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10 Reasons Why Choose Flutter for Mobile App Development

20th Mar 2019

Flutter has been creating headlines of late within the mobile application development arena. Its supreme-quality and effectiveness are evident by the very fact that it's stable release - Flutter 1.2.2 has just been launched. However, it has already been adopted by a number of big firms like Alibaba, Google Ads, Birch Finance, App Tree, Hamilton Musical and so many others.

Since, more and more firms are looking at adopting Flutter, even there is an increase in demand of Flutter developer in the industry. IT industry was once addicted to React Native, the same way, right now Flutter has hooked the industry with so many possibilities. And it's definitely a level up compared to React Native.

So, if there is a question: Why should anybody prefer Flutter over other cross-development platforms? Here are 10 reasons why you should go for Flutter.

1. Flutter overcomes the standard limitation of cross-platform

The mobile industry has been vague need for a new cross-platform approach because having to create multiple versions of a regular product, was a bit boring. Also, the user experience usually lagged behind compared to native applications.

With Flutter, you not only have the advantage of the “Write Once” approach, but you can also give a complete native performance on iOS and Android. It overcomes many other conventional challenges that come with cross-platform approaches such as, time consuming code-writing, slow testing, limited design, an average user experience, etc.

2. Hot reload - Increase productivity of the developers

Flutter allows the developer to examine changes they do in an app instantly and it also allows to rectify the changes faster. You don’t need to run to anywhere else, you can see the modification as soon as you save.

The “Hot Reload” by default happens, every time you save! It also helps better collaboration between designers and developers to improve the UI of an application. This results in reduced the development time nearly 30-40%, developers can go faster with each modification being applied instantly.

3. High performance

Flutter uses a single language Dart. Dart is a strong object-oriented programming language. Flutter programming style is reactive and declarative. Flutter doesn’t need to use a JavaScript bridge, which improves the app’s startup times and overall performance.

Dart achieves high performance because of Ahead-of-Time (AOT) compilation. Dart also makes use of Just-in-Time (JIT) compilation. JIT compilation with Flutter improves the development workflow by allowing for a hot reload capability to refresh the UI during development without the need for an entirely new build.

4. Better UI capabilities

In Flutter, you create an app using a combination of widgets so, everything could be a placeholder for Appbar, Drawer, Snackbar, Scaffold, etc. It’s straightforward to wrap one widget within another to offer a combination of functionalities. This can ensure that your users have a perfect experience, in spite of what platform they’re running the app on.

You can stack widgets upon each other, create horizontal and vertical layouts through flex widgets and ultimately create a final rectangular visual element along with the text.

5. Easy error handling

Normally when an error occurs in any application the whole mobile app stops working and it makes developer task difficult to identify where is the error and to rectify it.

However, this is not the case with Flutter. It also use multiple widgets and combining it creates the whole application. In case there is an error in particular widget then only that widget and its sub-part are affected and other thing works fine. The error message is shown only in that particular place. This really helps to handle error quickly and much easily.

6. Quick server configuration with firebase

Exclusive support of firebase helps to launch your mobile application real quick. Some set of functions like cloud storage and all are really complimenting Flutter.

This will saves you time and resources as they do not have to build a backend. Moreover, it’s easy to club it with tools for automating the development and unleash methods like fastlane, which allows continuous delivery. You don’t need dedicated DevOps support.

7. Hassle free migration from any platform

If you have an existing app natively developed in iOS/Android and you want to start with another platform then Flutter can easily help you to convert your existing application in Flutter platform and provide multiple platform support to your customer hassle free.

It enables easy and cost-effective maintenance of your application with a single source code. Also, provide rich customer experience without losing a crisp of native platform.

8. Mobile developer can learn Flutter easily

If you are a mobile developer then its easy for you to learn Flutter. It uses a similar development environment like container, row, column, flex and more just like other iOS and Android platforms. Also, the programming language Dart used for Flutter it is also pretty much easy to understand if you can manage to work with object-oriented programming languages.

The second main benefit is that Flutter has really awesome documentation which is available on Flutter’s official website Flutter.dev you can refer it to kickstart your Flutter skills.

Mobile developer can learn Flutter easily

9. Perfect for MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

If you are a start-up and have a great idea that can be the next big thing but have a limited budget and time to develop your MVP to present in front of your investors then Flutter is for you. Using Flutter you can build crips and the clear app really quick which can serve native platforms iOS and Android.

This will helps your investor to understand MVP live in front of them and they can also try their hands on it. Moreover, Flutter can get the job done pretty quick without developing two separate apps. If you want to know more about how can Flutter helps your start-up then read our article “How Flutter is one of the best technologies for startups in 2019”.

10. The Example set by the Leaders

Flutter is adopted by leading companies to develop their mobile application which includes Xianyu app of e-commerce giant Alibaba from China, Google itself set an example by migrating Google Ads application to Flutter. Refectly is a journal and mindful app driven by artificial intelligence developed using Flutter. There are many popular apps build on Flutter like AppTree, Hamilton Musical, Google Greentea, Tencent, JD Finance, Bitfolio and many more which is operated by startups and big enterprise.


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Flutter is one of the best cross-platform development technology and its quality is growing day by day, so is its popularity. Lots of and lots of developers are adopting Flutter for mobile development. It's undoubtedly the best option if you're considering cross-platform development. You can now actually afford to own an app for both iOS and Android with a lesser cost of development.

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