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Being one of the pioneer AngularJs web development company in India and USA, we offer high-quality web and mobile applications solutions that are seamless and user-friendly. With AngularJs development services, you can get a fully customizable workflow to meet your requirements. We have a record of building fully functional angular mobile and web applications.

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Multi-Domain Expertise

Domain Expertise

Strict NDA Signed

NDA Signed

Agile Development

Development Process

Tactful AngularJS Web Development Services

As a leading AngularJS web development company in India, we have massive experience in developing robust web solutions using AngularJS. Having a thorough understanding of MVC programming structure, our team can design and develop dynamic and flexible websites and web applications. Our expert AngularJS developers can cater to your custom development requirements and come up with an intuitive solution.

Agile Development

Benefits of
AngularJS Development

Enhanced Security

Swift Development of Dedicated Client-side Apps

Angular JS works on the Model-View-Controller software design framework. This allows creating segregated responsibilities related to data management, data access for end users and controlling the data flow. Such a modular software design approach allows developers to create versatile and dynamic applications for client-side. Also, MVC elements can be separately developed and can be combined later without writing extra lines of code which speeds up the development process.

Engaging UI

Better Design Architecture

The development framework works on a seamless design architecture which makes it easier for developers to locate dedicated components within the code. This makes it easier for them to decode and debug the application in case of a bug and at the same time ensures that the development process can continue without heavy reliance on a particular developer as the code is easy to understand and structured.

Effective Testing

Faster Development owing to Code Reusability

AngularJS supports code reusability which means that the developers can use code snippets and components between different applications. This saves hundreds of hours during the development which speed up the pace of development as well deployment. For enterprises, this means shorter development lifecycles and quicker solutions to their problems.

Increased Market Reach

Plug & Play Components

AngularJS supports usage of dynamic components which can be just plugged out of a solution and plugged into another application without needing to take care of the assets and dependencies. The plug & play component architecture makes the whole process of development simpler and developers can quickly scale up the apps without having to build everything from scratch.

Higher Sticky Quotient & Loyalty

Dependency Management

AngularJS is popular among the developer community for dependency management and injections. For testing and single page application (SPA) design, this means the development process can become extremely fruitful and result-oriented without investing huge resources.

Higher Sticky Quotient & Loyalty

Parallel Development

In-built dependency management functionalities coupled with MVC architecture framework allows developers to parallelly work on multiple applications which speeds up the pace of development. This means developers can work on multiple components at the same time, without affecting one application component or the other.

Features of
Solutions Developed Using AngularJS

Highly Intuitive

Cross Browser Compatibility

Web apps and websites built using AngularJS are compatible with multiple browsers making it easier for users to access the solution.

Seamless Navigation

High Performance

AngularJS is powered by a modular, component-based MVP development architecture. This makes the app load faster and performs better than their counterparts without losing responsiveness.

Fast Loading

Quick Iterations

AngularJS is known for two-way data binding which allows real-time reflection of changes in the final model. This means that the updates and changes can happen in real time.

Improved Nativity

Responsive User Experience

Solutions built using AngularJS are fast-loading and extremely responsive, promising a delightful user experience for the end-users.



AngularJS offers dynamic functionality that extends to HTML and promotes user engagement which has an impact on the SEO rankings.

End-to-end AngularJS Development Solutions

At IConflux, we believe in aligning your concept with tactful implementation to ramp up the development process. By using our expertise, we build a robust and scalable solution that fits in your overall business plan. Our experts are deft in delivering the following AngularJS development solutions:

AngularJS Web App Development

AngularJS eCommerce App Development

AngularJS Enterprise App Development

AngularJS Migration

Custom Widget Development


Why Hire
Angular JS Developers from IConflux?

Intensive Testing and QA Process

Skilled Developers with Insightful Framework Knowledge

Having deep knowledge of intrinsic workings of AngularJS platforms, our team of developers can utilize best features to deliver a dynamic solution without any trouble.

Agile Development Methodologies

Proven Development Methodology

Developing web solutions with agile methodology has proved beneficial for businesses across the globe. Well, we believe in agile and follow the proven methodology to develop remarkable solutions.

Complete IOS App Deployment Support

Massive AngularJS Development & Deployment Experience

We have a prior experience of delivering hundreds of web applications and websites across several industries. This makes us the best fit for any organization- big or small.

Intensive Testing and QA Process

Need-to-Technology Integration

We try to integrate technological possibilities with your custom requirements so that you get the solution that you were looking for without any fluff.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Absolutely! All necessary documentation and proof of ownership is provided to our customers for their Angular projects.

Yes even though you are going through an app development company, you will have guaranteed ownership of the entire source code and project.

It is a good idea to have an app to go with your website with largely the same features. You could include some additional features specific to each but it is recommended that you keep the features largely the same as the main goal is to have your service be as accessible as possible. An angular js application development company can help you decided the right features to include in each.

As long as you use Angular Responsive Design, your website will certainly look good on every device and operating system.

The server requirement may differ from case to case. However, for the simplest method of deployment, a common practice is to create a production build and copy the output directory to a web server.

Yes, you may test our Angular developer's expertise and industry experience. We understand the importance of evaluating a developer's knowledge and experience with angular js android app development when entrusting them with your project. Our developers are open to being tested on their understanding of its features and best practices.

Yes, Angular JS is suitable for developing mobile-friendly applications. Most commonly, Angular is combined with NativeScript to develop classy, high-end mobile apps. Many angular js application development companies in India follow this practice. Combining Angular with Ionic is another great option to develop hybrid apps with a near-native-like experience.

Migrating from AngularJS to Angular can substantially improve code efficiency. This makes the angular js web app development process more productive which in turn reduces the development life cycle. Hence you spend less money and yet produce much better results.

The benefits of outsourcing yourt Angular JS app development to a company in india include: 1. Significantly low costs of development. 2. High level of expertise 3. Execution of advanced technologies 4. Faster deployment of y Your Product in the Market 5. The flexibility that comes with hiring remote developers.

You can build several kinds of applications using Angular JS. Ideal applications to utilise angular js web application development: 1. Single-Page Applications (SPA) 2. Enterprise Web Apps 3. Mobile apps 4. Progressive Web Applications (PWA) 5. Server-Side Rendered (SSR) Apps 6. Interfaces With Stunning Graphics

One of the most significant reasons for the popularity of Angular JS app development was that it enables secure binding of data to HTML elements. Plus, Angular directives explored a way to build HTML+CSS modular components. This was the first one that gained immense popularity over the rest of the JavaScript frameworks.

There are a large number of applications developed with the Angular JS framework. However, ome popular apps built with Angular jJS framework include: Gmail App, YouTube for PS3, Weather.com, Upwork PayPal, Forbes, Microsoft Office, Netflix

AngularJS is a structural framework for building dynamic web apps and angular mobile development. It is particularly known for letting users use HTML as the template language. Besides, it also lets you extend HTML's syntax to express your application's components clearly and succinctly, thus offering great flexibility.

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