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Multi-Domain Expertise

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Efficient Android app development services customized as per your requirements

Over the years, we have fueled the growth aspirations of hundreds of startups, businesses and enterprises by developing a robust and engaging Android mobile application. Being a reliable  Android app development company in India, we have been building mobile apps for the Android platform that helps businesses in targeting customers, effectively. Our efficient and dedicated Android development team, comprising of consultants, UX/UI designers, developers, testers and deployment experts can help your mobile app dream come true without any technical hiccup. If you are looking to hire Android app developers, we might be the ideal fit.

Benefits of Android Mobile App Development

Android mobile app development is more cost-efficient when compared to other forms of mobile app development. This is because of Android’s open source benefits. Developers can make use of Android SDK which is free to use without paying any royalty, licensing fee or development costs.

Low cost of development

As Android is the world’s largest mobile OS in terms of users, there is a large community of mobile app developers, globally. Developers can collaborate with each other to get accustomed to the latest technology frameworks and take advantage of Android updates, quickly. This means developing and deploying mobile apps on Android is faster.

Faster mobile app development

Android apps can be quickly customized to integrate with your existing business processes and applications. This means the Android app development process is quite adaptable according to your specific business requirements. Moreover, Android supports background processes which makes it simpler to integrate multiple mobile apps on a single platform within a process architecture.

Seamless Integration

Android platform has the largest number of users worldwide. Moreover, an Android mobile app can be deployed in different ways. You can choose to upload your app on the Google Play Store, use a third-party app marketplace or choose to distribute the app on your own. The possibilities are limitless and so is the market reach potential. As there are multiple promotion channels to reach Android users, increased visibility, reach and interaction is an advantage of Android mobile app development.

Maximized Reach

Java is used for developing Android mobile apps. As a lot of programmers are proficient in Java, it is easier to adapt to the Android SDK for app development. Not only this means that one can easily adapt its existing Java code for Android mobile app, this also means that Java developers can quickly learn to work on the Android platform for mobile development.

Easy Adaptability

Features of Android Apps

Faster Deployment

Faster Deployment

With Android, it is possible for businesses and startups to enjoy reduced Time to Market (TTM). As Android follows a rapid app development cycle, mobile apps can be developed from scratch within a few weeks, without compromising on quality.

Versatile & Scalable

Versatile & Scalable

Android apps can be developed into something that is really versatile and highly scalable. Owing to Android Studio’s inherent features, it promotes high-end scalability, flexibility and adaptability. With multiple forms of devices running on the Android platform, developers can create dynamic mobile apps that can work on multiple platforms, efficiently.

High-end Security

High-end Security

With each latest OS update, the security features on Android are improving. This means Android mobile apps are really being developed with several inherent security features for data security and user privacy.

Unrestricted Customization

Unrestricted Customization

Android, being an open source platform, promises a maximum level of customization when it comes to mobile app development. This means businesses can create any custom feature or experience they wish to deliver to users via an Android mobile app. Not only this enhances user engagement but ensures that apps are closely aligned to business goals.

Highly responsive & adaptive

Highly responsive & adaptive

As Android OS runs millions of devices manufactured by different device producers, Android mobile apps are highly adaptive and responsive to offer seamless user experience. This means that all the users get similar brand experience while interacting with a mobile app on the Android platform.

Android App Development Services

Whatever your business niche, an Android app is the most way to reach out to the target customers. With one of the largest number of users in the world, Android offers the right opportunity for businesses to grow, organically. As one of the most reputed Android app development companies in India, we have an in-house team of Android development experts who understand the Android platform thoroughly. Using our expertise, we provide comprehensive Android app development services including:

  • Android app development consultation
  • UX/UI Designing
  • Custom Android app development
  • Testing & QA
  • App maintenance & support

Why Hire Android Developers from IConflux?

Innovative Development Methodology Based on Best Practices

Focusing on maximizing the app’s impact and your business ROI, we employ a mix of innovative methodologies and techniques that reduce costs, improve user experience and make your app popular.

100% Transparent & Collaborative Approach

We value feedback and believe it is crucial for the success of an app. Hence, we adopt a collaborative approach that enables you to offer insights even during the development process.

Personalized App Development Solutions

Based on your unique business model and requirement, we develop a strategic development plan to promise an app that aligns with your goals.

Cost-efficient Development Model

Utilizing open-source technologies and tools, we aim at minimizing the cost of development to make investment in Android app development a lucrative affair for your business.


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