Web And Mobile App Development

Software Product Development

With an agile approach towards product development, we take the product development process a step ahead of the normal development phase. Utilizing our industry knowledge and employing a diligent process towards strategic ideation, prototyping and development, we propel your product towards greater success.


Software Product
Development Services

Having built exciting products for differentiated industry segments, our experience as a product design and development company speaks volumes about the value we can add to your product development process. Keeping end-goals in hindsight, we blend a potent mix of creative design thinking, agile development and strategic ideation to accelerate the process. From consultancy to final deployment, we take care of your idea like our own.


Product Discovery &
Designing Services

Integrated your Idea into user experience design for seamless, efficient interactions, regardless of channel.

Building Services

We build working prototypes from research insights and bring users into the process early to validate, iterate, and optimize towards your vision.

Development Services

We check feasibility of your concept and analyse business vision & mission from all angles, examining your business requirement and how your product best fits into your target audience. We execute our plans by building MVP which is highly scalable as per your target audience’s feedback.

End-to-End Software
Product Development

Our top notch product development service assists you at each step of the development life cycle from ideation to feasibility check to development to implementation & going live.

Product Re-Engineering &

We analyze a product’s current state to understand the feasibility of repurposing an existing product. Accordingly, we upgrade your product with richer UX & new architecture to be inline with current market trends.

Usability Testing &
Quality Engineering Services

We do usability testing to learn more about your product and with our quality engineering & Devops expertise we consult & help you what you need to do on your current product.

Product Development Process

Our focused product development approach takes care of several factors that may lead to hiccups at advanced stages. Blending our skills with astute development capabilities, we channelize every step towards the goal of deploying a successful software product.

  • Development
  • Technical
    Feasibility Check
  • Strategic Planning &
  • Roadmap
  • Product
  • Testing &
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance
    & Support

Engagement Model

Fix Cost

For Product or MVP where the scope is clearly defined and iterations aren't needed.

Clear, Stable & Defined          Requirements

Agile Team

Small Project or MVP Development

Within Budget

Dedicated Team

For more attention on the project and need a dedicated team for quick development.

160 Hours of Part or Full Time

No other Cost

Pay only for Productive Hours

Monthly Billing

Time & Material

For the Product which is undefined & ongoing and needs technical consultation before move to development.

Define scope & Requirement          and calculate hours based on it

No other Cost

Pay only for Productive Hours

Monthly Billing

Why Choose
IConflux for Your Product Development

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30+ Product Launch in
The Market Successfully

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Products Got
Millions of Download

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Product Developed by
Us Awarded by Nasscom & Work Economic Forum

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Our Developed Product
got 25M+ Funding

Multi-Industry Competency

Our expertise is not limited to a specific industry or segment. Having successfully developed and deployed products across multiple sectors has endowed us with multi-sector development expertise.

Time-bound Product Delivery Approach

We understand the crucialness of time in developing an innovative product. Hence, we channelize our energies towards minimizing the development time to promise timely product delivery.

Lean Development Methodologies

Being lean and agile is the key to a successful product development project. With efficient feedback mechanism and standardized processes set in place, we have pioneered the art of adopting lean methodologies.

Innovative Customization Opportunities

Have a unique concept without any idea about viability? Well, our innovative customization helps you explore unique opportunities and realize your unique concept.

Tools & Tech

Stop Fretting Over Product Design &
Development Our Experts Can Help You Sail The Tide!

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