Everything You Need To Know To Hire A React Developer

13th Jun 2023

The most popular front-end mobile app development framework, React, has been used to create interactive and dynamic web apps for product owners. Numerous characteristics are offered by it, such as high performance, scalability, dependability, flexibility, etc. If you prefer React over the other front-end frameworks available and are wondering how much it costs to employ a React developer, you have come to the perfect blog post because it covers every factor a business owner should take into account. Let's look at how much it costs to develop React applications, how much it costs to employ developers from various areas, and many other factors.

Who Is A React Developer?

Let's start by investigating the fascinating world of React. React, which can also be called React.js or ReactJS, is an open-source JavaScript package that focuses on creating user interfaces (UIs). In a nutshell, UI refers to any component that enables users to interact with and connect with the data stored on a device (such as a laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.). The user interface is where most people interact with modern computers. Some of the best examples of user interfaces are desktop designs, computer texts, keyboards, and mice.

Developers back then had no choice but to create user interfaces (UIs) using plain JavaScript or jQuery (a predecessor to React that paid less attention to UI). As a result, the development process took longer and had a higher potential for mistakes and defects. Jordan Wilke, a Facebook engineer, developed the first React prototype, FaxJS, in 2011 to address this issue.

React makes it simple and straightforward to construct websites and apps, develop UI test cases, reuse current website code for its mobile equivalent, and enhance the user experience and responsiveness of web applications. Wherever JavaScript is required, it can be used. ReactJS is now used by more and more businesses, which is evidence of its rising fame in software development. React is used by a number of popular websites, including Instagram, Reddit, and Uber.

React.js developers are in more demand as a result of the increase in React usage. The entire process of creating and maintaining user interface components is handled by a highly trained React developer.

What Does A React Developer Do?

To develop and execute user-facing features for applications and websites, React developers use React.js. Front-end developers are a subset of programmers who are in charge of everything users see in their web browsers or applications. In order to provide consumers with a seamless experience, they are in charge of how a website or application looks and feels.

A React developer may create fascinating things like menu buttons, online forms, graphic icons and photos, speech recognition (Siri and Cortana), and gesture-driven interfaces (for instance, pinching the smartphone screen to zoom in and out). JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and other programming languages are used by React developers to add to the ecosystem of the ReactJS open-source toolkit.

Typically, they collaborate with experts in software testing to test the code prior to the launch of the web application or website. In order to closely collaborate on a client's software project, React developers may also work with a team of developers, programmers, web designers, and project managers.

Skills Needed To Become A React Developer

You should be able to determine whether a potential React Native developer possesses the necessary abilities, both professionally and interpersonally, in order to select someone who will provide the most value to your team. In addition to soft skills like communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and providing helpful feedback, hard talents include great knowledge of JavaScript, knowledge of the fundamental React assumptions, experience with Android and iOS development, familiarity with relevant tech tools, and creating legible code. Soft skills include being able to effectively communicate, work well in a team, solve problems, provide and accept constructive criticism, and overall be open-minded and curious people. Finally, only employ candidates who mesh well with your business culture.

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Soft Skills

Good communication

Communication is essential to the app development process, both internally within the team and externally with stakeholders. The ReactJS developer would frequently find themselves having these kinds of interactions with a group of people who had varying levels of technical and non-technical exposure in such circumstances. In order to involve everyone in the development process, share progress updates, communicate requirements, comprehend project needs, etc., the developer should have strong communication skills.


The developer's logical thinking, reasoning, and understanding are essential for their problem-solving approach. This skill is key to the project's success, as it helps them switch from identifying the problem to postulating a solution. Additionally, the developer must be able to think outside the box and be open to making mistakes and learning from them. Someone who is unafraid to think out of the box and is open to making mistakes and learning from them is essential.


Even the most independent people with perfect full-stack React developer skills will need to collaborate with other team members like the designer, tester, product owner, etc. They must therefore possess a personality that enables them to work well with others and contribute to the team. All of their technological expertise and experience are useless if they are unable to collaborate with others.

Technical skills


The most crucial information in this article is that a React front-end developer must be proficient in HTML and CSS and that the applicant must be able to design and work with highly intuitive user interfaces (UIs) that are value-loaded and aesthetically pleasing. The candidate should also be familiar with the box model and be able to work with and write CSS selectors and HTML tags. The ability to do a CSS reset, use responsive web design concepts, and switch back to border-box are all basic React front-end developer skills that are required.

JAVA script and its fundamentals

Testing candidates' understanding of code structure, variables, data types, operators, functions, loops, switch statements, objects, primitives, boolean, arrays, and other concepts is crucial because one of the key competencies needed for ReactJS developers in JavaScript. If they have a solid understanding of these ideas, which are applicable to ReactJS web development, they will be able to acquire excellent React JS developer abilities.

