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Why is Flutter Considered the Development Trend in 2021?

21st Jan 2021

Developed and released by Google in the year 2017, Flutter UI Builder has been a trend in the league of mobile app development worldwide. It provides a supporting interface for startups and app developers who are more innovative than spending monetary resources. It is a platform to design and develop apps for both operating systems, Android and iOS, at the same time. It incorporates in-built widgets, API for testing and integration, and command line tools to facilitate app development better. This article is how Flutter UI Builder has helped new app developers create beautiful native apps in real-time with its unique features:

Cross-platform app development

Conventionally, apps are developed separately for Android and iOS devices. Their code was written separately to suit the operating systems and made sure they looked and worked in the same manner in both devices. Thanks to Flutter UI builder, cross-platform app development is a reality now. When using Flutter, your development team will have to write fewer lines of code, and the app will run on both platforms.

Developing android and ios app simultaneously

As discussed above, Flutter UI Builder enables application programs to run on both the operating systems: Android and iOS. Developers will no longer have to write separate code for both the operating systems since apps built on Flutter are platform-independent. This is beneficial for the startups who have to spend the extra buck and time for working on another piece of code for another operating system.

Shallow learning curve

Flutter is an open-source platform that is available as a Software Development Kit (SDK) instead of a module. Flutter follows a reactive development architecture. Automatically, the UI is adjusted when any changes are made with the variables. Also, it is an object-oriented language that is simple to learn and understand. Therefore, developers will spend less time understanding Flutter usage and spend more time in building quality apps.

Faster prototyping

Flutter UI builder allows you to design beautiful apps in real-time. You can prototype in Flutter directly, for both the operating systems: Android and iOS. It helps you reduce costs in development using other prototyping software and reduces extra costs. Flutter UI Builder is a great tool for startups who use a rapid application development model.

UI you will never forget.

Flutter UI Builder has in-built widgets for app development that are easy to use. With Google working on Material Design, Flutter provides you with classy frameworks that make developing apps simpler and less time-consuming. The widgets decrease the time taken to design an app interface by 50% or more. This means you can easily work on the development of your app, worrying less about the user interface.

Fast development

As discussed above, Flutter UI Builder helps you develop your apps faster by reducing the time by 50%. With in-built widgets, prototyping and coding features, you can create beautiful native apps that could run on both the operating systems: Android and iOS efficiently. It reduces the cost to the company, saves the time needed to write lengthy code separately for both platforms, and changes them. You can also add features and troubleshoot bugs and errors in your code.

Lesser coding

The Flutter UI Builder incorporates in-built widgets that help you design and develop your apps faster. It is a cross-platform app builder which helps you create native apps for Android and iOS without writing extra lines of code. You will have to write a single piece of code for developing your app, which will be platform-independent. Earlier, developers had to develop apps separately for different operating systems which is made simpler by Flutter.

Suitable for MVP

If your company needs to prototype your app to display the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to your potential investors, Flutter UI Builder saves you time and effort. With its in-built widgets for prototyping and less coding, you can work on your apps faster and needs minimal costs to your growing business. Also, with beautiful app prototypes, you can sell the idea to your investor successfully.


Widgets describe the look and feel of your app in a given situation. Flutter comes with in-built widgets that help you plan and develop beautiful native apps in less time. They help you build apps for Android and iOS at the same time. The widgets are built following the IOS standards of human interactive designs. This benefits your company in building your dream app faster and efficiently than the conventional method.

Flutter is cost and time effective for startups.

Flutter UI Builder helps you save time and money for a growing startup. Startups in their initial phases need to juggle between quality prototypes and cost to their company at a time. Flutter comes to the rescue with in-built widgets for prototyping, a platform for fewer lines of code, and troubleshooting bugs and errors in your app without compromising on the speed and quality of your performance.

Desktop and web app capabilities

Flutter UI Builder is desktop compatible as well as mobile compatible. It means you can build apps that can run on a desktop, mobile or the web. This enables you to develop apps for a wide range of platforms at a time. You can make changes to the app at a time and need not worry about different platforms. This feature is new to the platform, and if used correctly can save you a lot of time and energy from building the same app for every platform.

Flutter AR capabilities

Augmented Reality, or AR, is a future technology. It is used to visualize the world outside through computers. Flutter is still working on AR and trying to incorporate the new technology in mobile apps developed through Flutter UI Builder.

Flutter UI Builder is innovative, fast and startup-friendly. It is a valuable resource for many organisations who have come up in 2020 to start their new business and build apps. Its cutting-edge technology and Google-backed features have emerged as an excellent aid for app developers.

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