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Top 12 iOS App Development Trends to Watch Out in 2024

29th Sep 2023

Apple has been promoting its updated iPhones online. This is why it's important to discuss how even though Apple has market-leading products, they always bring something new to match customers' shifting needs. The iOS apps are expected to improve and innovate like every new iPhone and iPad.

You must know the latest mobile app trends whether you work for an  iOS app development agency or are just starting out. First, 2024 is a year of rapid technological change. From blockchain to augmented reality, many apps now incorporate technologies in development as the norm.

Utilizing these opportunities helps you lead the mobile app development competition. Developers must always remember two things. One must continually be curious about what's ahead and adaptable enough to incorporate new trends into new applications.

Check the top iOS App Development Trends for 2024 to see their influence expand.

Latest IOS App Development Trends To Watch Out In 2024

1. Swift 6

In 2024, Swift 6 will dominate Apple's programming language trend. It is creating a major revolution in the development experience. But what should you know about Swift 6 as a developer? To begin with, it is going to have many changes from the Swift 5 versions. The major examples of how it will change are the release of async/await (where you can get rid of closures in favor of async/await), macros and existentials, which will force you to use “any” in front of existentials to indicate the impact of the performance. These new language features will help you in implementing Swift 6 for app development.

This feature is the first choice among many developers across the globe. Several tech companies like Apple, LinkedIn, Slack and others have begun to use the feature in their app development teams. It will help in increasing the user-friendliness of the language. Do you know what the best part is? Swift 6 is expected to support various other platforms as well, which means, as developers, you can work across multiple platforms seamlessly. While the release date is unknown, it is said that the feature will be launched step by step. However, the release would lead to major improvements across many aspects like code completion and debugging, which could easily change the world of app development.

2. Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are another major trend you should hop on to. As we all know, artificial intelligence is the future. Irrespective of the field, the productivity of artificial intelligence will hugely impact the way we work and can help us by reducing work burden. A lot need not be said to establish the importance of artificial intelligence in iOS. Siri, Apple’s AI voice assistant and the several uses it provides is a testament to how much artificial intelligence can help in mobile applications.

So, app developers can use artificial intelligence to lend exclusive features that will provide apps with more added advantages. Machine learning is something that Apple has been very focused on. Apple introduced Machine Learning in 2017 as Core ML which helps in the integration of Machine Learning and iOS. This Machine Learning technology helps with understanding input and in turn, aids in creating text, image, video, sound and more.

3. Cross-Platform Development

Cross Platform app development helps developers in speeding up their production and designing processes. Think how easy it would be to create the same framework for both Google and Apple Play Store. The cross-platform development makes it possible for you to do so and seamlessly carry forward a single process, instead of doing it twice or more. In a way, cross-platform development becomes both cost and time-effective. One code system can also help in producing better quality. There are also now more innovative tools and technologies that will help developers achieve more.

If you are worried that such development is not very accessible, fret not. Platforms like React Native have made it more accessible, which means you can now write the code once and simply deploy it on multiple platforms you need. Besides helping you save a lot of time and money, cross-platform also means the window between ideating and developing is largely reduced. Even if there is any inconsistency or a new update you would want to do, you can do so without much hassle through the cross-platform development. Such features have already attracted many companies and with more development expected, this trend is expected to grow tremendously.

4. IoT and HomeKit

The Internet of Things and accessory securing of your home appliances are the newest trending topics in iOS. As developers, you can use the Internet of Things to connect all devices in one system, while HomeKit can be introduced to activate home automation services. You can use the software to secure the connected systems in your home using your iPhone and iPad.

You can use the HomeKit through your Apple devices like even Apple watches and connect it with many smart appliances and use it to control lights, locks, thermostats, fans, garage doors, and even coffee machines. You can use your voice to help Siri and the assistant will take care of the appliances. You can even watch the activities happening on your phone through HomeKit cameras and have surveillance. Several developers are leveraging both of these technologies to improve their service like how many health tech companies use these to track users’ health conditions, and can also help them communicate with doctors right from home. Such apps become extremely useful in times like the pandemic. Since it is still a very new concept, one can let their creativity flow to connect these technologies with some of the main pain points and create newer applications.

5. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

What if you can be at home but enjoy the experience of being in a different place and also engage with the characters and things? It is exactly what Virtual Reality is. Both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are becoming more popular and are used by several companies for different purposes. For instance, companies like IKEA use AR technology to help their customers view how their products fit their environment before making a purchase.

In retrospect, the trend isn’t a new one. Instead, virtual and augmented reality has been used for a long time now. One such utilization can be seen in the Pokemon Go application, which used these technologies in 2006 to give an immersive experience for the viewers. There are also a lot of new advancements in the space which has increased its usage in mobile app development. However, the hardware is getting smaller and smaller, which makes it a powerful solution. Earlier, the virtual reality hardware was huge and meant only those with the equipment could enjoy it. The rise of 5G has further expanded the prospects of artificial and virtual reality, which makes everything faster, from data transmission to cloud storage and quicker access for end users. Using such facilities in app development can enrich the overall experience of the users and increase the engagement rate for the companies.

6. Cloud Based Mobile Apps

Cloud-based mobile applications have better storage and improved organization. You can use this software to develop mobile apps that enhance the user experience with better management. It also offers another big benefit - iOS developers can store and transfer information whenever needed from wherever they are.

Besides the developers, even users can access their data and information from any location. The storage offered by Cloud is also additionally secured. Data privacy is very important and efficient use of technology and cloud storage could make your app very secure and safe. Therefore, cloud storage helps in three major aspects of the mobile application. They are,

  • Scalability – Any iOS app or any digital storage at the present period needs constant upgrades. With the cloud, your mobile applications become more agile and flexible, so the scalability quotient becomes higher.
  • Cost-effective – Cloud-based not only acts as storage information but also doubles up as a security mechanism. Therefore, a lot of costs can be cut down.
  • Security – As mentioned earlier, cloud storage gives more transparent data for the developers who can know how the storage is accessed. On top of that, cloud storage also offers better security for people’s personal data, creating a win-win situation.

7. Blockchain Technology

Everything in this world will soon become connected with blockchain technology. It is significantly impacting the transformation in each and every field, and mobile app development is no exception. This rapid revolutionary technology creates a secure application that can help with better privacy. Tag it along with app security and cloud storage, your app can not get more stronger and secure, It decentralizes the whole architecture of the mobile application, creating space for more transparency while providing a better and trusted environment for transactions and data sharing.

Blockchain technology also aids in eliminating the need for any intermediaries when transactions are made within peers. The intermediaries here are banks and financial institutions. This can easily help with efficient financial transactions that can be done in no time and you can also save a lot on financial transactions. Some of the major areas where blockchain technology is used in healthcare, supply chain management, sales departments and even voting systems. Every transaction can be easily traced, which means there is more accountability and transparency right from the beginning until the end process of any business. In addition, blockchain technology helps in storing patient data in the most secure manner. As discussed earlier, when coupled with cloud storage, it can easily become the strongest technological force to ensure privacy in mobile applications.

If you are planning to implement blockchain in iOS app developments, you have access to several tools like Ethereum and Stellar. What these platforms do is provide pre-built modules, which makes it even easier to deploy blockchain. Therefore, even if you want to upgrade your existing apps, you can easily integrate blockchain into existing applications. It is only the very early stages of blockchain technology, which could continue to evolve over the years and become one of the most prominent and promising iOS developments that can provide transparency, safety, and efficiency and speed up several processes.

8. App Clips

App Clips take up very little storage space. So even if you want to incorporate it into your app development, storage is the last thing you have to worry about. It is another innovative trend that’s catching up this year. As the name suggests, App Clips are basically clips of an app, a glimpse at how it functions. Dealers can offer this sample for users to try the version. Users can actually scan a QR code or follow a link to access app clips. You might wonder why the app clips are necessary for the overall success of an app.

Let’s put it this way. If there is an advertising or marketing for an app, people might not use it. However, if you give them access to check how their app works, there are more chances that people realize the benefits of using your application. This could lead to a greater reach and more downloads in the near future. As customers, app clips have less storage and automatically get deleted when not used for 30 days. Therefore, it is beneficial and advantageous for both parties in the development.

