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Why should you choose Firebase for developing your next mobile app?

07th Mar 2022

Alibaba, The New York Times, and eBay Motors. Do you know what's common between all these apps? They are all built using Firebase. Firebase is a Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS), built on Google's architecture, that is used for application and website development. It's categorized as a NoSQL database that enables the developers to make standard apps that can be monitored easily and work effectively in attracting new customers and retaining the existing ones.

But why do all these big names use Firebase to develop their online platforms? There are many reasons why Firebase is the top choice for many industry leaders when it comes to app and website development. Let's see in detail why you should choose Firebase for app development.

Benefits of selecting Firebase for developing mobile apps

From a secure database to properly utilizing Google Analytics, there are many advantages of using Firebase to develop your app. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Storing and synchronizing data with a real-time database

Firebase app development is done using Firebase Real-Time Database. The cloud-hosted NoSQL makes storing, accessing, and exchanging data easier and quicker. With Firebase, you can develop apps using mobile and web SDK instead of using servers. While working with mobile and web SDK, the users can make changes even when they're offline, and these changes are implemented when the user comes online.

  • Fixing the bugs smartly

If there's anything that can compromise the quality and user experience of your app is bugs. To fix fatal and non-fatal errors, Firebase uses Crash Report or Crashlytics, which prioritizes the resolution of different types of bugs based on how much they affect the user experience. These are further divided into smaller groups so that the developers can easily identify and rectify them as soon as possible.

  • Authentication

Firebase has taken authentication to the next level in terms of ease and security. The developers have to write, at most, ten lines of code to create app authentication. It is also highly secure as it is built by Google. Using Firebase app development, developers have many options to log in, such as email ID and password, phone number authentication, Facebook, Twitter, Github, Google, etc. The sign-in can also be customized based on user experience.

  • Accessible machine learning

Firebase has many ML tools and an ML API Kit of its own that can be integrated with mobile phones and used for multiple functions such as face recognition, text identification, barcode scanning, and more. Developers can choose from Cloud or on-device API depending on their app requirements. Google Cloud platform makes the ML functions more accurate. These ML functions can be performed on Android, iOS, and web platforms. It is fairly easy to learn, and this makes it popular among beginners and intermediates

  • App indexing

Google indexes the apps in Google searches just like websites with app indexing. The deep links for apps appear in Google searches from where users can reach your app quickly and easily. Firebase uses app indexing to attract customers to your apps, improving your ranking on the search leading to more people discovering and installing your app.

  • Google Analytics

Analytics has been used by many businesses to improve user experience. The same goes for Firebase, which has Google Analytics that lets you track insights on Android, iOS, and the web. With this, you can keep track of customer retention, their demographic profile, how much revenue was generated from one place or customer, whether the customers are using a laptop, mobile phone, or any other device.

  • In-app advertising

Firebase also provides in-built advertising services. It is equipped with AdMob, a mobile advertising service that lets you feature ads from various advertisers. Firebase lets you create a target audience using its tools, events, and properties. You can also run advertising campaigns for your target audience.

  • Effective and efficient procedures

To develop a mobile app, you may need a professional team to cater to the back-end development activities such as hosting, database management, and servers. You will also need many people to work out the front-end code. If you work this way, you will have to manage two teams to make a single app resulting in more time and cost. But not with Firebase!

Firebase app development comes preloaded with all the essential back-end development features that enable front-end functions. By using Firebase, you can work on app development with just one team, meaning more work in less time with less cost.

  • Fast and secure hosting

Firebase hosting lets you set up and send the web content and static content like single web pages, web applications, or mobile landing pages to a Content Delivery Network (CDN) quickly and easily with just one command. Firebase Hosting has custom domain support, global CDN, and auto-provisioned SSL that provide you with the necessary tools, infrastructure, and features to manage static websites.

Bottom line

Having a well-functioning app is now crucial for every business, and the responsibility of making such an app falls on the shoulders of developers. With Firebase, app developers can build apps and sites that can help businesses gain customers and increase sales and revenue.

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