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What is Enterprise Intelligence? How does it work?

10th May 2019

One may not realize but every day, we experience artificial intelligence at work, all around us. And every passing day, we create an immense amount of data, which is pure gold for an intelligent enterprise. So, embracing the enterprise intelligence in your business is the best for your business. This is the reason why large scale, medium and even start-ups are getting on board this revolution. People are adopting the technology fast, may be not everything at once, but in phases. It gives a very productive as well as safe way of functioning, to an enterprise.

“Intelligent enterprises effectively use their data assets to achieve their desired outcomes faster and with less risk.” – Intelligent enterprises defined by SAP

What is Enterprise Intelligence?

Imagine how you order home delivery from Zomato?? You know the current status of the availability, you track the movement of the order on the map, you just chat with a chatbot in case anything goes wrong! This is how enterprise intelligence looks like from outside. From inside, it is an algorithm, a set of networks and users with perfect synchronization.

An intelligent enterprise is the one which has a system in place, to leverage artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), automation and data analytics – an intelligent suite!

What is Enterprise Intelligence-inner

1. Enterprise Mobility

Today, technology can give your team that amazing mobility, which people couldn’t imagine a few years back. Of course, every business has different sort of requirements and scalability but there are solutions for everyone. You can think of a long-term mobility strategy and implement mobility management technology in your business. It boosts productivity and makes the work easier for your team.

2. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

This is the heart of an intelligent enterprise. Artificial intelligence helps you constantly learn and adapt. You can identify glitches and sort them out really faster. Your business gets optimized when the system can find its own way by itself, without being programmed to accomplish the task. Your business gets the power of automation with Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning - (AI & ML).

3. Robotic Process Automation

It’s true, it is not possible to implement automation for all the processes but there are many repetitive and routine tasks which can be effectively managed by Robotic Process Automation. It is cost effective and easy to customize as per the requirements of your business. You can define a set of actions and let the technology take care of it, especially for the manufacturing industry.

4. Bots & Assistant

These technologies are very effective for customer service and support processes of a business. Just like you can talk to a chatbot about your food order and sort it out, you can reduce the need of human intervention and free up your resources for more important tasks. You can find potential customers and also cater to the existing customers through voice assistants and chatbots.

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5. Data Analytics

Remember, data in its raw form may not make sense, you need to filter it, verify it and model it into useful information. Data helps an enterprise make more informed decisions. It enables the management to understand the patterns and pre-empt the trends. Data helps you understand your customers and their needs; and then finetune the business strategy to get the best results.

A truly intelligent enterprise needs a few modules in places, such as FMS, HR, IT Ops, CRM and ERP. Together, these modules create a brain that crunches big data entire day, learns and acts intelligent. And it also creates a network that may span throughout, the front office, the middle layer and the back office, effectively bringing the entire business to one place. But to implement this, you need an experienced and innovative IT partner. IConflux offers you the best enterprise intelligence solutions, at the most cost-effective price. Click here to schedule a call today...!!!

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