9. Chatbots and Voice Assistants

Chatbots and Voice Assistants can easily top every other trend this year. They ease communication in business, improving customer service and offering users a more personalized and quick experience. Suppose you run a clothing store and set up a website. You might have to have people behind the systems to communicate with the customers online. They are essential because customers should never feel lost when browsing through the website. If they find it hard to navigate once, they might never return to your website for any future use. This is why we always need someone who can keep reaching out to these customers through texts. That said, you might have to use a lot of human resources and even employees can find the task taxing and monotonous. So having virtual assistants, who basically stand in for the actual people behind the systems, makes your business easier to access.

There are ‘n’ number of stores that have already started to implement Chatbots to better their communication. One of the major companies is Starbucks Barista where users can speak to the bot about the kind of coffee they would like to have, and so does every other online delivery store like Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart and others. Using chatbots in your application helps you make the process seamless and the users can easily navigate through your application. Since chatbots work always, the owners can save a lot of money and customers do not have to wait until someone checks and gets back.

10. Wearables

Wearable technology is another big technological change that could affect the way app development works in recent years. These wearables help in monitoring blood pressure, sleep quality, fitness check, oxygen rate, glucose levels and several other health-related details. This technology is called health tracking. Such apps can also help people to communicate better. People can call or message using the wearables even when there is no phone or tablet nearby. You can also have important alarms that will send you reminders and alerts. Therefore, wearables help you in better communication, serve as the best reminder systems, track your fitness, keep your health under control and ensure you have a more productive day.

11. App Security

Security is crucial for any application. In today’s digital world, where privacy is extremely hard to maintain, users trust their phones and apps to protect their data, even personal ones like identity, phone number and more. So, when you are working on an application, you should give additional time and focus to cybersecurity and additional ways to protect the information. Apple has been a leading brand in the world because of security reasons as well. Some of the default apps in Apple include the App Transport Security (ATS) which provides additional and strong security by itself. When data transmission is a major focus for Apple, so should the applications it enables. That is why you should ensure that your applications make use of ATS and incorporate other best ideas for better security protection across all platforms.

12. iBeacon

Just because it is mentioned in the last of the list, do not think iBeacon isn’t an important trend. In contrast, iBeacon benefits from better wireless transmission of data and has the power to change how advertising and marketing work. As a result, it can easily change the way businesses connect with end customers. Beacons are basically wireless transmitters that send signals using Bluetooth technology. The iPhone owner will get a notification regarding the connection. But how does this work?

Utilizing Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), the software can help with location-based advertising and services. That is, it can help businesses send messages to potential customers within a certain proximity. It makes for a more personalized shopping experience for the users while making better advertisement possibilities for the owners. For example, if two people cross by a clothing store, the sensors in the clothing store would connect to their smartphone. So, even if they have not taken notice of the ads outside the building or the banners around, it immediately sends a notification message. Such usage in app development helps in connecting with the users and engaging in more direct advertising. The use of iBeacon technology is gradually becoming very popular in this field and can help in different kinds of applications, especially retail stores including hotels, schools, malls and restaurants can benefit largely from it.

  • The Robust iOS Application Development Process

    There are over a million iOS applications and the varied apps are one of the main reasons people like using the Apple device. Bearing this in mind, the brand invests largely in the development processes and services. But have you ever wondered what exactly are these processes and how they contribute to the effective functioning of these applications? Here is a glimpse at the process of iOS app development and implementation.

    • Research and Planning:

      The key to a properly functioning iOS application is the foundation created by market research. The strategies and ideas help in forming a successful application. When you do a proper market analysis, it guides one in understanding the needs and pain points, which gradually leads to creating applications that meet the customer's needs. Some of the major steps in research and planning are understanding the pain points, conducting market research, reviewing the competitive applications and discussing with a group of customers representing your target audience about the app idea and how it will benefit people.

    • Wireframing & User Interface Design:

      After brainstorming the idea for the application, the team focuses on creating blueprints and sketches. It is at this stage that the team develops wireframes and comes up with ideas for how the app would look. They create a layout and design templates for the application, while also focusing on making it easier for the users to navigate. Apart from the Apple guidelines, some of the other factors that the team will focus on include clarity in fonts, space and color, and depth in terms of the visual layers.

