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Firebase App with IConflux

There is a reason why entrepreneurs are planning to hire Firebase developers? Firebase is an app development platform by Google, which allows you to built business apps for a wide range of industry sectors. Firebase has transformed the mobileapp and web app development field with the Backend-as-a-Solution (BaaS) approach. Firebase offers a huge range of features and tools to develop the next-generation mobileapp and web apps – and they are constantly improvised by Google.

IConflux – one of the leading Firebase app development company in India – offers you comprehensive solutions with amazing speed, scale, and quality.If you are looking to hire a firebase developer, IConflux is perfect for you!

Benefits of Firebase App Development

Different from the traditional app development in which both front-end and back-end is developed, with Firebase, traditional back-end is bypassed. Now the developers can directly focus on creating a great user experience.

The back-end components are offered and maintained by Google.The developers need to create an app which interacts with the back-end services directly on the cloud.


App development becomes very easy and convenient with the assortment of features and tools for Android, iOS, and Web. The Firebase UI Library offers everything that is required for creating an amazing & customized User Interface.

Also, the Admin SDK is available in multiple languages using which back-end components can be assembled as per the requirements.


Being an app development platform by Google itself, Firebase offers amazing analytical capabilities using Google Analytics. The developers can get insights into user behaviour, app crashes, broken links, UI/ UX effectiveness, and overall app performance.

With the in-depth analytical reports & indicators, the developers can take appropriate decisions and finetune the architecture of the apps.


AdMob allows the app owner to monetize the app by hosting ads of google advertisers from all over the globe. You can increase your earnings by hosting ads in such a format that can still provide a great user experience.

AdMob brings together the 40 top ad networks across the world and helps you publish their ads in realtime.


It is very easy to link the app with Google AdWords – which allows you to reach out to different target audience segments. You can launch ad campaigns, track conversions, calculate Customer LTV, and promote your app effectively.

Also, Firebase offers features which help you improve raking in different app stores and also in the search engine results.


Firebase allows you to create both – high-quality mobile apps and web apps. Promoted by the tech-giant Google, Firebase is fairly compatible with almost every other platform owned by Google – AdWords, Play Store, Flutter SDK, Search Engine, etc.

Firebase is perfectly suitable for business apps as it offers comprehensive development support and analytical reports to improve the app quality.


Features of Firebase Apps


Firebase Authentication

One of the most important USP of Firebase is its strong authentication feature. Firebase allows easy yet secure authentication for the users – for logging into the app and also restricting the access.


Cloud Functions

Google’s Cloud Functions allows you to just create and deploy development codes to cloud servers where they automatically sync with other Firebaseand Cloud productsand their events.


Realtime Database

The storing and sync of the offline and online data and codes is done in real time, through NoSQL database. So, Firebase syncs the data with every change and it reflects those changes in realtime.


Cloud Storage

Firebase offers amazingly scalable cloud storage space with the help of Google Cloud Products. The cloud storage allows easy uploading and downloading of data with utmost security.


Firebase A/B Testing

When there are changes done in the app’s code constantly, A/B testing helps in identifying the ideal option based on data & analytical reports. It helps in integrating Analytics, Remote Config., and FCM.


Cloud Messaging

Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM)helps you connect with the app user directly using push messages. It helps in keeping the user engaged on the app based on the analytical reports and predictions.


Cloud Firestore

Cloud Firestore is a NoSQL based database whichallows a Firebase app to store, sync, and query data from anywhere in the world. It helps you to create a truly serverless mobile app and web apps.

Top Firebase App Development Services by IConflux

IConflux has been offering offshore IT development services to the world since 2012. The best quality of IConflux is that we constantly upgrade our services to stay true to the time. The demand for Firebase app development has been increasing rapidly because it works for both mobile apps and web apps. So, IConflux offers the following Firebase app development & maintenance services…

  • Firebase Consulting Services
  • Firebase Mobile Application Development
  • Firebase Web Application Development
  • Firebase Backend Development
  • Firebase QA and Testing Services
  • Firebase Support and Maintenance
  • Firebase Performance Monitoring
  • Firebase Migration & Upgradation
  • Firebase Cloud Solutions
  • Firebase Real-time Database Creation
  • Firebase Third Party Integration
  • Hire Dedicated Firebase Developers

Why you should hire expert Firebasedevelopers from IConflux?

Leverage full potential of Firebase

We study Firebase through its minute-most details and we know its true potential in context of your business plan. We can help you unlock the full potential of Firebase.

Uninterrupted Technical Support

We have an extensive team of Firebase experts which can take any technical issue to its best resolution. In the era of technology, we help you always stay up-to-date.

Well-organized Development Process

With successful completion of each project, we have perfected our craft and created working processes which is fruitful for everyone – client, company, and creators.

Total Transparency in Management

At IConflux, we have nothing to hide! And that’s why we can communicate everything upfront, with full honesty. Just like Mahatma Gandhi, our religion is TRUTH as well.

Team of Expert Firebase Developers

We do a lot of brainstorming and due diligence before hiring Firebase developers. We want and we have the best of the bests from the Firebase developer community.

Iconflux is one of the most competitive Firebase development company in India. In recent years, Firebase development has seen unprecedented growth in demand as well as talented resources. Being a Firebase development company, we – at IConflux – always keep learning and offering the best Firebase development services. If you wish to hire Firebase developers and create your own Firebase mobile or web app, please get in touch with us.


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