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Engage Users with Extraordinary Mobile Experience

Through Professional UI/UX Design Services

Without an impressive product design, nothing can grab the desired momentum in this era of short attention spans. As one of the leading UI/UX design companies, we enrich your mobile app with the right ingredients and professional finesse to grab the attention of users and engage them, efficiently.

By following a structured UI/UX designing process, our expert designers promise an extraordinary end-user experience. Employing best UI/UX practices to develop wireframes, storyboards, mockups and refine the final design, we endow your app to offer a delightful user experience that keeps users hooked and motivates them to come back.

Advantages of an Intuitive UI/UX Design for your Solution

A great user interface works phenomenally in enhancing the engagement quotient of your solution. When your mobile app or website is endowed with an intuitive design, more customers will be willing to interact with your brand, know more about your offerings and help you achieve your business goals. When you focus on user experience and interface design, it makes customers believe in your efforts on making their buying/engagement journeys simpler which persuades them to engage with your brand organically.

Higher User Engagement

User experience is all about simplifying the website or mobile app layout or flow for the end-users. When users find it simple to move around your website i.e. they can easily navigate, their satisfaction quotient increases. They can easily complete their tasks, find out the information they are looking for or browse your offerings which reduces effort from their daily lives, increasing their satisfaction levels from your brand or business.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

A good UI/UX design focuses on increasing the number of interactions web visitors or app users make with your brand or business. An intuitive design essentially eliminates the friction between you and your target audience, influencing the customer/user to get in touch with your business or avail services with minimal efforts or number of steps. This means that a great user design can help you influence the buying decisions of your target audience in your favor.

Increased Customer Interactions

Websites and mobile apps with an interactive and user-friendly design are known to be more popular among the end-users. A user trusts a business or brand that offers a seamless shopping/interaction experience digitally. It is a known fact that simplicity fosters recognition and loyalty among users and even fuels word of mouth publicity. With the help of a user-friendly design, a business can quickly increase its reach and goodwill among online users.

Rekindled User Trust

User experience design is all about simplifying a user’s journey right from brand identification to final purchase and beyond. When you consciously invest towards user interface design, your solution- website or mobile app is more likely to be aligned to the likings of modern online users and your prospective target audience. User experience design is all about researching the current trends and aligning your business offerings with what’s preferred by modern customers. The insights learned through UX/UI design process about modern-day customers can help you refocus your business strategy on customer needs and requirements.

Customer Preferences

Modern UI/UX design approach involves intensive user testing which helps you understand the usefulness of your solution’s features. It can help you understand what you want and fine-tune your development strategy. With a thoughtful user interface design process in place, you can identify the changes needed in your development strategy early on which will help you in making efficient utilization of your time, efforts and resources. By detecting non-useful and irrelevant features early on, you can optimize your business idea too at an early stage to avoid costly mistakes later.

Optimize Resource Utilization Test Utility of Your Solution

Features of Good UX/UI Design



User experience or interface design augments simplicity and simplify the process flow or accessibility. The best designs are the ones which do not make their appearance felt. Minimalism is the core of the most intuitive user designs and enhances the quality of user experience.



User experience design process focus diligently to improve clarity in the minds of the users. The core purpose of UI/UX design is to facilitate user interactivity and promote ease-of-use. A clear design consists of simplified message and elements which improves navigation, readability and appearance of a mobile app or a website.



The user experience should be consistent throughout the entire website or mobile app. This facilitates the development of usage patterns which enhances the experience of end-users. Consistency is the key to creating a memorable experience for your customers. When you offer a consistent user experience, users tend to cling to your brand more.



Great user interface is extremely intuitive which means it is easy to understand even for the most naïve users. By introducing familiarity in design, the user interface can be made more intuitive. When users find something they already know in the design, they are more inclined to engage with the solution.



Responsiveness is one of the most fundamental requirements of any modern digital solution, nowadays. The best UI designs account for responsiveness and allow the solution to take different forms according to the device used for access. A responsive interface is faster, more compliant and promises better user experience to the end-user.

Multi-dimensional UI Design & Development

Being engaged in web & mobile app development for years, we understand the nerve of end-users like no other. Our UI/UX app design experts provide end-to-end solutions to offer elegant, user-centric and top-notch UI designs. Based on several hours of research and specific customization, we pave way for a great user experience through our services:

  • UX Strategy & Design
  • Design Consulting
  • Mobile App Design
  • Responsive Website and Print Media Design
  • Motion Graphics & Rich Media Design
  • Branding & Corporate Identity Design

Enhance your Mobile User Experience with IConflux

Why choose IConflux for UX/UI development?

Starting from research, our process involves thorough planning, creative designing, rigorous testing and continuous evolution to provide extraordinary end-results when it comes to user experience. Our experts, having rich experience in developing intuitive Mobile UI/UX designs understand working methodologies based on modern trends. So, if you are looking for the right partner to pepper up your app’s appeal with an intuitive interface, IConflux is where you should be!

Research-based UX Development

With a core research team working day in and out to identify latest trends and implement UI/UX best practices, we astound you and the end-user with extraordinary user experience.

Greater User Interaction

All our designs are conceptualized and created to attract and hold end-users to your app or web platform. Creating engaging user experiences, we ensure that the user gets hooked that maximizes the chances of conversions.

Experienced Team

Our dedicated team of UX/UI experts have delivered phenomenal designs for several global organizations. Having rich experience in dealing with various aspects of UX/UI, the team promises excellent results in the form of intuitive interfaces and engrossing experiences.

Innovative Design Approach

Having worked with businesses across several industry segments has endowed us with deep insights into the user expectations and preferences. This helps us create interesting and invigorating UI using our unique experience-based design approach.


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