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Top 10 Features of Newly Launched Android 10

06th Sep 2019

Android Authority has finally launched Android 10 the latest version of the Android operating system for android phones. Though it’s been available as a beta release under the name Android Q, the new version is named Android 10, it has nothing to do with the letter Q. Which makes it the first time in 10 years that the mobile operating system doesn’t have a dessert-themed name.

Here are the top ten features of newly launched Android 10, some of which have been available in the prerelease, plus a couple that were not. Also, keep in mind that not all of these features are launching right away, and when they do they might be available only on Google's own Pixel devices first.

  • Live

    1. Live Caption

It automatically captions media playing on your smartphone in a single tap. Using live caption feature you can automatically caption a video, podcasts and audio messages. And the coolest thing is that it also works without Wifi or internet connectivity.

  • Smart

    2. Smart Reply

Unlike the current version, it not only suggests the responses to the message but it will also recommend action related to that response. Let’s say your friend asking you for dinner tonight then the smart reply will suggest the response like “Yes, let's catch up at XYZ restaurant” along with its google location.

  • Sound

    3. Sound Amplifier

Sound amplifier enhances the way we listen to music, video and communicate overcall in a noisy background. It helps to filter out the background noise and amplify the necessary sound. It also enriches your music experience while you plug in your earphones.

  • Gesture

    4. Gesture Navigation

In this era of the bezel-less display, every one of us wants this feature. Gesture navigation helps to navigate through multiple applications, go forward and backwards in any application and pull up the home screen with easy gestures.

  • Dark

    5. Dark Theme

Most demanded feature from android is finally here. Dark theme, not only look cool but it will also help to save your battery consumption. Android 10 uses the truly back colours for a dark theme which will provide a new look to all the google apps and it will be easy on your eyes and battery.

  • Privacy

    6. Privacy Control

Now you are in more control for your privacy, Android 10 provides more features which allow you to control how and when data on your device should be shared. For example, you can control what data is stored like your web and app activity and for how long.

  • Location

    7. Location Control

Till now devices are accessing your location if you allow them to use it throughout. However, with Android 10 now you can control location sharing for application all the time, while in use or never.

  • Security Updates

    8. Security Updates

We all know android provides regular updates to our devices. However, with Android 10 we will get even faster and easier updates. With smart google play system updates, important security and privacy fixes can now be sent directly to your phone from Google play.

  • Focus

    9. Focus Mode

No more distraction from unwanted apps and its notifications. With focus mode, you can pause the apps temporarily. It lets you focus on your most important task without getting distracted. Android said that Focus mode is currently in beta state.

  • Family

    10. Family Link

The amazing feature rolls out to set ground rules and help to make healthy habits. Now you can set a limit on time on spending for a particular application. Manage & restrict what kind of content your family member is accessing. And see where your family member is through device location.

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