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Top 20 Apps Built With Flutter Framework

23rd Mar 2023

Flutter has surely made everyone's heart Flutter since its launch! It has succeeded in improving cross-platform programming and eliminating faults that previously existed. Until recently, React Native was one of the most popular cross-platform frameworks, but Flutter has given this well-established framework a run for its money to flutter development companies.

What Is Flutter?

Flutter is a Google open-source framework that allows a single code base to develop sophisticated user interfaces on many Android or iOS devices. Flutter's "hot-reload" function enables developers to introduce changes in near real-time, making it efficient. Google's Material Design enables developers to modify every pixel on the screen using "widgets" to create consistent UI designs for all platforms during cross-platform development. Flutter is praised among  cross-platform mobile app developers for its exceptional performance, rational architecture, and comprehensive documentation.

Why Do Brands Pick Flutter?

Flutter offers a single codebase that you can use to create not only Android and iOS apps but also web apps, desktop operating systems, and embedded systems such as digital watches, medical devices, and fitness trackers.

Unlike previous cross-platform development frameworks, the Flutter framework offers direct access to native operating systems for APIs and microservices that are not "cross-platform friendly," making API integration through Flutter channels considerably simpler and more effective. The fully customizable widgets in Flutter allow flutter development companies to create mobile apps with unmatched user experiences and aesthetic designs.

With those important benefits in mind, let's look at some Flutter applications you could utilize regularly.

Popular Apps Built With Flutter Framework

1. Google products – Stadia, Google Ads, Google Assistant:

Google Stadia is a video game streaming service. This service is compatible with both Android and iOS mobile devices. The Stadia team decided to use this technology when developing the app prototype.

The mobile app for managing Google AdWords also uses Flutter. The new Google AdWords app provides enhanced information, notifications for campaign management, and the ability to amend running campaigns. It also makes it possible to contact Google specialists using it. Moreover, a rising number of Google Assistant apps are powered by Flutter.

2. Alibaba Group Used Flutter In The Xianyu App:

A team from Xianyu used Flutter to create an app for the second-largest shopping platform owned by the Alibaba Group. They saved time using Flutter since the app could be quickly created and maintained with only one codebase.

An existing app was available from Alibaba. Their effort started by gradually incorporating Flutter capabilities and adding more functionality based on that framework.

3. Groupon App Is Built With Flutter:

Another business that took advantage of pre-built applications is Groupon. It offered both customer-facing and merchant-facing applications. Instead of building the app from scratch, Groupon chose to combine Flutter with an existing solution.

4. Hamilton:

The Hamilton app is the official one for the popular Broadway show. The Hamilton app was created with customers who wish to remain current on all music-related news in mind.

The features include access to several Hamilton lotteries, a daily trivia game, exclusive movies, slideshows, and a karaoke tool for those who wish to sing along to their favorite songs. Because it was created with Flutter, the app experience is stunning.

5. eBay Motors:

eBay uses Flutter in their production apps. The flexibility and speed of the Google cross-platform app development kit are utilized to make the iOS and Android apps. The main advantages were fast programming, almost no platform-specific code, and an excellent user interface. Thanks to eBay motors, automobile lovers can purchase and sell automobiles on their cell phones.

6. Baidu:

The most popular messaging app in China, Tieba, is owned by the Baidu search engine. Their messaging app was created using Flutter.

7. Tencent:

One of the largest multinational companies in China that provides digital goods and services also uses Flutter, not only for one but for several of their apps. DingDang, AITeacher, K12, QiDian, Mr. Translator, and Now Live are mentioned.

No matter which product a user connects with, Tencent's primary objective is to make that connection seamless and attractive. They assist with work, school, travel, and other daily tasks, making their applications global. With the help of Flutter, developers were able to code more quickly, connect systems more effectively, and produce amazing outcomes. No matter which product a user connects with, Tencent's primary objective is to make that connection seamless and attractive. They assist with work, school, travel, and other daily tasks, making their applications global. With the help of Flutter, developers were able to code more quickly, connect systems more effectively, and produce amazing outcomes.

