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We offer MEAN stack development services in India and USA for businesses of all categories and types. Our services feature superior flexibility and ease of development while creating the best JavaScript-based applications according to a client's requirements. Our skilled team of developers is capable of developing futuristic applications and websites which can add a winning advantage to our clients.

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Mean Stack Web Development Services

Mean Stack is a very effective platform as it is an amalgamation of four powerful frameworks: MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js, along with a JavaScript-based application programmer at a leading Mean Stack web development agency. We have immense experience in providing intuitive front-end development Mean Stack web solutions to our clients for the smoothest applications in the business.

Agile Development

Benefits of
Mean Stack Development Services

Enhanced Security

Open-source JavaScript

Mean Stack is an open-source software mainly used to create cloud-hosted applications where Node.JS permits the use of JavaScript on the front end as well as the back-end to create robust web applications and website development. Earlier Java scripts were only used for front-end web development but for a few years, it has become an option for back-end developments, allowing the web developers to create end-to-end JavaScripts.

Engaging UI


In the Mean Stack programming framework, both MongoDB and Node.JS address security issues when dealing with high traffic. Since Node.JS functions on a faster architecture, it optimizes to deliver better performance. Mean Stack also supports automatic testing in web applications so the developers can fix it immediately.

Effective Testing


MongoDB enables the NoSQL feature to modify and twist the data layer quickly, without upsetting any migration issues. The MongoDB deployments can be easily managed through cloud solution services and cluster support as the Mean Stack has its web server and the database can be scaled as per demand to accommodate temporary usage spikes.

Increased Market Reach

Easy code sharing

Codesharing becomes easier with Node.JS and NPM (Node Package Manager).

Higher Sticky Quotient & Loyalty


Mean Stack applications development enables you to write codes that can be transferred to AngularJS later with absolute ease due to its isomorphic nature of coding. This makes MEAN-based programming extremely flexible, scalable, extensible and a perfect choice for cloud hosting.

Isomorphism makes Mean Stack a reliable choice for web development as it allows the developers to switch from one framework to another.

Higher Sticky Quotient & Loyalty

Minimum Viable Product

Easy to build, test and maintain single-page applications development over AngularJS. Mean Stack is a Minimum Viable Product, i.e., the web application/ website with its primary features. A Mean Stack development company in India can assure you will reach the MVP in the shortest time.

Features of
Developed Using Mean Stack

Highly Intuitive

Free and Open-Source Components

All Mean Stack components are open-sourced and updated regularly which allows the developers to customize the code based on their requirements.

Seamless Navigation

Global Community Support

MongoDB is a leading NoSQL database provider so the top 8 hosting services across the world are supporting NodeJS natively and Google supports AngularJS.

Fast Loading


A selected number of JavaScript experts are enough to handle the end-to-end web development process and the components are free and it can run on any server. Hence, the deployment cost for a web application developed using Mean Stack is comparatively cheaper.

Improved Nativity


Both AngularJS and NodeJS use JavaScript Object Notation and MongoDB also stores the data in JSON format. So, there is no need to reformat the data.

End-to-end Mean Stack Development Solutions

At Iconflux, we customize the development process based on your concept. We aim to provide quick, easy and robust solutions that fit your business plan. Our experts are skilled in delivering the following Mean Stack development solutions:

Mean Stack Web and Mobile App Development

Mean Stack Application Development

Mean Stack CMS Development

Express.js Design and Development

AngularJS Design and Development

Mean Stack Porting


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Intensive Testing and QA Process


At Iconflux we believe in a straightforward and transparent working style because we respect your business idea and functions. You can rest assured that strict NDAs make the communication safe and secure.

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Our expert developers have worked on projects both large and small across industries in various domains.

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Once we discuss your project in detail, we will get back to you with a no-cost estimate.

Intensive Testing and QA Process

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Our talented Mean Stack developers address complex project management issues with dynamic and intuitive solutions.

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We keep you updated with progress reports so you are constantly in the loop.

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