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7 Benefits of Implementing Mobility Solutions with Your Enterprise

01st Dec 2017 by Sanket Thakkar

Unless you have been on a long, extremely long, adventure trip in the rain forests of Amazon, you must have noticed that the world has gone all mobile. Mobile devices have revolutionized the way companies do business for better user-experience and convenience. Surveys show that the number of internet users on mobile is more than those on the desktop. This indicates how popular mobile devices are and how important it is to expand your services on the mobile platform.

Gone are the days when office work used to be limited only in the office premises. 9-5 job mentality is fading away and employees have to work while on the go, if the situation asks for. Mobility in the industry is no longer a topic of discussion; it lies very much at the center of all the strategic agendas. More and more organizations are realizing the advantages how their employees are being able to access their work on any devices from anywhere. And this doesn’t even stop here. The number of smartphone users is estimated to surpass 2.5 billion by 2019. So there’s definitely a great need to integrate mobility solutions in enterprises.

Benefits of Implementing A Mobility Solution with Your Enterprise:

1. Efficient Data Collection

Data is always a very important part of any business model, irrespective of the type of business. This data can be periodic reports, time-sheets, work progress status or anything else. Implementing mobility solutions will allow you to collect data from your employees in a more efficient way than ever before.

2. Super Flexibility

Providing access to some critical applications such as SAP, EPM and SharePoint onto the mobile platform will extend the reach of the enterprise and provide visibility. With all the data saved on cloud and available at their fingertips, employees can work at their convenience anytime from anywhere.

3. Increases Operational Speed and Efficiency

The flexibility that mobility provides pays off by increasing operational speed of employees. As everything is done through a mobile device with just a few clicks, rather than the hassle of searching for a desktop device and then complete the task on hand, speeds up the process. Being able to access their work on any device from anywhere increases their efficiency, and eventually results in better outcomes.

4. Faster Reporting

Integrating a mobile MIS or a mobile project reporting system into your business model will allow your employees to report faster on the projects they are working on. Plus, management can review the reports on any device anytime. Thus, eliminating time taken in searching for a computer, mobility integration provides faster reporting.

5. Connectivity Improves Productivity

One of the best benefits of mobility is that it provides super connectivity. It increases productivity by allowing employees to stay connected with the team from any part of the world. This way, enterprise mobility provides the much-needed productivity for all the remote employees around the world and eventually contributes to the growth of the organizations.

6. Better Collaboration

There are always a number of employees working on the same projects. All the employees’ work depends on each other most of the times, if not all the time. Mobility makes updating work progress easier for employees to stay updated.

Moreover, it is easier to share data and quick information over mobile devices. Especially more important while on the go. Thus, mobility in the enterprises is crucial for better collaboration among employees.

7. Mark A Good Impression

Staying up to date with current technologies is crucial. Clients tend to be very judgmental when it comes to choosing company they want to do business with. Falling short on the latest technologies may create a negative impact on their minds.

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Companies that fail to keep up with the latest trending technologies have lesser chances of getting new projects than those who keep up. They might think of technologically lagging companies as incapable of delivering satisfying results.

Make your first move towards enterprise mobility today. IConflux technologies will be with you in every step of the way throughout this transition. For more details on enterprise mobility, contact us at [email protected]

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