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12 Major Web Development Trends Witnessed In 2022

21st Mar 2022

With each passing day, the world is witnessing new trends in the field of technology. Similarly, the latest trends are driving progress in the field of web development and  software product development services. This article will discuss the 12 major web development trends for 2022 and beyond.

1. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Websites and apps that are compatible with mobile phones are more prevalent nowadays. PWA technology is extremely beneficial in this aspect. Progressive web applications are websites that operate on a mobile phone in the form of an app, providing a convenient experience for the user.

2. Single Page Application (SPA)

With the use of HTML5 and AJAX, SPAs have a single page that loads the entire website and all of its content on that page itself, allowing them to be responsive to the user. SPAs are advantageous and are a new-gen trend since they provide users with offline support and easy navigation. SPAs also have a fast and efficient page load time, as well as minimal bounce rates.

3. Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is meant to bring about huge changes in the field of web development and software product development services. With the help of IoT, we can have access to all the devices surrounding us at the disposal of our mobile phones. Various gadgets can be connected to the phone, and there can be an ongoing data transfer among them, which facilitates communication.

4. Voice Search

People's lives are becoming more convenient with technological advancements. Voice Search is one such development that saves time and makes it easy to solve queries. Therefore, involving Voice Search technology and text-to-speech in your web application is a must to increase your position in the SEO rankings.

5. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

The AWP technology is quite similar to the PWA. AWP is optimized pages that can be loaded and seen on small devices such as mobile phones. They come with the complete data and information of the website, and its products are full size yet are simplified to make them mobile-responsive. If your target audience is phone users, the AWP plugin should be incorporated into your website.

6. AI-Powered Chatbots

AI-Powered Chatbots are like personal assistants assigned to every person visiting your website or app who guide them through their way on your platform. They provide answers and solutions to your client for all text or voice queries, as you cannot always be available to answer all the clients' queries personally.

7. API-First Development

API- First Development is a new trend, a type of node.js app development service, which helps reduce the expenses incurred on development while increasing the speed of delivery. With the help of this technology, you can use a new website to become the source of content delivery. You can create a CMS with the help of API and have access to it from various means such as smart kiosks, browsers, or even your cars.

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8. Motion UI

Motion UI is a design method that helps you build a dynamic website to catch more user attention. It is a very attractive option in 2022 and beyond and comes with other benefits such as ease of use, high responsiveness, flexibility with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. It also saves your time and expenses and makes your digital products desirable to the user.

9. Dark Mode UI

The Dark Mode UI is meant to improve your website or app's look automatically. If your website’s Dark Mode is enabled, the visitor may look forward to checking it out on any device with ease. It also comes with many other benefits such as blue-light reduction, saving battery life, lower eye strain, etc.

10. Mobile-First Development

Today, mobile pages cover about 57% of the total views on web pages in the world. With the surge in mobile phone traffic, you must incorporate Mobile-First Development into your growth plan. More users will be drawn to your app or website if it is mobile-friendly, as it makes tasks like online ordering, searching, and browsing easier for them.

11. Serverless Architecture

With the rise in the instances where companies have to shift to a work-from-home setup, the need for serverless architecture has also risen. Development in this can be seen as the rise of public or private cloud usage. This comes with many other benefits, such as Improved time, scalability, maintenance, and reduced costs.

12. Blockchain Technology

The world has also seen a rise in blockchain wallet users in the past few years. Therefore, there is a stringent need for software and hardware support to those wallet users, which can guide them on factors such as trading infrastructure, legalities of trade, and other kinds of support. Therefore, the coming years will witness a great rise in blockchain technology, and many apps and websites will add them to their portal.

The trends we have talked about are beneficial to the clients and the developers. Therefore, they have gained great momentum in the field of software product development services and are expected to witness more growth in the coming years.

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