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Is Google’s Gemini Better Than GPT?

19th Mar 2024

Google’s AI-powered tool, Gemini, has challenged the most popular contender in the AI industry, i.e., ChatGPT. The latter is known for its ability to make AI accessible to the public. It can interpret and process text effortlessly. In December 2023, Google came up with one such powerful tool that claims to outperform ChatGPT and nearly all types of AI platforms.

One of the most prominent features of Gemini that sets the platform apart from its competitors is its ability to process multimedia content. Its ability goes beyond the text, as the tool is designed to handle images, videos, audio, and text seamlessly. In this post, we will walk you through everything you should know about Google’s Gemini, the good and the bad, and what makes it better than other AI tools. Let’s take a look.

What Is Google’s Gemini AI?

Gemini is Google’s biggest LLM (Large Multimodal Model), designed to interact with the user through content presented in video, image, and text form. Google calls it one of the best and most capable AI platforms to date, as it has performed incredibly well on 30 out of 32 LLM benchmarks.

One such benchmark is the AI's ability to detect, analyze, and process content in images. Currently, Google has launched the model in three versions, each of which is designed for a different audience base. The most exciting version, Nano, is supposed to work across mobile screens, while its Ultra and Pro are the top models.

Google’s Gemini is much more than a basic AI tool that can process data. The platform's features are expected to reshape the world of Artificial Intelligence, making it accessible and easy to use for the audience.

Is GPT-4 Still the Best AI Model Now?

Chat GPT gained immense popularity in the AI industry shortly after its launch. Its latest innovation i.e., GPT-4, is considered one of the most successful and largest LLMs with the ability to access data up to April 2023 on the internet.

It can process all kinds of queries, write codes, and generate letters. The Chatbot does it so precisely that it looks human-generated. It’s far better and more accurate than GPT 3.5. If you want the most accurate answers, web browsing capabilities, data analytics, and other text-processing functionalities, GPT-4 is your best bet.

Gemini Ultra, Gemini Pro vs GPT-4V: Benchmark Comparison

Both Gemini and ChatGPT are the largest LLMs. Both come packed with a vast range of features and unique capabilities that no mobile app development company has launched in the past. The difference lies in the way these platforms interact with users. GPT 4V interacts in a conversational tone. It’s like you are talking to an expert. Gemini is different in that it processes information and helps automate tasks that ultimately save users time.

The only way to measure the actual performance and capabilities of the chatbots is through the parameters within their network. GPT-4 has a trillion parameters, although the exact number is not known for Gemini. However, measuring chatbots' capabilities based on technical performance or trainable values is no longer considered an ideal method to determine their actual ability. It’s rather the way they interact with the user and solve their problems that matter.

Pros and Cons of Gemini AI


  • Superior Reasoning Abilities: Gemini’s super reasoning abilities ensure an accurate and detailed answer to all your questions.
  • Multimodel Capabilities: The platform is capable of processing data in various formats, including text, audio, video, and more.
  • Cost-friendly: Google’s Gemini requires fewer resources compared to the ChatGPT, making it a cost-effective chatbot.


  • Early Days: Gemini is still new to the public. While ChatGPT has gained immense popularity in the AI industry, Gemini hasn’t garnered that level of attention.

Gemini and ChatGPT: Real-World Comparison

  • Model Architecture: Gemini is capable of handling multimedia data types and provides comprehensive responses with limited resources. ChatGPT is more of a text-based LLM that helps users get a more human-like response.
  • Multimodal Tasks: Gemini covers 30 benchmarks in AI chatbots. ChatGPT focuses on initiating text-based conversations but is less powerful in handling multimodal tasks than Gemini.
  • Use Cases: Gemini collects information from different sources and often integrates the data from multiple data types to produce the best and most accurate result. ChatGPT requires text-based input and employs virtual assistants to produce text-based responses for each query.

Gemini’s Ability to Handle Different Comparisons

As mentioned earlier, Gemini is known for its ability to process multimedia content and manage data from different sources, including audio, text, images, and videos. It extracts information from these sources and develops powerful and relevant insights. The main goal of the AI-based platform is to compare and process different data types. It aims to capture the most relevant characteristics of the data in different formats and come up with the most meaningful insights.

The Future of Both Platforms: What to Expect?

Gemini and ChatGPT are already leading the AI industry with their impressive technology and the ability to process large amounts of data in different formats efficiently. We are expecting to see continuous improvements in ChatGPT as it upgrades it's AI platforms with advanced functionalities.

With both AI platforms improving their model, researchers predict a future where these AI-powered tools will cater to varying user needs and deliver an excellent user experience. ChatGPT's incredible conversational style, text-based results, and Gemini’s multimodal capabilities will achieve great heights in the coming years.

Conclusion: GPT-4 vs Gemini AI

Neither one of these chatbots is perfect. That said, each has unique capabilities that make them ideal for different tasks and user bases. For instance, if you are someone who mostly relies on Google’s infrastructure, Gemini is your best bet, as it integrates with Gmail and other Google applications effectively.

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