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Firebase is an app development platform by Google, which allows you to build business apps for a wide range of industry sectors.IConflux – one of the leading Firebase app development company in India – offers you comprehensive solutions with amazing speed, scale, and quality. If you are looking to hire a Firebase developer, IConflux is perfect for you!

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We serve a wide range of industries, delivering firebase Services that empower businesses


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Finance & Banking




Fantasy Sports Game


Media & Entertainment






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Benefits of Firebase App Development

Backend as a Solution (BaaS)

Different from the traditional app development in which both front-end and back-end are developed, with Firebase, the traditional back-end is bypassed. Now the developers can directly focus on creating a great user experience.


Firebase UI Library

App development becomes very easy and convenient with the assortment of features and tools for Mobile and Web applications. The Firebase UI Library offers everything that is required for creating an amazing & customized User Interface.


Google Analytics Support

Being an app development platform by Google itself, Firebase offers amazing analytical capabilities using Google Analytics. The developers can get insights into user behaviour, app crashes, broken links, UI/ UX effectiveness, and overall app performance.


AdMob for Monetization

AdMob allows the application owner to monetize the application by hosting ads of Google advertisers from all over the globe. You can increase your earnings by hosting ads in such a format that can still provide a great user experience and visually appealing.


Marketing and App Indexing

It is very easy to link the application with Google AdWords – which allows you to reach out to different target audience segments. You can launch ad campaigns, track conversions, calculate Customer LTV, and promote your application effectively.


High-quality Web & Mobile App

Firebase allows you to create both – high-quality mobile apps and web apps. Promoted by the tech-giant Google, Firebase is fairly compatible with almost every other platform owned by Google – AdWords, Play Store, Flutter SDK, Search Engine, etc.


Features of Firebase Apps

Firebase Authentication

One of the most important USPs of Firebase is its strong authentication feature. Firebase allows easy yet secure authentication for the users – for logging into the app and also restricting access.

Cloud Functions

Google’s Cloud Functions allows you to just create and deploy development codes to cloud servers where they automatically sync with other Firebase and Cloud products and their events.

Realtime Database

The storing and sync of the offline and online data and codes is done in real-time, through the NoSQL database. So, Firebase syncs the data with every change and it reflects those changes in realtime.

Firebase A/B Testing

When there are changes done in the app’s code constantly, A/B testing helps in identifying the ideal option based on data & analytical reports. It helps in integrating Analytics, Remote Config., and FCM.

Cloud Messaging

Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM)helps you connect with the app user directly using push messages. It helps in keeping the user engaged on the app based on the analytical reports and predictions.

Cloud Firestore

Cloud Firestore is a NoSQL-based database which allows a Firebase app to store, sync, and query data from anywhere in the world. It helps you to create truly serverless mobile apps and web apps.

Our Engagement Models

We at IConflux combine ambitious thinking with practical implementation. Our business models map the best path for your needs while driving digital innovation and generating traction.

Why You Should Hire US for Your Firebase App Development Needs?

Leverage Full Potential of Firebase

We study Firebase through its minute-most details and we know its true potential in the context of your business plan. We can help you unlock the full potential of Firebase.

Uninterrupted Technical Support

We have an extensive team of Firebase experts who can take any technical issue to its best resolution. In the era of technology, we help you always stay up-to-date.

Well-organized Development Process

With the successful completion of each project, we have perfected our craft and created working processes which are fruitful for everyone – client, company, and creators.

Team of Expert Firebase Developers

We do a lot of brainstorming and due diligence before hiring Firebase developers. We want and we have the best of the bests from the Firebase developer community.

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What Our Client Speaks

Our clients have showered us with their appreciation, and we are proud to share the results with you

Our association with IConflux has been very fruitful. Together, we have worked on a number of projects for the UAE government and the private sector. Taking a step further in our professional relationship, we recently became their exclusive technology partner.

Nabil Azar

Co-Founder @ ACIS Information Technology

The Iconflux team has been instrumental in turning my vision into reality while making it seem extremely easy and effortless. They are available to answer any questions and are quick and efficient to fix any bugs or issues. In addition to their strong work ethos, their advice and guidance was key to make my product up to date in today’s market and future markets. Finally, they deliver on time as promised.

Juliana Khalaf

Co-Foucer @ Asala Art

The IConflux team has helped me to scale up a very complex project and the team is continuously adding more value to the project, they are quick in understanding requirements, communicating and delivering quality & accurate work.

Brian Cardinale

Principal Consultant

I chose Iconflux because, after quite some research, I simply could not find any other provider that offered all the tools I needed to create a Music App. Iconflux showed a deep understanding of the technological challenges of building a native IOS and Android App. The process was smooth, on time meetings, progress updates and quick follow up on support. Great company, certainly recommended!

