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With smart devices penetrating our daily lives, this technology has opened new avenues for better operations and improved efficiency inside a business organization.

Make operations leaner, streamline processes & gain the smart edge with IoT App Development

Our diligent team of highly-experienced IoT developers, proficient in innovative technologies like IoT can spearhead the IoT app development process for your company. As an expert IoT app development company, we provide end-to-end solutions will help you in making your business processes much more efficient. Using our expertise to work with smart devices, sensors, IoT gateways, cloud servers and IoT applications, we can diligently handle the Internet of things app development process to help you succeed in the connected era.

Cutting-edge IoT App
Development Services

From consultancy to development, analytics to deployment, we cater to the custom IoT app development needs of modern enterprises. Proficient with modern developments in the IoT sphere, we provide the following services.


IoT App Development

IoT Consultancy

IoT Maintenance Services

Voice-enabled IoT Solutions

IoT Security Consulting

Industry we Serve

We serve a wide range of industries, delivering Services that empower businesses


E-Commerce & Retail




Finance & Banking




Fantasy Sports Game


Media & Entertainment






Energy & Utilities


Transportation & Logistic





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Benefits of IoT Technology

Cost-efficient Operations

With the help of IoT apps, businesses can lower their operational costs. IoT networks help teams to monitor any activity in real-time which helps in enhancing the efficiency of any process. When business processes are efficient, the incumbent cost of operations automatically gets reduced.


Assists in Understanding Consumer Behavior

IoT applications can help modern businesses in gaining a deep understanding of consumer behaviour. Businesses can collect valuable user data and analyze the same to understand what its target audience likes, dislikes and prefers.


Enhanced Productivity

IoT technology can be useful in improving the productivity of manufacturing operations. At the same time, IoT applications can be deployed across various industries to get relevant information about employees, customers, processes and materials, which helps in improving business processes.


Better Customer Experience

IoT technology can be used the improve customer service operations. Modern IoT devices and mobile apps can help businesses in keeping track of customer activities and secure data for improved customer experience.


Improved Workplace Safety

IoT technology can help businesses and startups in ensuring workplace security and safety. As IoT technology is based on sensors, machinery and employees in high-risk environments can be equipped with sensors or wearables for real-time monitoring of threats.


Connectivity and Integration

IoT facilitates seamless connectivity and integration between devices, systems, and platforms, enabling interoperability and creating a unified ecosystem.


Features of IoT Apps

Modular & Future-ready

IoT apps are quite versatile and can connect with different types of IoT devices, sensors or machinery according to the requirements. With modular deployment options including SaaS, on-premise, hybrid or edge, IoT apps can digitally transform business processes and make operations ready for the future.

Flexible & Open

IoT mobile apps can connect with smart devices and can transform the entire enterprise operations. Being platform-independent, modern IoT apps can be developed according to the business’ current technology architecture and introduce innovative deployment configurations according to the need.

Simplified Deployment

IoT apps can be integrated into any existing business processes and can smarten operations without much disruption or hassle. Using a centralized control panel to monitor devices, sensors, users and app functionalities, the entire process of deployment becomes extremely easy.

Based on Distributed Architecture

IoT apps work on a distributed architecture which can scale up or shrink down according to dynamic business needs. With a cloud-backed setup, IoT apps can efficiently handle the large influx of data and insights from multiple devices at the same time.

Our Engagement Models

We at IConflux combine ambitious thinking with practical implementation. Our business models map the best path for your needs while driving digital innovation and generating traction.

Why You Should Hire us For Your IOT App Development Need.

Experienced Team

IoT is a specialized field that not every developer is acquainting with. With experience in deploying several successful IoT applications, our team has the right skillsets for IoT app development.

Custom-made Solutions

Investment in IoT can turn out to be a waste if development is not done keeping your custom needs in mind. With a structured development process that involves thorough consulting, we ensure your goals are always met from the development process.

Established Development Center

With a well-established development center in India, we can promise top-grade IoT development solutions at a competitive cost.

Research-backed Development

Our dedicated research and development wing keeps an eye on the latest tech trends to nourish the development process with the latest tools, technologies and solutions that improve the overall quality of the development.

What Our Client Speaks

Our clients have showered us with their appreciation, and we are proud to share the results with you

Our association with IConflux has been very fruitful. Together, we have worked on a number of projects for the UAE government and the private sector. Taking a step further in our professional relationship, we recently became their exclusive technology partner.

Nabil Azar

Co-Founder @ ACIS Information Technology

The Iconflux team has been instrumental in turning my vision into reality while making it seem extremely easy and effortless. They are available to answer any questions and are quick and efficient to fix any bugs or issues. In addition to their strong work ethos, their advice and guidance was key to make my product up to date in today’s market and future markets. Finally, they deliver on time as promised.

Juliana Khalaf

Co-Foucer @ Asala Art

The IConflux team has helped me to scale up a very complex project and the team is continuously adding more value to the project, they are quick in understanding requirements, communicating and delivering quality & accurate work.

Brian Cardinale

Principal Consultant

I chose Iconflux because, after quite some research, I simply could not find any other provider that offered all the tools I needed to create a Music App. Iconflux showed a deep understanding of the technological challenges of building a native IOS and Android App. The process was smooth, on time meetings, progress updates and quick follow up on support. Great company, certainly recommended!

Willem Zevenbergen

President @ Tracx System Ltd

I am thrilled with IConflux's exceptional development services. Their expertise, responsiveness, and commitment to delivering high-quality results are impressive. They created a robust, user-friendly software solution that revolutionized each industry's operations. I highly recommend them for top-notch software development services.

John Ragsdale

CEO @ TAP Innovations

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