JavaScript ES6

Developers working with React must be well-versed in ES6 (ECMAScript 2015 or ECMAScript 6). The developer can create and manage web applications in accordance with their needs thanks to this more recent version of JavaScript. Scoping variables, array methods, arrow functions, DOM manipulation, event handling, high-order functions, call-back functions, and the 'this' keyword are some of the most in-demand React JS developer talents for ES6. One of the most important questions during React developer interviews is about ES6, which is an improvement of the fundamentals of JavaScript. Therefore, it is best to view these React JS developer abilities as complementary.

JSX (JavaScript XML)

ReactJS developers with JSX expertise can design applications that use React APIs and improve app scalability by coding and incorporating HTML/XML elements in React. A ReactJS developer with Babel expertise could serve as a suitable replacement for JSX since Babel, a JavaScript parser, can transform HTML syntax into basic JavaScript files.


Git-savvy ReactJS developers are masters of maintenance, version control, and code storage. They can use commands like push, pull, comment, add, etc. to modify the code as needed and store the project on centralized version control systems like GitHub, GitLab, and BitBucket. Git keeps track of these modifications and gives developers the option to combine or isolate branches in order to test the functionality of the code in various scenarios. These abilities might be crucial for retaining code flexibility without losing vital information or functionality.

Node + npm

A full-stack environment is perfectly exemplified by the MERN (MongoDB, Express, React, Node) stack. The direct execution of React code in the Node environment by developers and vice versa significantly improves their compatibility. Additionally, as Node is used in both the server-side and client-side scripts, having a working knowledge of it can be especially helpful. Developers should also have a thorough understanding of the NPM (Node Packet Manager) registry, which can assist them in updating app packages and gaining access to additional features of the React library.


React's library may be controlled and preserved by a developer thanks to Redux, which is a built-in state. It is based on functional programming and immutability and is used for state management via the lens of scalability. It assists developers in creating applications that act consistently, are simple to test and perform similarly in many settings.

Cost Of Hiring React Developer And Factors Affecting It:

1. Project size

The cost of hiring a React developer is determined by the scope of the project. Therefore, depending on the scale, each project will have a different set of needs. It also shows how long it takes to find a React developer, their degree of experience and expertise, and how many processes depend on the project.


You wouldn't need a team of developers if your project is small. A small-scale project will also take a lot less time to complete. This type of project has fewer or simpler functionality with less integration, which reduces development time and the involvement of React developers.


Compared to smaller projects, they require more developers. These projects already have an app, but they require additional integration features such as chat capabilities. If a retailer of beauty products wanted to provide customers with checkout alternatives, more than one developer would be needed. As a result, hiring a React developer may be more expensive than for smaller projects.


Enterprise-level projects take longer to create because they involve additional functionality, integration, and security. As a result, these initiatives require a skilled team of project managers, experts, QAs, developers, and more.

2. Factors that are complex

There are many different aspects of your applications that need to be taken into account, including the complicated features of your React application like Push alerts, wish lists, in-app purchases, and more. Popular social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat all have unique features that set them out from the competition and set them apart from one another. It should also include services like a payment gateway, video streaming, map integration, etc.

3. Skills-set required

Every project has a different set of skills that are needed when it comes to developers. In addition, there are other requirements you should consider while picking a certified developer.

Basic level

When trying to hire a remote React developer, foundational knowledge of open-source tools like HTML.js, RequireJS, and JQuery is crucial. It is also advantageous to have knowledge of React technologies like Webpack, Redux, and Flux.

Advance level

They ought to be familiar with full-stack development and have first-hand experience working with cloud-based solutions. Another benefit is the ability to work with cloud technologies like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack Apache, and Google Cloud Platform.

knowledge of NoSQL databases like MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and Redis as well as other databases like MySQL. However, a React developer you employ should be familiar with JavaScript libraries.

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Cost based on the engagement model

Fixed price model

This model includes a budget, time limits, and the scope for hiring a React developer. It functions best for years and is appropriate for short-term initiatives without variable costs. The fixed pricing engagement model is designed for meticulous preparation of all the components needed for the development phase to start, rather than for companies who wish to launch their apps or software. The contract is fixed once it is created, and any future alterations are not subject to flexibility. New elements may be included in the contract after it has been formed to enhance the business model.

Dedicated model

A seasoned offshore ReactJS development company with top IT personnel can hire a dedicated remote React developer to provide augmentation services. This company structure works best for startups or larger companies that need a large developer workforce. In exchange for the developer's hourly pay, the dedicated team recruits the best candidates, and outsourcing firms can handle onboarding recruitment on your behalf. According to your needs, you can shortlist resources in this approach.

