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Integrated Forex CRM Solution to Handle Client’s Transaction Data


Modernize your Financial Firm with
Integrated Forex Brokerage & CRM Solution

In a dynamic financial world, running a financial firm can be tiresome without technology. Your clients rely upon you for major financial transactions and this makes them paranoid about security and service efficiency. With the help of an integrated Forex solution, you can provide your clients with superior service standards and offer them complete peace of mind.

Forex Solution by IConflux: Capabilities & Features

Our integrated forex solution helps you to streamline operations, manage tasks, service clients and automate your office work, easily. With dedicated broker-end and client-end platforms, we provide complete digitalization solution to help you delight clients while at the same time take care of routine affairs without paperwork or phone calls. Our solution encompasses the following feature-rich platforms:

Broker-end platform

  • Manage Sales
  • Operate Back Office
  • Manage Client Account
  • Check Trading History
  • Access Associated Partner Accounts
  • Generate Analytical Reports

Client-end Platform

  • Deposit Funds Directly in Trading Account
  • Automated Payment Gateway
  • Review Trading History
  • Generate Reports
  • Stay connected while on-the-go with Mobile App

Why Invest in a Feature-rich Forex Solution by IConflux?


Completely Secure:

Developed using latest technologies, the forex solution is embedded with secure frameworks to handle financial transactions, critical business data and client information. This saves you from the hassle of managing all this manually and instills confidence among your clients.


Reduced Paperwork:

As many routine tasks can be automated using a Forex Solution, your employees are left with less paperwork to deal with. This helps you in channelizing their talents to better uses.


Higher Productivity:

Integrated forex solutions promise information sharing and availability at the touch of a button. This removes the need for manual intervention with clients and other employees, enhancing the overall operational efficiency of your firm and employees.


Automated Record-keeping:

Forex solutions are built to keep a record of every financial transactions diligently. This saves you from the hassle of maintaining records manually and promise higher accuracy than manual methods.

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