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Benefits offered by MVP in the App Development Process

04th Jun 2021

If you are an entrepreneur and you plan to extend your business, the best step that you can take forward is getting an app developed for your business. It is a technology-dominated time and if you want to pace up with the competition, having an app is a must. However, the app development process is not simple and involves 50% of success and failure. You can minimize this for your app and increase the chances of success with a Minimum Viable Product or MVP.

Understanding MVP

Minimum Viable Product or MVP is an app development idea in which the basic version of the app is developed and either released to a set number of audiences or launched directly. It allows a chance to test the app idea with targeted audiences with basic features and add new ones or omit some based on feedback.

Why use MVP in mobile application development?

Having an app for your business can take you steps ahead on the road to success. But the success of the app is also necessary, and the MVP can be a great help to check whether the idea of the app is unique or not. It also allows you to reach directly to the market and get the experience of the real users and then evaluate the app. Moreover, MVP can help you secure funding from investors who need something to prove your app idea is worth the investment.

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How to develop and launch an MVP app

To develop and launch the MVP app, the following steps need to be taken.

1. Selection of features to integrate

The selection of the important features that need to be integrated into the app is the first step. This can help you understand the uniqueness of all the features that are provided in the app.

2. Designing and creating the product

After the confirmation of the product and the idea, you need to shift your attention towards the designing of the product and developing it. You need to hire dedicated flutter app developers in India who, with their set of technology, can help in enhancing the performance also.

3. Sending the app to the users

After development, it is time to unveil your app and send it to potential users.

4. Leave the scope for improvement

There may be a need for improvement in the UI or UX design or the addition of extra features. While opting for Flutter app development in India, you can easily revise and improve the app according to feedback at each stage.

Popular Apps with Great MVP Success

Many apps have gained a lot of success, and you'll be surprised to know that their success was a result of the MVP launch. Following are the most successful MVP apps.

  • Facebook: The social network giant started as a rudimentary site that asked users to choose the "hotter pic" among the two shown side-by-side.
  • Instagram: Instagram's MVP version Burbn didn't focus on photo sharing. However, as per feedback and market trends, the creators added filters, removed extra features, and renamed it to Instagram.
  • Uber: Uber's MVP version (UberCabs) simply connected users with drivers and allowed card payment. The other features were added following massive downloads.

MVP is a necessary step for the success of the app development process. It is not compulsory to build the MVP app, but if you do, it will take you steps ahead of your competitors. The MVP app makes it easy to get a real user experience and upgrade according to the need and demand.

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