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Efficient Intranet Portal Solutions for Large, Mid and Small-scale Enterprises

End-to-end Enterprise Intranet Solution Implementation


Robust Enterprise Intranet Solutions
for Modern Organizations

In fast paced business world, every minute counts. Competitive era demands being agile, and an enterprise-grade intranet portal helps your organization in promoting seamless information sharing and connectivity within the organization. Using latest frameworks and all major programming languages,we provide enterprise intranet solutions customized as per your requirement.

Structured & Differentiated Intranet Portal Development Process

Our feature-rich intranet portal solutions are perfected after thorough consultation with your internal team. This ensures that your goals from intranet portal are met and you can promote a culture of seamless communication throughout the organization.


Requirement Analysis:

Our expert technicians understand your unique requirements and outline a structure for Intranet portal solution that is closely synced to your need.



After intensive review and feedback from your team, we refine the portal solution and start implementation by leveraging latest technologies and intranet implementation tools.


Portal Capability Definition:

Based on the requirements, we define the capabilities and the features that will make the portal useful for the entire organization or its subset.

Efficient Intranet Portal Development Solutions For Small, Medium & Large-scale Organizations


HR Intranet Solutions:

Manage HR activities across the organization through a single platform and reduce the load of HR employees by giving employees an online platform to apply for leaves, check HR policies and complete basic HR-related tasks.


Recruitment & Interview Tracker:

Track interview and recruitment drives across multiple locations. Check out CVs of candidates, review profiles, create hiring requests and keep candidates in loop at every step.


Sales & Marketing Intranet Solutions: :

Bring all sales and marketing collateral on a single platform to train sales professionals and keep a track of customer data.


Finance & Accounting Intranet Solutions:

Keep all financial and accounting documents in a single place and minimize manual paperwork.


Attendance & Leave Tracker:

Track attendance, leaves, frame policies and give employees the power to raise leave requests without mailing or leaving their desks.


Enterprise Workflow & Approval:

Maintain a streamlined workflow across departments, approve tasks and keep everyone in loop without much trouble.

Why go for Intranet Portal Solutions?

Personal intranet network within an organization helps in promoting seamless connectivity across departments, locations and offices. With dedicated intranet portal solutions, you can keep everyone in loop about latest policies and improve communication channels. Intranet portals also help in:

  • Enhancing Employee Productivity
  • Operating a real-time Communication Hub
  • Information sharing
  • Automating mundane processes
  • Maintaining a central repository that can be accessed anytime by anyone in organization.

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