8. Grab

Grab, a well-known food delivery app, created its merchant application for hotels and restaurants using the Flutter SDK. Local businesses may manage online orders, add menu items to offer Grab users, and measure sales using the app.

9. Reflectly:

It is an AI-driven personal diary software that employs CBT and positive psychology to assist users in managing stress and negative thoughts while maintaining their happiness. It allows people to express their emotions and care for their mental health.

With the aid of this software, users may get a thorough understanding of how their days are going and advice from self-help professionals on how to deal with mental health issues.

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10. My Leaf:

It is an open-source program designed as a third-party substitute for Nissan's official NissanConnect app for controlling Nissan Leaf vehicles.

You may use the app to monitor the current condition of your car's temperature control, start remote charging, retrieve the last position of your car, and check the battery's current status.

11. Philips Hue:

A smart home lighting system is Philips Hue. They provide clients who desire smart home lighting with lamps, bulbs, accessories, and starter kits. Hue Bluetooth and Hue Sync are two of their apps that were created using Flutter by  flutter app development services. These portable controllers allow Philips clients to adjust the lighting's mood and synchronize lights with their media packages.

12. inKino Cinema

Another Flutter and Dart-based app that lets users search movies and showtimes at Finnkino Cinemas is inKino. In essence, Flutter is used to create its mobile applications for Android and iOS, while AngularDart is used to create the PWA. Nonetheless, the Dart project's web platform and Flutter shared around 40% of the code.

13. Flydireckt

Dynamic software enables passengers to assess the load quickly, look up direct flights, and check weather predictions. For digital nomads and frequent journeys, Flydireckt is a blessing.

14. Coach Yourself Meditation App

This Flutter-built app provides unique features intending to add value to users' health and personal growth. Coach yourself leads users through meditation to enhance the body, soul, and heart. Users may begin a meditation session with personalized choices and follow their progress using data.

15. Hookle

Hookle is a fantastic app for managing several social media profiles from a single location. The application is constructed on top of Flutter to offer features like creating, planning, and sharing content across social networking sites.

16. Birch Finance

Users may track and manage their credit cards and rewards using Birch Finance. Although the app was created using Flutter, an AI-based recommendation function offers users which card is best for their purchasing preferences to earn extra points.

17. NuBank Flutter App

Another Flutter software application benefited from the framework's capacity for scalability. NuBank began with natively developed applications since they positioned themselves as a mobile-first Fintech firm. They chose Flutter for their digital savings account app because they wanted a useful framework to make the project run smoothly.

18. SpaceX Go:

This app contains all the information regarding SpaceX. We have access to a comprehensive list of all prior and upcoming rocket launches as a result. In addition, we may learn more about the rockets, capsules, and ships built by SpaceX throughout the years by browsing the database of all vehicles.

The user of this program can monitor the location, speed, and status of the operational SpaceX spacecraft by using the ship locator.

19. Klaster Me:

A very dynamic platform for generating and sharing different kinds of digital material is called KlasterMe. Its Flutter-built Android and iOS applications make it simple for users to produce high-quality photographs and articles on the move.

20. MGM Resorts:

For Apple and Android devices, an all-purpose software called Flutter was created for hotel guests. It may be used to open doors to rooms, check into hotels, investigate nightlife activities, and reserve restaurant tables. To ensure their stay at the hotel is optimal, it also enables customers to get reward points and receive tailored suggestions.


The number of people using the Internet has increased dramatically in the last few years, and the number of people using the Internet has increased even more. You can do more with less code and express yourself more powerfully using Flutter. The mobile developer community is becoming increasingly interested in the framework as it expands quickly. Due to Flutter's rising popularity, so has the number of Flutter developers. As a result, it is now simpler for you to recruit the flutter app development services you want for your project.

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