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Top 5 Reasons To Try Flutter If You Are An iOS Developer

25th Mar 2023

A software toolkit called Flutter makes it possible to quickly and efficiently create mobile applications for various platforms. You can quickly produce natively written, professional Android and iOS applications with Flutter.

It would help if you located a single codebase compatible with both operating platforms rather than building code for two different apps.

For the development of mobile applications, many frameworks provide unique characteristics. In this sense, iOS uses a framework based on Objective-C or Swift, whereas Android offers a framework based on Java and Kotlin.

Hence, developers need to employ two languages and frameworks to create apps for both platform types. That is why a platform-neutral technology like Flutter offers the remedy many developers at  flutter development company have been seeking.

The fundamental reasons for using Flutter App Development are listed below. Let's discuss them in more depth now.

Which Are The Top 5 Reasons To Choose Flutter?

1. Performance:

Even when compared to native languages, Flutter App Development is one of the swiftest frameworks on the market. Flutter can run apps at 120 frames per second, while others can only manage a maximum of 60 frames per second.

Developers can use tools like Dart Analysis and Flutter Inspector to examine their code and adhere to performance requirements. Similar debugging and optimization capabilities are available in Android Studio.

React native is built on Javascript and needs a bridge to interface with other native components, but Flutter has its dart engine and does not.

2. Design:

It includes many Material Design widgets and Cupertino widgets, allowing your app to appear more natural and authentic. Flutter makes it simple to create complicated displays. You may frequently encounter platform-specific design challenges with other cross-platform frameworks, but not in Flutter. Developers in Flutter may construct their widgets based on their needs.

3. Productivity:

Before Flutter, a developer for Android and another for iOS must be hired if someone wants to make an app. It took a lot of time and money. But today, if someone wants to create an app in Flutter, they need to hire one developer who can do it by utilizing a single codebase to produce Android and iOS apps. Flutter uses a fully native compilation process to create code that behaves and seems like native programs. Therefore you may save expenses and development time by adopting Flutter.

The most successful and wealthy firms in the world employ Flutter; here are a few instances:

  • Google (Google Advertising, Google Help, and Google Pay)
  • BMW
  • Alibaba
  • Some others: eBay, Square, Nubank, Dream 11, Zerodha, Toyota, Hamilton

At ByteDance, more than 200 developers are engaged in active Flutter development; ByteDance products include TikTok, Helo, and Lark. Most start-up businesses employing Flutter may be seen in the developer tales series on the official Flutter YouTube channel.

4. Maximum Portability:

Because of its interoperability with Skia, Flutter is also a very portable platform. As a result, programmers may port their work to platforms including Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, Mac, Fuchsia (Google's forthcoming operating system), and the Web. React Native, on the other hand, only officially supports iOS and Android platforms. Although some React Native derivatives, such as Proton Native, support desktop platforms, they are not always actively updated or supported.

Because of Flutter's interoperability with Skia, developers can:

  • Create user interfaces on nearly any platform.
  • Maintain consistency in the design of the user interface across platforms.
  • Improve your cross-platform experience.

Also, your developers will be able to adapt to various platforms. Switches, tab bars, and other components in the iOS design may be incorporated into your user interfaces independent of the platform thanks to controls like Cupertino widgets, for example.

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5. Development Cost:

Lowered flutter app development cost in India is a side effect of reduced development and testing efforts since cross-platform app development requires less resource time. A well-known program for creating apps from a single code base is called Flutter. The programmers create applications for several mobile platforms using a single code base, which enables IT businesses to create these apps more rapidly and affordably.

The price of developing a Flutter app in India relies on several variables and varies by industry. Flutter app development prices in India differ from those of the other frameworks, even if the application development concepts and procedures are the same across all due to various coding and development variations.

Depending on factors like complexity level, design features and functions, hardware cost, tools and license, team size, location, etc., flutter app development cost in India might run you anywhere from $25,000 to $200,000 and more. To acquire an accurate estimate of your app development costs, consult with a reputable flutter app development firm.

Flutter app development features several cost-saving benefits, including a single codebase, rapid maintenance turnaround, and location. These factors work together to significantly make an impact on making it more beneficial and cost-effective.

Final Thoughts

The creation of Flutter is perhaps the finest thing to have occurred in the mobile development field in a very long time. If you haven't already, we strongly advise you to try it. It features a wonderful framework that advances both native platforms and current cross-platform frameworks.

Many aspects of Flutter include parallel app improvements for iOS and Android and improved app development. Although Flutter is a new platform, it has seen several upgrades since its first release.

It would be best to think about your goals and the business plan for your project while creating a successful application. Although Flutter is an excellent framework in many ways, it does have certain drawbacks like any other cross-platform tool or framework.

Hire flutter app developers from a top Flutter development company like ours, a leading flutter app development company that is trusted and reliable. We'll be happy to help you better understand these advantages and disadvantages in-depth if you want to create a cross-platform app with superior features and functionalities that would best suit your business needs.

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