Willem Zevenbergen

President @ Tracx System Ltd

I am thrilled with IConflux's exceptional development services. Their expertise, responsiveness, and commitment to delivering high-quality results are impressive. They created a robust, user-friendly software solution that revolutionized each industry's operations. I highly recommend them for top-notch software development services.

John Ragsdale

CEO @ TAP Innovations

Frequently Asked Questions

The top-notch and preeminent Web and Mobile App

Most of the development frameworks remain free to use upto certain level, above that you have to buy their premium features such as cloud functions, or their subscription. Also, the app development projects require expert resources to ensure the integrity and quality of the project. So, the bigger the project, you need additional services of Firebase developers. Everything combined, you can ask for an estimate from IConflux, for your Firebase project. Visit: If you want to know the bare minimum cost for a simple Firebase app development – that would be US$ 300.

Firebase app development is fairly faster because of its cloud support. Most of the functions are taken up by Google over the cloud, hence it reduces the need to host and update all the functions on our own. But to develop a Firebase app, it certainly takes up time and skills of expert developers. Depending on the scale of the project, we can estimate a timeframe. But just to set a benchmark, it would take 300 manhours for developing a basic Firebase app.

Amazing Google Analytics Support, Better App Monetization Avenues, Built-in Userbase Growth Features, Simplified App Development Process, Better & Faster User Experience – Firebase offers everything that an entrepreneur would require. Also, Firebase gives you secure and faster apps. From the point of developers, crash reporting and bug fixing is much faster in Firebase.

Firebase is managed by Google hence the projects can beeasily shared between Firebase and Google Cloud Platform. One can access the same project from the Firebase console and the Google Cloud Console as well. The list of features backed by Google Cloud Platform continues to grow steadily. Google Cloud Platform and APIs are by default integrated with Firebase. In development process,Google Cloud Platform in combination with Firebase offers many security-enhancing, latency-improving, and time-saving benefits.

To add Firebase to an existing Google project, you just need to go to the Firebase Console and add add your project there. You need to then select that project and get started with it. If you are managing existing Google projects through Google Cloud Console or Google API Console, these projects will be visible in your Firebase Console.

For Firebase apps, Google offers free and unlimited Google Analytics solutions, delivering powerful and actionable insights. It enables the entrepreneurs and developers to access event logs in Crashlytics, notification effectiveness in FCM, deep link performance for Dynamic Links, and in-app purchase data from Google Play. Google Analytics empowers the entrepreneurs to do advanced audience targeting through Remote Config, Predictions, etc. and develop a high quality app to growuser base, and generate more revenue.

If the Firebase app is already equipped with Google Analytics; and if it is well-versed with baseline data, Google Analytics can help you with predictions for new users, from the very next day they start using the app.

  • Firebase is the SDK for Android, iOS, and web apps by Google. Building a data-driven application in coordination with Google Cloud Platform is seamless for any developer.
  • AWS offersa solution called AppSync which can be usedfor integrationwith Android, iOS, and React Native apps. AWS AppSync doesn’t offer official support for Flutter apps.
  • MySQL is a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). Data structures used by NoSQLdatabases (Firebase) are more flexible and scalable than MySQL.

The biggest advantage of Firebase is the Backend-as-a-Solution (BaaS). Any app that needs a strong backend, can be created with Firebase. Mobile Games, Social Networking Apps, Chat Platforms, there’s really no limit to the types of apps. If huge traffic is expected on your app, Firebase is the good choice. It works for iOS, Android and Web Browsers.

IConflux has successfully created apps in the field of Educational Institute, Law, Learning, Transport, Agriculture, Administration, Forex Trading, Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, Event Management, Supply Chain, Information Technology and FMCG. We have created Firebase app for industry sectors.

1. Ability to produce mobile applications that can run on any platform. 2. Gaming Apps: Flutter supports rendering up to 60fps and 120fps performance on devices which is currently unmatched by any other SDK. They also offer a wide variety of game engine support including Flame, flutter_unity_widget, etc. 3. On-Demand/Delivery Apps: Food Delivery and Grocery Delivery apps are highly in demand these days and to accomodate this, Flutter provides customizable widgets, reusable code, etc to allow for the creation of such apps very quickly. 4. ML/AI Apps: Flutter provides firebase_ml_vision 0.9.7 as a plugin that includes all Firebase ML capabilities. This allows developers to very easily integrate ML and AI based functionalities into the app.

With Flutter you can expect to build mobile applications that run on both Android and iOS and interactive apps that you can run on web pages or on your desktop. Flutter is also suited for when you need to deliver a highly branded product. You can also use it to create user experiences that match the Android and iOS designs.

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