UI/UX design model

The cost of hiring React software engineers is determined by the design of your project. On the other hand, simple designs require less money for development. High-level UI app designs call for additional features, which are more expensive. However, it's crucial to keep a sensible spending plan that attracts consumers and brings in money.

Third-party integration model

The price of hiring a React developer depends on the addition of third-party integration in mobile app development. The main purpose of external libraries, which are crucial to third-party integration, is to develop engaging and interactive programs. However, such integration degrades the program's performance. Therefore, the cost of development is impacted by employing a skilled React developer to optimize the project.

Cost Based On Experience

Junior React developer

The term "junior developer" refers to newcomers or recent graduates with one to three years of experience who are knowledgeable about the framework and are able to handle simple development jobs. To build a rich user experience, they should be able to work with designers and other engineers and be conversant in Javascript, HTML, and CSS. Additionally, they might need to learn sophisticated coding techniques and contemporary frameworks, as well as how to handle branches and releases in Git source control. Due to their intrinsic desire in learning new frameworks, this will lower the cost of employing new developers.

Mid-level developer

A mid-level developer with experience often has three to five years of work. They can carry out certain ReactJS development services like writing functional components and class components. They can even asynchronously retrieve data from APIs in addition to testing components with React testing libraries.

React developers at the mid-level can become those with DevOps for continuous integration and deployment experience. Mid-level developers with experience in Test-Driven Development (TDD) can also benefit your company. They also need to be able to translate wireframe designs into usable user interfaces with a variety of edge-case scenarios. Deployments can also be automated, and infrastructure can be written as code.

Senior React developer

A React developer with five to seven years of expertise is knowledgeable about the framework's pre-built tools and libraries. Senior developers have experience working with cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform and mentor junior engineers and development teams. Senior developers can contribute to the planning process for new developments by recommending crucial resources. Hiring senior developers is a wise decision because of their expertise, practical knowledge, and mentoring skills.

Cost Based On Location

North America

With an average yearly compensation of $90000 for React developers in the US, the North American market is one of the most significant for employing React engineers. Canada is a significant market for recruiting React engineers, however, due to the competitive talent market there, employing remote developers is more expensive than in many other parts of the world. There are more than 5,20,000 software companies in the US, according to CompTIA, and US developers enjoy the highest minimum earnings in the world.


Due to its wide range of expertise levels and familiarity with cutting-edge technology, India is the largest market in Asia for recruiting React developers. In Southeast Asian nations like Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines, it is also home to potential talent. India is a favorite location for remote developers because of its practical approach to solving business problems and its trustworthy software firms. As an extension of your company, Carmatec offers remote React developers or a whole dedicated team.

South America

The hourly rate for hiring a remote react developer in South America ranges from $35 to $100. Numerous US nations, like Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia, have experienced React developers.


The hourly rate for a react hooks developer in Africa is between $41 and $100. Talented React developers may be found in many African nations, including Kenya, Uganda, and Nigeria. In contrast to other regions, Africa is still a growing continent in the IT industry, so a solid foundation must be built.


The ICT sector is currently driving growth in the Australian economy. Sydney, the nation's financial hub, is home to several of Australia's largest companies, including Woolworths and Telstra.

In-house vs Remote React Developer Hiring Cost

React developers can be expensive to recruit, depending on their skill set and whether they work in-house or remotely. When compared to hiring remote React developers, employing in-house React engineers will be more expensive because of the numerous additional expenses involved in the hiring process. The cost of hiring a React developer, which includes pay, the location of the job, perks for the employees, and many other things, is one of the apparent variables. Costs associated with hiring internal ReactJS developers range from $15 to $100 per hour, which may be excessive.

However, hiring remote React devs is less expensive than hiring internal developers. Owners of the development company oversee the hiring and management of the React developer who will work on their product development. The top ReactJs development company should be hired by business owners in order to construct their digital products. The typical price will stay between $20 and $38 per hour. Hiring Remote React developers is a great option for application development because the typical hiring rate is quite cost-effective.

Benefits of React

Reusable components in React lower development costs:

React's ability to allow component reuse for related functionality enables businesses to save both time and money. The code that has previously been produced for other projects, including open-source ones, can be used by the developer.

Strong community support facilitates quicker problem resolution:

As a React developer, you always know who to contact in case of issues. A novice or even a React expert can find solutions to their questions by consulting a variety of specialist forums, tutorials, YouTube videos, and other resources.

