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Ever since JavaScript radicalized the world of web development, there has been a constant race to unify all aspects of the web application through the language. With Node.js, a JavaScript runtime environment, the unification comes to life. Using node.js is the most popular way to build lightweight apps that have to deal with a large amount of real-time data that is shared across multiple devices.

Our team of professionals is always endeavoring to provide the clients with fast and scalable web applications. Being a top node.js development company in India, we ensure to develop a lightweight app that works seamlessly across all platforms.

Why Clients Hire Our Node.js Developers ?

With hundreds of options in any given category, the first thing a growing web application aims for is speed. Node.js can tackle multiple parallel connections with a higher quality of performance. Apps used for chats, streaming, video conferences, etc. can work much smoother and with lower response time with node.js in the picture.


Any app that is on a rising curve of growth will have to accumulate different services in it. This expansion of services can make the app lagging as the development team finds it hard to deal with all the pages at once. Microservices can be managed by different teams, ensuring the app as a whole never faces downtime or crashes.

Node.js helps you take your web applications off the server. Any web application requires a server that can go over the budget. However, node.js provides serverless solutions that can help you save money. Furthermore, serverless applications run much faster; thus, saving time and increasing the app's efficiency.

Node.js is accompanied by the default package manager, which includes over 836,000 libraries. One can use the open-source JavaScript tools through the NPM; thus, providing a plethora of free tools to the developer.

Node.js development services enable one to create desktop apps with the code used in the web app for macOS, Windows, and Linux. Additionally, most node.js tools can also be utilized across various platforms, which increase coding efficiency and eliminate the need for a new team that is proficient in other languages such as Objective-C, C#.

Features of Node.js Applications

Faster Execution

As node.js is built on Google Chrome's V8 JavaScript Engine and is entirely programmed in C++, its execution is lightning-fast.


Based on the JavaScript event-based model, the node.js server moves along from one API to another after calling it. This non-blocking feature makes the app lightweight.


As node.js uses a single-thread model, the program lets you add any number of resources to your nodes, making it perfect for the growing startup industry.

Node.js Development Services Offered by Iconflux

Our top node.js development company in India, has been working in the field for more than 8 years. With each project, we have brought together the ideas of the clients and the seamless working of node.js to develop secured, state-of-the-art web applications. Our senior developers have the skills to meet each of your requirements by providing the following node.js development services. 

  • Backend Development for Web Application
  • Backend Development for Mobile Application
  • Custom API Development
  • Real-time messaging app development
  • AWS Lambda functions development

Get Stunning Advantages With Our Node.js Development Solution

Meet Your Needs

Our developers ensure to fulfill each of your requirements for your web applications. No matter how complex your idea may seem to be, we can provide you the best solutions and execute them efficiently.


We do not leave you stranded once the web application is developed. Our team offers constant support and maintenance services to ensure that you achieve your goals. Outsource our services and you do not need to worry about the additional costs of maintaining an in-house team.

Intuitive Design

As a leading node.js web development company, we provide exceptional web applications that attract users with a user-friendly interface and rapid response time

Our experience and projects speak for themselves. Hire node.js developers who will provide you with a flawless web application, one that fulfills your vision and maximizes your app's efficiency.


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