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We are a one-stop destination for building feature-rich, high-performance and scalable web and mobile applications. Our Node JS development services are designed to enable efficiency on both server and client-side. Get in touch with our team to know more about our Node JS development services in India & USA and make the most out of technology.

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Set the Pace of Your Mobile App with Scalability capabilities of NodeJS

Ever since JavaScript radicalized the world of web development, there has been a constant race to unify all aspects of the web application through the language. With Nodejs, a JavaScript runtime environment, the unification comes to life. Using Nodejs is the most popular way to build lightweight apps that have to deal with a large amount of real-time data that is shared across multiple devices.

Our team of professionals is always endeavoring to provide the clients with fast and scalable web applications. Being a top Nodejs development company in India, we ensure to develop a lightweight app that works seamlessly across all platforms.

Agile Development

Why Choose
NodeJS for Web Applications Development?

Enhanced Security

High Performance

With hundreds of options in any given category, the first thing a growing web application aims for is speed. Nodejs can tackle multiple parallel connections with a higher quality of performance. Apps used for chats, streaming, video conferences, etc. can work much smoother and with lower response time with Nodejs in the picture.

Engaging UI

Supports Microservice

Any app that is on a rising curve of growth will have to accumulate different services in it. This expansion of services can make the app lagging as the development team finds it hard to deal with all the pages at once. Microservices can be managed by different teams, ensuring the app as a whole never faces downtime or crashes.

Effective Testing


Nodejs helps you take your web applications off the server. Any web application requires a server that can go over the budget. However, Nodejs provides serverless solutions that can help you save money. Furthermore, serverless applications run much faster; thus, saving time and increasing the app's efficiency.

Increased Market Reach

Varied Ecosystem

Nodejs is accompanied by the default package manager, which includes over 836,000 libraries. One can use the open-source JavaScript tools through the NPM; thus, providing a plethora of free tools to the developer.

Higher Sticky Quotient & Loyalty

Supports Cross-Platform Coding

Node.js development services enable one to create desktop apps with the code used in the web app for macOS, Windows, and Linux. Additionally, most Nodejs tools can also be utilized across various platforms, which increase coding efficiency and eliminate the need for a new team that is proficient in other languages such as Objective-C, C#.

Features of
NodeJS Applications

Highly Intuitive

Faster Execution

As Nodejs is built on Google Chrome's V8 JavaScript Engine and is entirely programmed in C++, its execution is lightning-fast.

Seamless Navigation


Based on the JavaScript event-based model, the Nodejs server moves along from one API to another after calling it. This non-blocking feature makes the app lightweight.

Fast Loading


As Nodejs uses a single-thread model, the program lets you add any number of resources to your nodes, making it perfect for the growing startup industry.

IConflux's NodeJS Development Services

Our top Nodejs development company in India has been working in the field for more than 8 years. With each project, we have brought together the ideas of the clients and the seamless working of Nodejs to develop secured, state-of-the-art web applications. Our senior developers have the skills to meet each of your requirements by providing the following Nodejs development services.

Backend Development for Web Application

Backend Development for Mobile Application

Custom API Development

Real-time messaging app development

AWS Lambda functions development


What Makes Us the Best
Node Development Company?

Adept iOS App Development Team

Meet Your Needs

Our developers ensure to fulfill each of your requirements for your web applications. No matter how complex your idea may seem to be, we can provide you the best solutions and execute them efficiently.

Agile Development Methodologies


We do not leave you stranded once the web application is developed. Our team offers constant support and maintenance services to ensure that you achieve your goals. Outsource our services and you do not need to worry about the additional costs of maintaining an in-house team.

Intensive Testing and QA Process

Intuitive Design

As a leading Nodejs web development company, we provide exceptional web applications that attract users with a user-friendly interface and rapid response time

Our experience and projects speak for themselves. Hire Nodejs developers who will provide you with a flawless web application, one that fulfills your vision and maximizes your app's efficiency.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Node.js android app development can be used efficiently in many kinds of applications: 1. IoT applications, applications built around microservice architecture 2. Real-time chats 3. Real-time collaboration tools 4. Streaming apps 5. Single Page Applications (SPAs).

After running your node.js application on your local server, you should check the metrics and then make the necessary changes, These changes could include adjusting the CPU/RAM or changing the code to avoid bottlenecks. Server requirements will differ depending on the application.

Laravel is a PHP framework that is free and open-source enabling developers to use the pattern of MVC in the development needs. NodeJS on the other hand is a JavaScript Runtime Environment that is used for Cross-Platform development needs.

Yes! NodeJS is not limited to web applications. Machine learning concepts can be explored using the plethora of NodeJS Libraries including: 1. ml.js: Includes a vast list of libraries under different categories such as unsupervised learning, supervised learning, artificial neural networks, regression, optimization, statistics, data processing, and math utilities. 2. Brain.js: A library written in JavaScript for neural networks that can be used with Node.js as well as in the browser. 3. Synaptic: Synaptic is another JavaScript neural network for Node.js.

You can use the following methods to scale your Node JS application 1. Decomposing (AKA 'microservicing'): Involves juggling with multiple microservices 2. Splitting (Sharding/Horizontal Partitioning): Involves splitting your app into multiple instances, each one responsible for a single, specific part of your app’s data 3. Cloning: Clone your Node.js back-end application, multiple times, and assign a specific part of the workload to each cloned instance

Node.js was created as an experiment into asynchronous processing. It was built to test whether doing asynchronous processing on a single thread could provide more performance and scalability under typical web loads than the typical thread-based implementation.

You should use node.js for app developemtn if the app you want to build needs to handle multiple concurrent requests, heavy I/O workloads or frequent data shuffling,

Outsourcing node.js web application development can benefit you in the following ways: 1. Fast, scalable, cross-platform solutions 2. Improved load and response time 3. Low system resource consumption 4. Reduced time-to-market and development costs 5. Skilled tech talent with rich hands-on experience in your area of operation

Due to its single-threaded nature, Node.js is primarily used for non-blocking, event-driven servers. In addition to traditional websites and backend APIs, the platform is geared towards real-time, push-based architectures.

There is no one-size-fits-all price for developing a Node.js project. Node.js app development itself is free and open source, but to reap the benefits of professional expertise and high-quality resources, going to a professional app development company or freelancer would generally cost $18-$50 an hour.

For web applications and website development, Node JS is a better choice. The Python programming language is an ideal platform for a wide range of tasks - web applications, integration with back-end platforms, numerical computations, machine learning, and network programming.

Using node.js web application development allows you to leverage the following benefits: 1. Efficient performance. 2. Easier development process. 3. Reusable code. 4. Ability to handle multiple requests. 5. Ability to scale smoothly. 6. Prompt code execution. 7. Asynchronous and event-driven. 8. Supported by leading companies.

Here are the key features node.js app development services can provide for you: 1. Node.js is built on Google Chrome's V8 JavaScript Engine, making it very fast at executing code. 2. With Node JS, you use a single threaded model with event looping. Unlike traditional servers which create limited threads to handle requests, the event mechanism helps the server respond in a non-blocking way and is highly scalable. 3. Data is never buffered in Node JS applications.

Node JS is a platform that makes it easy to develop fast and scalable network applications using Chrome's JavaScript runtime. Because Node JS uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model, it is lightweight and efficient. For this reason if you are making a data-intensive, real-time application that needs to run across distributed devices, you should go to a node js development company to help you build your product.

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