Business apps react more quickly thanks to React's virtual DOM:

To virtualize code elements, React has a Virtual DOM (VDOM). When a program is changed, VDOM adjusts the altered portions rather than re-rendering the entire user interface, which is quick and convenient.


Fast rendering is made possible via React, which accelerates page loading. As a result, Google search engines rank it higher. It's a huge advantage because today, every business is concerned about SEO and Google rankings.

The code is more stable when there is a one-way data flow:

Binding, often known as one-way data flow, gives developers additional control over the application. It ensures that the parent components don't change if you edit the child elements. As a result, the code can be regarded as solid, stable, and simple to debug.

The procedure for scripting components is quite simple:

React also employs JSX, a syntax extension that facilitates scripting, which is a very beneficial feature. This functionality makes it feasible for developers to combine HTML tags and React components directly in the JS, simplifying the process.

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Where You Can Find A React Developer?


This Microsoft wholly-owned subsidiary is an American business and employment-focused service with 630 million registered users across 200 nations. Employers can post job openings and job seekers can publish their resumes.


This platform's goals include democratizing the investing process and assisting businesses with their talent and funding difficulties. It is largely a US-based website for start-ups, angel investors, and job seekers. More than 2 million tech and startup job openings are provided by Angelist, which also makes top candidates available to companies. There are more than 2,300,000 applicants, including more than 750,000 developers and 170,000 designers, plus many more each day.


Top React professionals can be hired for projects on Codersera, an excellent website. It has a reputation for having strict work ethics and well-developed work policies. Given that they have developers with a range of skills, it is appropriate for projects of any size. Their 5-tier rigorous hiring process and 24/7 devoted team of highly skilled technocrats ensure the delivery of high-quality products.

Arc. dev

Arc. dev, formerly known as CodementorX, is a global network of over 2,000 highly skilled React freelancers. It is a sibling division of the educational tool Codementor. They permit one project manager who will work only on your project and a shortlist of applicants, one of whom is allowed to conduct free trial interviews. After that, you get to work directly with the selected developer and are guaranteed to receive a high-quality project delivered on time. It's without a doubt the greatest place to go if you need a developer right now. Additionally, there are no additional costs besides the money you pay to hire your project.


Toptal assists you in locating the ideal freelancer for your job at a reasonable cost, and they promise a premium result produced by highly skilled professionals. Only 3% of applicants make it through Toptal's rigorous hiring procedure for developers, therefore the work will be of the highest caliber. It makes a lot of things simpler, making it simpler to employ top React developers and get going.


A freelance talent network called Upwork facilitates connections between people and subject matter experts across a range of industries to meet project-based demands. This can be an excellent way to find a skilled React developer if you have a clear, particular aim in mind. The simple project interface on Upwork allows you to keep hiring the same freelancer if you are happy with the results.


For discovering independent React developer jobs, turn to Toptal. Only the best 3% of React engineers are hired by them after a rigorous hiring procedure, and their trial-to-hire success rate is 98%. They can onboard a React developer within 48 hours and offer customized advice based on your particular needs. They also provide a risk-free 2-week trial period so you may test out their services. Although Upwork is a well-liked resource for locating independent React developer employment, Toptal stands out by providing a better-curated experience.

Internal hiring

The fact that businesses can use their own website, social media, and staff to help in their search for excellent prospects is one of the most crucial pieces of information in this text. The initial step in informing potential prospects that a company is hiring should be a website posting. Using social media to advertise your new opening can also be very effective. Offering money and other rewards to employees who spread the word about job openings in their network is a good idea. These choices are advised when a company has a strong reputation, a method for promptly and widely disseminating job openings and requirements, and a successful employee referral network in place.

The Cons Of React

React is a swiftly expanding library that compels programmers to change the way they write code. As libraries, languages, and frameworks each have their global standards for how developers should interact with them and what styles or patterns they should adhere to, flexibility and a lack of conventions are also drawbacks. React requires a deeper understanding of JavaScript and its fundamental behaviors to function as it should because it is not a fully featured, well-structured technology where common practices and patterns are applied universally.

Additionally, JSX, which is similar to JavaScript and HTML syntax but has several new properties and syntaxes that make it challenging to deal with when you first start with React, has been introduced by React to work with HTML and JavaScript. Additionally, there is a concern regarding the capacity of search engine crawlers to list dynamically loaded content if you are developing a React mobile application that is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) sensitive. There are tools available to test the SEO rankings and results of your app.


The business needs and scope of the job, as well as the language, framework, and complexity of the project, all affect how much it will cost to employ a React JS developer. The React library makes it simple to build beautiful user interfaces for high-quality online apps. They actively streamline the appearance and functioning of apps by bridging the gap between the visual aspect and the server-side component.

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