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In a digitally connected world, there is an overload of data and information, everywhere. In the business domain, too, enterprises struggle to deal with massive amounts of data and try to find out ways how to leverage the data for their benefit. Storing and managing data for analytics and decision-making is a challenging task even for the most competent business houses.

Excellent Big Data Analytics Services

By analyzing your requirements, our big data consulting experts develop innovative analytics frameworks and incorporate data analytics solutions for operational excellence.


Insightful big data consulting

End-to-end big data analytics implementation

Data model development

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We serve a wide range of industries, delivering firebase Services that empower businesses


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Advantages of Big Data & Analytics Solutions

Informed Decision Making

Big data analytics help organizations in making better decisions owing to real-time data analysis about customers, investors and employees. Using data-driven insights gathered via big data, companies can become more competitive, agile and robust.


Enhanced Productivity

Big data and analytics can be used to increase the productivity of employees. Using modern analytics and big data tools, companies can record, process and analyze large quantities of valuable user data more efficiently.


Reduce Operational Costs

Data is the most valuable asset at present. Using data-driven insights related to production, employee efficiency and interdepartmental processes, companies can effectively reduce operational costs. A lot of companies are using big data to optimize their existing processes by enriching the processes.


Early Fraud Detection

Big data and analytics help companies improve their security measures. Big data allows faster and more reliable analysis of financial data within and outside the organizations that help in the detection of fraud in the case of the financial industry at an early stage.


Better Customer Service

Big data and analytics can help in improving the status of your customer service efforts. Using real-time insights about customers, executives can learn more about their preferences and tweak their service proposition according to customer demand.


Higher Agility & Robustness

Big data analytics promotes agility and robustness within their organization. The information gathered through analytics can be used by an organization to adapt to the dynamic business ecosystem by designing data-driven strategies.


Features of Big Data Solutions

Seamless Data Collection & Organization

Big data and analytics can help organizations transform raw data into meaningful insights. Using big data and analytics tools companies can easily interpret vast pools of information that facilitate informed decision-making.

Predictive Analytics

Big data can be used to create a predictive analytics system that can be used to prepare an organization for the future, beforehand. Such predictive applications and features improve the chances of positive results.

Insightful Reporting

Big data analytics help organizations build intuitive and informative reports by accounting for real-time data. This feature enables end-users i.e. employees and management to take prompt decisions and be prepared for the competitive business ecosystem, always.

Dynamic Analytics

Big data technology can be used to cater to different analytical requirements of a company. Big data tools can help in performing risk analysis, text analysis, content analysis, statistical analysis, social media analysis and lots more.

Completely Secure

Big data solutions do not compromise on data integrity and security and are completely secure and safe for enterprise-wide implementation. Several security measures like data encryption and user authentication promise absolute data security at all steps of data analysis.

Fault Tolerance and Reliability

Big Data solutions are designed to handle hardware failures and ensure high availability and fault tolerance. They employ replication techniques and fault-tolerant mechanisms to ensure data reliability and minimize downtime.

Our Engagement Models

We at IConflux combine ambitious thinking with practical implementation. Our business models map the best path for your needs while driving digital innovation and generating traction.

Why You Should Hire US for Your Big Data & Analytics Needs?

Expert Team of Big Data Analysts

Our focused big data team comprises of top industry experts and analytics ninjas who can spearhead data model development and offer in-depth consulting to businesses in need of big data analytics solutions.

Need-based Big Data Consulting

We analyze the current analytical capabilities and identify the areas that need big data for improvement through our structured need-based consulting process.

End-to-end Analytics Implementation

From consulting to data model development and implementation, we provide complete support to help you master big data for business applications.

Custom Analytics Solutions

Based on our insightful consulting, we create personalized analytics plans that suit your organizational growth curve and fit perfectly in current business processes.

What Our Client Speaks

Our clients have showered us with their appreciation, and we are proud to share the results with you

Our association with IConflux has been very fruitful. Together, we have worked on a number of projects for the UAE government and the private sector. Taking a step further in our professional relationship, we recently became their exclusive technology partner.

Nabil Azar

Co-Founder @ ACIS Information Technology

The Iconflux team has been instrumental in turning my vision into reality while making it seem extremely easy and effortless. They are available to answer any questions and are quick and efficient to fix any bugs or issues. In addition to their strong work ethos, their advice and guidance was key to make my product up to date in today’s market and future markets. Finally, they deliver on time as promised.

Juliana Khalaf

Co-Foucer @ Asala Art

The IConflux team has helped me to scale up a very complex project and the team is continuously adding more value to the project, they are quick in understanding requirements, communicating and delivering quality & accurate work.

Brian Cardinale

Principal Consultant

I chose Iconflux because, after quite some research, I simply could not find any other provider that offered all the tools I needed to create a Music App. Iconflux showed a deep understanding of the technological challenges of building a native IOS and Android App. The process was smooth, on time meetings, progress updates and quick follow up on support. Great company, certainly recommended!

Willem Zevenbergen

President @ Tracx System Ltd

I am thrilled with IConflux's exceptional development services. Their expertise, responsiveness, and commitment to delivering high-quality results are impressive. They created a robust, user-friendly software solution that revolutionized each industry's operations. I highly recommend them for top-notch software development services.

John Ragsdale

CEO @ TAP Innovations

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