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11 Advantages Of Using Firebase For Mobile App Development

26th Jul 2021

Mobile and web application development has become a basic requirement for all businesses. However, with so many platforms available, most developers have to be careful of their selection. Since this can make a major difference in the final features of the application, this selection is usually made by developers based on their comfort zone and skin set. Firebase app development platform is a robust platform that can be used for this purpose by all developers.

What is Firebase?

Firebase is Google’s mobile app development platform. Simply put, the platform allows any developer to build an app, improve an existing one and grow the app. Firebase was first rolled out to the public in April 2012 and has gained popularity in recent years.

Firebase app development companies often recommend this platform for developers because of the variety of tools the platform provides. While Node.js and many other platforms require developers to build the tool they wish to use, Firebase has an existing directory. This allows the developers to save time. This allows them to focus on other aspects of mobile application development. Namely, configuration, user experience, file storage, etc.

Firebase is a Backend-as-a-service (BaaS) platform that includes services and tools for three categories of services:

  • App-building services (ex: hosting, cloud storage, etc.)
  • App Testing and maintaining services (ex: performance monitoring, crashlytics, etc.)
  • Business instruments (ex: Google Analytics, A/B Testing, etc.)

Developers prefer Firebase app development because the platform provides various advantages that are hard to ignore.

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Advantages of Using Firebase as a Mobile App Development Platform:

  • Real-time database for data storage and synchronization
  • The real-time database on Firebase is hosted on the cloud and is stored on JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). The data is synchronized regularly to ensure nothing is lost. When developers build cross-platform applications like those on Android, iOS, etc., the developer usually has to include the Application Programming Interface (APIs) to ensure data synchronization for their clients.

    With Firebase’s real-time database, the most recent data is automatically updated in the app. The developer does not need to include their database or API to ensure optimal synchronization. This also means that the developer does not need to build back-end apps to support the database. This feature can further be optimized for offline use.

  • Fast and secured web hosting
  • Firebase app development companies rely on the platform because it provides fast, easy, and secure web hosting. The hosting features can further be paired with cloud functions to build and manage microservers on Firebase. With Firebase Hosting, you can send any web applications, static and dynamic content to the CDN with a single command.

    Firebase Hosting has an in-built Zero-configuration SSL that ensures data is always delivered securely. Furthermore, Firebase supports various types of content, including CSS and HTML files. The content that you wish to transfer is uploaded and transferred rapidly.

  • Firebase can be integrated with Google analytics
  • The key requirement for any business is to track their sales and engagement. Google Analytics has already established itself as the ideal tool for this purpose. Firebase Analytics is one of the key advantages used by firebase app development companies. The integration allows developers to track which device the customer uses for the application, i.e., Android, iOS, laptop, etc.

    This integration can then be used to track user engagement and collect behavioural data. Decoding this data will help developers and business owners understand which features their applications lack and how they can make the user experience better on all devices. It provides unlimited reporting on 500 distinct events, which can be used to improve the application.

  • Firebase offers a facility of crash reporting for developers
  • A lot of applications suffer from bugs and synchronization issues which worsen the customer experience. Bugs of any kind often reduce loading speeds or crash the application completely, making it unable to use. This is a primary cause of concern for developers since they need to know which bug is causing such major problems.

    Firebase app development gives developers access to automatic crash reporting services. The feature provides a complete, detailed report of the application’s bug to the developer. This report of errors can then be used to determine and solve the bug with increased efficiency. Since the developer does not need to find the problem, the bug can be fixed swiftly. Furthermore, the developer can also register custom code that will automatically identify the steps before a crash and inform the developer and QA tester accordingly.

  • Firebase has integrated authentication features
  • User identity verification is the basic requirement of any business. Whether the application was rolled out a decade ago or to be released now, it requires strict authentication protocols to prevent third-party interference. Firebase app development companies prefer this platform for its added security.

    Firebase not only supports UI libraries but also supports SDKs that can be used for identity verification. User authentication can be done through a variety of routes:

    1. Email address and password
    2. Phone number
    3. Google accounts
    4. Social media accounts, including Facebook and Twitter.

    Using the authentication features on Firebase, developers can improve the identity verification protocols of the application without compromising on user experience for login and onboarding.

  • Firebase allows easy content storage.
  • Firebase is ideal for developers who want to store the data generated by the users like photos, videos, etc. The platform provides a secure method to upload and download files. Furthermore, the network quality does not affect this feature of Firebase. Since Google Cloud Storage upholds Firebase, the platform is capable of securely storing data cost-effectively.

    Firebase also includes an easy-to-integrate content storage SDK that can be integrated into the application. This allows the link-up facility for users that aren’t online. When the user is finally connected to a network, the data is backed up automatically.

  • Developers can use machine learning.
  • Machine learning is the biggest advantage of firebase app development. All developers can use this to simplify the app-building process. While the ML Kit is still in its beta phase, it provides machine learning capabilities for mobile application development. This service is used only by developers working on Android and iOS applications.

  • Firebase has cloud messaging features
  • The Firebase’s integrated cloud-messaging feature ensures you can send a message to a large target audience without worrying about anything. The feature ensures no one is charged anything. This feature allows the developer to send appropriate notifications to an audience that most appreciates it.

    Developers can select the date and time of sending the message, and the push notification is sent to the audience automatically. This feature is used by various firebase app development companies. Once they’ve analyzed the marketing data from the recent campaign, they can find customers who are relevant to the next step and target those accordingly. This ensures that customers aren’t bombed by notifications, and the marketing campaign that is run by the company can have a higher conversion ratio.

  • Dynamic links for app sharing
  • Firebase provides dynamic links that can be used to share the application. This is a particularly useful feature for new applications since it allows the app to be shared as soon as it is launched. These are usually smart URLs that don’t interrupt the user experience. These links are generated during the firebase app development process.

    For example, if the user wishes to download the application mid-video, they can do so. When the application is downloaded completely, the video resumes on the app. This helps the business gain new customers while the user’s experience is not hindered. This tactic is excellent for new business apps that have yet to convert their existing customers to native app users.

  • App indexing helps generate traffic
  • This feature can easily be used to index (or list) the application in Google Search. In this manner, when a relevant customer finds the URL, they are redirected to the downloaded app on the user’s phone. This allows businesses to generate traffic on the application.

    For example, if a user finds a relevant video on Google and clicks on the URL, the app indexing feature will automatically launch the existing application. The user can enjoy the video in high-definition while the traffic on the application is improved.

    This feature can also be adapted to redirect the user to the Playstore or ‘download’ option. This increases the overall traffic of the app.

  • The facility of in-app advertising
  • AdMob is an in-built app advertising feature in Firebase. It allows owners to monetize the application. Using the analytics feature of Firebase, the owner can customize advertisements for their user base. This allows the owner to earn money from paid advertisements while the user gets recommendations from relevant sources.

    Furthermore, the real-time database and synchronization make it easy for the owner to customize this feature.

    While various mobile building platforms are available, Firebase stands out due to these advantages. Hiring a firebase app development company ensures the business gets a stable application that includes a variety of features and fits well with your business model. Firebase has all the features required for any developer to build a good business application or grow an existing application in the right direction.

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