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We are an expert Xamarin mobile app development company in India and USA. Our Xamarin app development services use C# language and offer extensive capabilities to perform specific functionalities and deliver native app performance. Using our Xamarin application development services lets you build a fully-featured cross-platform mobile application that offers a native user experience.

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Agile Development

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Build Efficient, Powerful & Cross-platform Mobile Apps with Xamarin

Xamarin is a powerful and reliable platform to launch efficient, robust and resilient enterprise-grade apps. Xamarin makes it possible to launch dynamic apps that work across multiple platforms. Being an expert Xamarin app development company in India and USA, we have highly-trained developers who can make use of the Xamarin platform to target multiple mobile platforms at the same time.

Xamarin promotes cross-platform compatibility and our experts leverage the power of the platform to build great mobile apps while reducing time to market.

Agile Development

Benefits of
Xamarin App

Enhanced Security

Truly Native Experience

Xamarin enables developers to create native user interfaces (UI) easily. Developers just need to create native UI for a single platform and convert them into platform-specific UIs later. Xamarin’s capabilities equip developers to create native UI for Android, iOS and other mobile platforms, too.

Even on hybrid applications, developers can deliver a native user experience to the end-user as Xamarin allows developers to utilize OS-specific features as well as hardware features for a device.

Engaging UI

Sharable Codebase

Xamarin makes use of C# which possesses all the features of a native programming language. This allows developers to share code without any fuss. Xamarin’s portable class libraries and app architecture enable developers to share up to 70% of code across different platforms.

With Xamarin’s code sharing capabilities, developers don’t face any compatibility issues as all the code directly moves to the native platforms.

Effective Testing

Deeper API Integration

Xamarin promises deeper API integration which is useful to access third party software or services by mobile apps. With dedicated frameworks to associate different UIs, it becomes easier for developers using Xamarin to promote seamless API integration.

Xamarin.Android is used for APIs/UIs on Android, Xamarin.Mac is used for UIs and APIs on MacOS and Xamarin.iOS is used for iOS APIs and UIs.

Increased Market Reach

Swift Development

As Xamarin promotes code reusability, the process of app development using Xamarin is faster. Moreover, using Xamarin framework, businesses can build hybrid apps that can be launched on multiple platforms with the same amount of efforts and investment.

As Xamarin promise native-like performance without compromise in quality using its inherent capabilities, companies are preferring Xamarin to quickly launch the app with optimal utilization of development resources.

Higher Sticky Quotient & Loyalty

Cost Effective

Xamarin allows sharing of the codebase which means that the same code can be used by developers to deploy apps on multiple platforms. As this means developers are not required to invest time and efforts in writing code again and again, app development using Xamarin is cheaper than other alternatives.

Xamarin mobile app development is a cost-efficient practice as it can allow businesses to quickly roll out apps without investing time, money, and efforts in writing code dedicatedly for each platform.

Features of Apps
Developed Using Xamarin

Highly Intuitive

Rich Modules

Xamarin has an internal module store which can be used by developers to embed UI controls, third-party web services and cross-platform libraries in the mobile app development process. This allows developers to quickly develop apps without having to worry about underlying functionality, which speeds up the process.

Seamless Navigation

Platform Exclusivity

Apps developed via Xamarin are known to have platform-specific features unlike apps developed on other cross-platform development frameworks. This promises a truly native experience.

Fast Loading

Quickly Scalable Applications

Xamarin makes use of C# as its base which means developers can make use of object-oriented programming to create apps that are flexible and highly-scalable as per demand.

Improved Nativity

Cross-platform Compatibility

Xamarin allows sharing of code which enables developers to quickly create cross-platform applications without having to write code from scratch for every mobile platform.


Engaging UI

With its rich modules with the capability to embed UI controls, Xamarin allows developers to swiftly create an engaging UI that is essential for great user experience.

Comprehensive Xamarin Development Solutions

With the help of Xamarin, we can promise resilient mobile app solutions that work seamlessly across different OS and devices. Our developers leverage the benefits offered by Xamarin to provide holistic Xamarin app development solutions:

Xamarin Consulting

Xamarin App Development

Cross Platform App Development


Why Hire
Xamarin App Developers from IConflux?

Intensive Testing and QA Process

Latest Tech Stack

Developers at IConflux use the latest tech stack and Xamarin tools that promise lean and cost-efficient development.

Agile Development Methodologies

Rigorous Development & Testing Methodologies

Experts review every aspect of mobile app development, analyzing app code to identify and fix bugs as soon as they arise for bug-free deployment.

Complete IOS App Deployment Support

End-to-end Solutions

With deep knowledge of Objective-C, C# and Java, our expert developers provide comprehensive development solution suited to your custom need.

Intensive Testing and QA Process

Cost-efficient Approach

Utilizing and repurposing code, we can develop apps for different platform that saves development cost and time.

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