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How businesses are using offshore development partners to cut costs after COVID – 19

22nd May 2020


“The world economy could contract by 0.9% in 2020.”

- The analysis by UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA)

Last time, when we witnessed a big recession, it was in 2009 when the economy had shrunk by 1.7%. Seems like everything is going south with regards to the economies – the supply chain is broken, the borrowing rates are getting high, the demand has plummeted and the teams can’t get back to work any time soon.

One industry – however – has been able to live through this Coronavirus mess, and that is the Offshore Development Industry. Most of the IT companies in developing countries such as India, have embraced the ‘Work From Home’ and ‘Remote Team’ culture during COVID - 19. These IT companies have been working from home for more than a couple of months and now they have recalibrated their processes effectively.

Today, offshore Development Partners are providing seamless IT services with on-time delivery, to their clients! You should also harp on this trend and cut down your development cost with offshore remote teams and continue your development & operation work, effortlessly!


Here is the answer to the most important question – Why offshore development is ‘the best option’?

Benefits of offshore development during COVID – 19:

1. Reduced development and operational costs

Reduced development and operational costs

The fall in oil prices and global shutdowns have forced industries to cut down costs. But you’ll have to manage your IT functions too. And you’re sure this phase is going to continue for at least this financial year! The ideal way in this situation is to outsource those tasks to offshore development teams. They can offer you more experienced resources at a lesser cost.

2. Better monitoring with ‘Work From Home’ tools

Better monitoring with ‘Work From Home’ tools

Today, there are numerous tools which allow you to manage your operations and interaction with your teams online. Tools such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Google Meet, Chorus Call, etc. have brought the teams together even during lockdown. Now, it is possible to manage interaction with your Offshore Development Partner and monitor the work at any time.

3. Faster way to restart operations again in future

Faster way to restart operations again in future

You need to keep up the application and maintenance services even during lockdown because you’ll need to restart them soon. If you start facing IT hurdles when the markets are picking up, that would be another disaster in itself. Offshore development partners can help you go through this phase and be prepared for the future, with more speed.

4. Protection from uncertainty of near-shore teams

Protection from uncertainty of near-shore teams

The situations in the USA and Europe are quite serious and this has led many companies to uncertainties. But the companies who have offshore development partners – especially in south Asia – have managed to keep their operations running, because of less impact of COVID – 19 there. These IT companies offer better continuity in operations to businesses.

5. A reliable long-term option for IT development

A reliable long-term option for IT development

Considering the current situation, businesses are not making too many long-term plans. It is understandable but at the same time, they need to chalk out plans for IT services and development. Opting for Offshore Development Partners is the right choice for your long-term planning because they help you cut costs and still manage operations easily.


Well, despite the “doomsday” predictions, the IT industry is expected to grow by 4 percent in the current fiscal. It is lesser but very promising compared to other sectors. Businesses have a great chance to cut down development costs via outsourcing. Everyone is used-to with remote work. Remote teams and Virtual Teams have now taken the CenterStage! Organizations such as IConflux are in touch with business from all over the world and they are managing their IT services seamlessly.

IConflux has embraced the ‘Work From Home’ culture to the core!! Our teams are now online 24 X 7 and providing quality IT services. If you are looking to cut your development and operational cost,contact IConflux or send us an email to [email protected].

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