    • Coding and Integration:

      Once the idea and design for an iOS application are ready, the  ios app development company enters one of the most crucial stages in app development. In what could also be called the application architecture, the tech team works on coding and putting together the front-end and back-end development, along with today’s upgraded storage services like cloud technologies.

    • Testing and Quality Assurance:

      Testing is an important part of the iOS app development process. Quality is what Apple takes pride in and assurance testing only helps it serve better. A few major aspects that would be questioned in this stage are the developing process, need and usability. Post which a performance test will be conducted and the functions will be thoroughly double-checked.

    • Maintenance and Deployment

      The launch process is kickstarted once another level of testing, especially with regard to security and user privacy is completed. But Apple and app developers do understand that the process doesn’t end with deployment. An after-launch maintenance and support are provided for the application, and the application is evaluated now and then.

  • Reasons to Incorporate iOS App Development Trends

    Mobile app development is gradually becoming a major revenue-generating stream. Since the competition is going to get multifold, you should focus on implementing and incorporating the recent trends in the industry, to both speed up the curating process and to provide better service to the customers. Here are a few reasons why it is necessary to incorporate iOS App Development trends.

    • User engagement and loyalty

      At the end of the day, the whole development process of any iOS app is focused on providing better service to the customers. When new trends are implemented, it only furthers the benefits and gains user engagement. When the apps are updated and maintained frequently to keep up with the new trends, user engagement slowly develops into loyalty. All these trends also focus on enriching this customer experience like chatbots help them navigate quicker, while blockchain offers additional security and cloud gives more storage.

    • Increased security

      Security is crucial for any iOS app development services. When you move the storage facility to a high-end clouding system, you are able to provide better privacy and security to the customer details. This is how Cloud technologies aid in improving the safety of businesses while also protecting the privacy of consumers. Likewise, there are many new trends including blockchain technology which will help you increase security.

    • Cross-platform compatibility

      Developing an application that works seamlessly across several platforms is the need of the hour. There are many new features and software today that will make it easier for you to work on one single code that can be used across many platforms. This saves a lot of resources at the developer's end and helps in better reaching the consumers. Even if you want to do an update later, you can change the code once and it will immediately reflect across all platforms. It is one of the most crucial reasons why you should incorporate growing trends,

    • Competitive advantage

      As we discussed earlier, there is more and more competition in the field today. So, it is essential to include all the latest trends to be able to stay ahead of the competition and be able to provide the best service. A superior user experience always gets you ahead in the game.

    • Future-proofing

      In today’s world, technology is changing how we work and live, and there is something new launched now and then. Therefore, you need to stay updated and your apps need to stay upgraded for the end consumers to enjoy the service. If you do not keep up with the evolving industry, you might lose your valuable customers.

  • The Future of iOS Development for 2024

    Improved performance is everything that’s important in 2024. The introduction of many new software in the market has made it easier. For instance, Swift 6 will help in having higher compatibility with third-party tools, while blockchain usage can aid in better security. There are also several other emerging technologies that each  iOS mobile app development company should be aware of. Some of these include machine learning, virtual assistants like chatbots, and more.

    2024 will mark the phase of transformation wherein companies who have still not upgraded to using new trends will pick up the game and begin to incorporate more trends. One of the many benefits that the year will see is cross-platform integration and development. Developers will focus more on this trend to ensure the applications function smoothly across many platforms. Similar to applications like Siri, AR and VR innovations are going to lead the trend in 2024 and this will slowly but definitely influence how users interact with them and how they use mobile applications in the coming years. Therefore, this year will see a lot of technological changes and lead to more promising opportunities.

  • iOS App Development Trends – The Conclusion

    Any iOS application development company has to stay updated with each of these trends discussed to be able to compete well in the market this year. Innovative and new applications are the ones that will grab the attention of the users, who are now used to all kinds of applications. With all these trends like augmented reality, virtual reality, app security, cloud storage, chatbots, and blockchain technology among others, the end product, that is the application, can be quickly sent to the market with even better quality. The end users can also navigate the app without any hassle and can hugely benefit from these trends as they can get their problems solved quickly and enjoy their experience using the applications. More developments are expected to emerge in the upcoming year, which can also be extended versions of the above-mentioned ones. Thus, it is vital to keep up with the new trends and technologies as and when they emerge to both retain existing customers and attract more new users.

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