally secure ensuring minimum chances of security threats.

On top of it, all the in-app transactions are also secured by high-end security layers with data encryption.

Enhanced Security

Building an app for iOS ensures that the user experience will be quite interesting and engaging. Apple vouches for its promise of great user experience and iOS equips developers with the capabilities to provide an intuitive user experience owing to its hardware and software prowess.

This means that iOS apps are better on grounds of user interface and experience which gives businesses a great opportunity to delight prospects & customers.

Engaging UI

Apple is an exclusive brand with a limited number of devices and OS versions when compared to counterparts. This makes it easy for app developers and testers to promise bug-free and highly-functional mobile apps.

At the same time, iOS’ lower fragmentation makes it easier to upscale existing apps quickly by reducing testing to time ensure faster time to market.

Effective Testing

Apple is a premier brand with millions of customers around the globe. This makes iOS mobile app development a lucrative investment for any startup or business owner. By developing an app for the iOS platform, businesses can reach out to these customers and ride the wave of Apple’s brand value for increased scalability and fast growth.

Increased Market Reach

Apple users are staunch brand proponents who don’t believe in migrating to other platforms. As they are highly-satisfied with quality and performance of iOS devices, they upgrade their devices instead of buying any other brand. This means that apps have more chance of staying in a user’s device for a long time which increases brand interaction and ultimately the revenue and sales figures.

Higher Sticky Quotient & Loyalty

Features of iOS Apps

Highly Intuitive

Highly Intuitive

iOS, owing to its innovative feature upgrades annually, gives more option to app developers to provide an immersive experience to the end-users. Using iOS inherent features, app developers can create intuitive applications that click with the psyche of modern app users.

Seamless Navigation

Seamless Navigation

User interface of iOS app is minimalist and promotes seamless in-app navigation. As users can quickly browse through all the features and capabilities of the app on an iOS, it means they are more accustomed to the business offerings.

Fast Loading

Fast Loading

iOS is known for its performance capabilities. This means iOS apps, too, are extremely responsive and load faster on the devices. Users don’t have to keep waiting for a long time which increases engagement rates and user delight.

Improved Nativity

Improved Nativity

When you develop a mobile app exclusively for iOS, it means that the native features of the devices can be harnessed more effectively. iOS mobile apps can be better integrated with features that Apple is known for such as voice assistant Siri.



iOS is known for simplicity- the kind that can even engage toddlers and children. Hence, iOS apps are extremely user-friendly which makes users love the mobile app. They can complete the desired task effectively without having to dig deeper into technical specifics or complex flows.

iOS App Development Services

With end-to-end solutions starting from requirement analysis and ending at seamless deployment, we provide a complete iOS mobile app development package to entrepreneurs and organizations. Our stronghold over iOS app development domain owing to mobile app development and engagement strategies has earned us laurels across the globe. Startups, businesses, eCommerce websites, enterprises and growth-oriented organizations hire iOS app developers from Iconflux for the following iOS app development services:

  • iOS mobile app strategic consulting services
  • iOS mobile app UI/UX designing
  • iOS mobile app development
  • iOS mobile app testing
  • iOS mobile app support & maintenance

Dynamic iPhone & iPad App Development Approach

As an innovative iOS app development company in India, we believe in constant evolution while respecting legacy languages and protocols when it comes to iOS development. Hence, we follow two dynamic development approaches, each using a different programming language for app development, namely:

  • Objective-C: The traditional programming language for iPhone and iPad mobile app development, Objective-C follows object-oriented programming structure (OOPS) and is a subset of C language. Major apps in the App store have been developed using the same language and it makes it easier to define everything inside an app in the form of an object and develop the final app by defining segmented classes, methods for easier workflow and streamlined development.
  • Swift: Swift is a new language launched by Apple for iOS development that simplifies syntax and promises faster, modern, safer and interactive iOS applications. Equipped with powerful tools, Swift is being continuously upgraded by Apple to promise better development results in the form of extended features and functionality.

How Hiring our expert iOS app developers help you take a Leap Beyond Others?

Adept iOS app development team

Our dedicated iOS development team with highly-skilled developers, testers, coders and UX/UI experts can bring glory to your iOS mobile app.

Agile development methodologies

Our agile development approach promises better response to feedback and custom requests, ensuring increased end-user engagement and delight.

Intensive testing and QA process

Our in-house testing and QA team conducts rigorous checks on all developed iOS apps to promise bug-free deployment, without fail.

Complete iOS app deployment support

Apart from development support, we assist companies in rolling out their mobile app by helping them with submission and approval process of the App Store.


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