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Mobile App Development 2023- Is Flutter a Good Selection?

26th Dec 2022

We live in a time when there is a mobile app for everything. The increasing use of smartphones is encouraging more and more companies to invest in developing mobile applications. Mobile apps offer a variety of valuable benefits and features that websites cannot offer.

Flutter is an open-source Software Development Kit (SDK).  Flutter App Development Company in India is based on the Dart programming language and was officially released in 2018. This technology builds mobile, desktop, and web applications using a unique code database. It is one of the best tools for cross-platform application development. Flutter Development Services in India ensures a secure, well-supported, and stable lifecycle for your software solutions.

Which mobile applications lend themselves to flutter the most?

The flutter app can be used in many apps. Some of them are:

Google Motors

One of the most well-known apps made with Flutter is eBay Motors, the auto site for the online retailer eBay. The app enables you to interact with car buyers and sellers, buy and sell vehicles and accessories, and find new listings.

They were able to test functioning prototypes. And the credit goes to automated testing and hot reload. Developing the apps went smoothly, and the user experience was constant.

Ads by Google

One of Google's main products is Google Ads, and the mobile app is a fantastic addition to the desktop version. Ad managers can manage and track their campaigns while on the road using Google Ads mobile.

Google, which has developed a flutter company, actively uses the framework to create its products. To meet the demands of millions of users worldwide, Google Ads mobile includes just the correct proportion of desktop functionality. The application shows visuals clearly for the best user experience. It is quick and responsive.

Additionally, Google chooses Flutter to avoid maintaining two codebases for iOS and Android and to use practical scaling options.

Google Stadia

Since Google Stadia used the available trademarked blue-tooth plugin logic, less code had to be generated. The group was successful in fast deploying features across iOS and Android versions. The shared codebase of Flutter and its support for rapid reloading sped up development.

Google Motors

One of the most well-known apps made with Flutter is eBay Motors. This is the auto site for the online retailer eBay.

The app enables you to interact with car buyers, sellers, and accessories. Developing the apps went smoothly, and the user experience was constant.

Hamilton Musical

All Hamilton fans should download the Hamilton app. Hamilton maintains a high level of engagement by providing users with new ways to connect with their favorite characters, ensuring that fans continue to be engaged long after the series has ended.

Using Flutter, the Hamilton team created the app in three months. The app's released for iOS and Flutter, with its attractive looks and quick performance. And it was made possible by Flutter.

Although cross-platform technologies ( such as Xamarin, React Native, and Ionic) have swept the mobile industry in recent years, this does not mean that native app development is in danger of becoming outdated.

There are several benefits to writing code particularly for Android and iOS apps. Native apps are quick and responsive since they were created exclusively for that platform and made with its main programming language and APIs.

They may therefore be far more effective than cross-platform apps. As a developer, you can also use the UI components that give your app a native feel. If you want to provide your app with native functionality, you can communicate with it directly.

Flutter for mobile app Development: PROS

A ui winner for advanced features

Using an internal graphics engine called Skia, which Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Sublime Text 3 also utilize. Flutter draws every element of the user interface.

Flutter can operate differently than most other mobile development frameworks because of this short and well-optimized piece of software.

Creating mobile apps is easier

Making a mobile application is comparable to making a game using Flutter. Every user interface element is drawn by a different programme using the operating system's blank canvas as a starting point.

Simple conversion to other screen dimensions

Writing and adapting views to various screen sizes is more straightforward than in the iOS SDK because of the Flutter layout system and the declarative nature of the framework.

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The Flutter of mobile app development: Cons

Platform restrictions

Some restrictions are added by the nature of how Flutter renders UI. For instance, the Flutter team will need to copy some features if they are part of the UI on native platforms. For instance, the video player in Flutter has implementations. Still, they differ from the system player in terms of appearance (especially on iOS).

You have to use two separate applications to make your app match the Apple Design System on iPhones and Material Design on Android devices.

Increased project size

They are integrating a third-party library into our project with Flutter. The result is that our application's file size will increase as a result. The outcome is that their application will be more significant in terms of file size.

Administration of new system features

Flutter introduces new iOS and Android features later than their native SDKs do. Although Flutter now supports foldable screens and dark system mode.

These features were introduced after their SDK counterparts. However, the reality is that they must maintain system compatibility. They typically cannot introduce new system features from the day of release.

Flutter offers several advantages if you want to plan to make cross-platform apps. A few benefits are that it provides faster deployment, simultaneous app updates, and a unified codebase for iOS and Android. It has higher efficiency. For this reason, it is becoming more and more well-liked among cross-platform frameworks.

And there are already several large Flutter apps available that well-known companies have created. But remember that there are specific situations where Flutter shouldn't be your first option if you're creating hardware applications.

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