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Agile Development

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Make Informed Business Decisions through Insightful Analytics & Big Data Solutions

In a digitally connected world, there is an overload of data and information, everywhere. In the business domain, too, enterprises struggle to deal with massive amounts of data and try to find out ways on how to leverage the data for their benefit. Storing and managing data for analytics and decision-making is a challenging task even for the most competent business houses.

At IConflux, we specialize in providing efficient business analytics solutions using innovative big data technologies. We help enterprises in extracting useful insights from massive amounts of data using structured big data solutions for business.

Agile Development

Advantages of
Big Data & Analytics Solutions

Enhanced Security

Informed Decision Making

Big data analytics help organizations in making better decisions owing to real-time data analysis about customers, investors and employees. Using data-driven insights gathered via big data, companies can become more competitive, agile and robust. They can make more productive decisions regarding production, demand and marketing using insights gathered through analytics and big data. This way companies can achieve their organizational goals while managing the expectations of all stakeholders, efficiently.

Engaging UI

Enhanced Productivity

Big data and analytics can be used to increase the productivity of employees. Using modern analytics and big data tools, companies can record, process and analyze large quantities of valuable user data more efficiently. This, in turn, equips organizations with greater capabilities to improve their productivity level at the employee level and collectively as an organization.

Effective Testing

Reduce Operational Costs

Data is the most valuable asset at present. Using data-driven insights related to production, employee efficiency and interdepartmental processes, companies can effectively reduce operational costs. A lot of companies are using big data to optimize their existing processes by enriching the processes. When processes are efficient, the cost of operations gets automatically reduced. In fact, optimized processes enriched by real-time data can help companies improve their bottom lines.

Increased Market Reach

Early Fraud Detection

Big data and analytics help companies improve their security measures. Big data allows faster and reliable analysis of financial data within and outside the organizations that help in the detection of frauds in case of the financial industry at an early stage. Big data analysis can be used to identify suspicious patterns and anomalies that might denote a fraudulent transaction or purchase. This way companies can improve their internal processes and provide better security measures for their customer’s financial transactions.

Higher Sticky Quotient & Loyalty

Better Customer Service

Big data and analytics can help in improving the status of your customer service efforts. Using real-time insights about customers, executives can learn more about the preferences and tweak their service proposition according to customer demand. Modern-day CRM systems make use of big data to gather and categorize the vast pool of information about customers that is used by an organization to improve their efforts to serve customers relevantly and efficiently. Not only does this improves customer delight but results in increased revenues for companies.

Higher Sticky Quotient & Loyalty

Higher Agility & Robustness

Big data analytics promotes agility and robustness within their organization. The information gathered through analytics can be used by an organization to adapt to the dynamic business ecosystem by designing data-driven strategies. Organizations have been using big data to align their technology processes and understand the customers as well as the competition to come up with innovative solutions and strategies within minimum possible time.

Features of
Big Data Solutions

Highly Intuitive

Seamless Data Collection & Organization

Big data and analytics can help organizations transform raw data into meaningful insights. Using big data and analytics tools companies can easily interpret vast pools of information that facilitates informed decision making.

Seamless Navigation

Predictive Analytics

Big data can be used to create a predictive analytics system that can be used to prepare an organization for the future, beforehand. Such predictive applications and features improve the chances of positive results from a future course of action by utilizing past data and insights, minimizing the chances of losses or business risks.

Fast Loading

Insightful Reporting

Big data analytics help organizations build intuitive and informative reports by accounting for real-time data. This feature enables end-users i.e. employees and management to take prompt decisions and be prepared for the competitive business ecosystem, always.

Improved Nativity

Dynamic Analytics

Big data technology can be used to cater to different analytical requirements of a company. Big data tools can help in performing risk analysis, text analysis, content analysis, statistical analysis, social media analysis and lots more.


Completely Secure

Big data solutions do not compromise on data integrity and security and are completely secure and safe for enterprise-wide implementation. Several security measures like data encryption and user authentication promise absolute data security at all steps of data analysis.

Excellent Big Data Analytics Solutions

Our adroit experts are experienced in providing efficient big data and analytics services based on your custom business needs. By analyzing your requirement, our big data consulting experts develop innovative analytics frameworks and incorporate data analytics solutions for operational excellence. Our business analytics solutions include:

Insightful big data consulting

End-to-end big data analytics implementation

Data model development


Reach out to experienced big data consulting experts
Why IConflux for Big Data?

In a world of data-driven decisions, business analytics solutions have turned from a luxury to necessity. To get ready for the future, thorough transformation through a mix of analytics and management is essential. Our experts, with their deep insights and analytics proficiency, can make any business ready for excellence in all domains through valuable big data solutions.

Intensive Testing and QA Process

Expert Team of Big Data Analysts

Our focused big data team comprises of top industry experts and analytics ninjas who can spearhead data model development and offer in-depth consulting to businesses in need of big data analytics solutions.

Agile Development Methodologies

Need-based Big Data Consulting

We analyze the current analytical capabilities and identify the areas that need big data for improvement through our structured need-based consulting process.

Complete IOS App Deployment Support

End-to-end Analytics Implementation

From consulting to data model development and implementation, we provide complete support to help you master big data for business applications.

Intensive Testing and QA Process

Custom Analytics Solutions

Based on our insightful consulting, we create personalized analytics plans that suits your organizational growth curve and fits perfectly in current business processes.

Take your business to the next growth level now! Consult our big data specialists today!

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