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The Pros and Cons of Developing an App With Flutter

13th Sep 2022

Flutter is one of the most popular frameworks used for developing mobile applications amongst flutter app development companies.

It offers a number of advantages over traditional development frameworks, such as React Native and Android. There are many reasons for this, but the main ones are its ease of use, flexibility, and cross-platform capabilities. However, like any other development framework, Flutter has its pros and cons. In this blog, we'll take a look at the pros and cons of using Flutter for app development.

Flutter Overview

Google developed a platform for building mobile apps called Flutter. It allows developers to create cross-platform apps with a single codebase, which can be run on Android and iOS devices. This makes development faster and easier, as you only need to write code once, and it will work on both platforms.

Flutter was earlier a startup before Google purchased it. Dart, a programming language exclusive to Flutter, is used in it today as an open-source project for creating apps. Flutter offers excellent features to give the apps a more native-like feel, improving the user experience and making creating code faster and simpler.

Let's Look at the Features of Flutter

Access to Native Feature

The developer's task is made simple with Flutter's native code, third-party integration, and platform APIs. Because they have access to native features and SDKs, they can even reuse Kotlin and Swift in platforms for Android and iOS.

Minimal Code

Flutter employs the Dart language with JIT and AOT compilation to speed up the app's startup time and improve its functionality. All of which require only a tiny amount of coding input.

Hot Reload

With this feature's help, any developers' coding adjustments are immediately reflected in the app. It decreases the time needed to address bugs and allows the team to explore and try out new things.

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Pros of Developing Apps with Flutter

Excellent Performance

CPU use, frames per second, requests per second, average response time, and a plethora of other variables affect how well an app performs. Modern screens offer a clean and clear image at 60 frames per second (fps), which is the rate of Flutter. High performance can simplify everything that goes into ensuring that the app functions flawlessly, whether it be the screen's visibility upon button clicks or the required tasks.

At this frame rate, lag is visible to the human eye. This framework outperforms Xamarin and React Native with a launch time of 220 ms and a frame rate of 58 fps.

Instant Updates

The Hot Reload functionality provided by Flutter enables quick updates without using plugins. With a hot reload, real-time updates can also be seen. The framework allows you to immediately repair any errors you encounter when executing the code and continue without restarting it.

You may increase productivity with hot reload, enabling testing without time-consuming delays and helping with quick iterations. This makes Flutter a much more favorable framework for  flutter app development services.

Single Code Works on Every Device

Flutter is a framework with a single codebase, so you may use it as needed for IOS, Android, or web projects. This might seem like simply another cross-platform framework, but wait until you experience how simple the flutter process is and how stunning the outcomes are.

The creation of prototypes is now much simpler because of Flutter's custom widgets, which is another feature that sets it apart. With the help of Google, Flutter is making the concept of creating apps that can be used on any device, or ambient computing, a reality.

Simple Maintenance with Simultaneous iOS and Android Updates

Since there is only one code in a flutter for both Android and iOS apps, updates can be released simultaneously for both platforms. As only one team of developers is working on the code, it is simple to maintain the app.

With Flutter, app maintenance and bug fixing are made simpler. You could even make the adjustments internally without the assistance of the development team or with the assistance of only one developer.

On-the-spot adjustments

The discomfort of rebooting the entire system to make simple changes has been virtually forgotten by developers thanks to the Flutter app development platform. With the help of Flutter's hot load feature, developers can make changes to their apps without having to restart them and watch the changes take effect immediately. This has helped developers test new ideas more quickly and successfully while also saving them hours of work and maintaining their sanity.

Cons of Developing Apps with Flutter

Libraries Don't Promote Local Development Much

While some developers enjoy Flutter's rich libraries, others believe that while the library is excellent in and of itself, it isn't the best environment for creating native apps.

This preference is mainly influenced by the developer's comfort level with an affinity for each functionality. Some highly talented developers find it a tad distasteful that not all of the library's features are available. Once more, a lot will depend on the nature of your software and the skill of your team building it.

Obtaining a Platform-Specific Feel

It is impossible to obtain detailed looks for particular platforms because a single code is used for all of them. This might be a no on purists expecting material design for Android and iOS.

Different scripts must be created for each platform if you wish to construct specific designs.

Unfamiliar language

Dart is a distinctive programming language that Flutter uses. This language is seldom widely used. Developers will therefore want the language precisely when they begin to design flutter applications.

All In All

Developing an app with Flutter has its pros and cons. It is clear that Flutter has more benefits than drawbacks. Overall, whether or not you decide to develop your app with Flutter depends on your individual needs and preferences. Flutter is a good option if you are looking for a quick and easy way to develop an app.

Without a doubt, you can switch to flutter and take advantage of its features instantaneously. Flutter is unquestionably the foundation for future mobile applications. Since Google is behind it, it can do no wrong. If you’re looking for an efficient  flutter mobile app development firm, IConflux Technologies Pvt. Ltd. can complete the task for you. We assist you in using Flutter to create future-proof apps quickly.

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