7 revolutionary tech-interventions for agriculture industry
  • by Sanket Thakkar
  • 11 Feb 2019

7 revolutionary tech-interventions for agriculture industry

Worldwide, there is an increased awareness about issues related to agriculture and farmers. Ignored for so long, people have now begun to understand its importance. Agriculture is the one industry around which all other industries are aligned. Literally, if there is no agriculture, human race wouldn’t survive.

Now is the time, agriculture meets the technology!

Yes, it is absolutely true. The world has witnessed great revolutions brought-about by technology in almost every aspect of life. From public transport to logistics industry, from manufacturing to service industry, from healthcare to education industry, technology has revolutionised everything. Now it is the right time for agriculture industry. Technology is all set revolutionise the agriculture industry and give the world access to natural, healthy and abundant food.

So, here are 7 ways we can usher in a new era of technology in agriculture!

1. ChatbotTechnology for agriculture

ChatbotTechnology for agriculture

Chatbot is a computer program which provides instant response and manages swift conversation with any respondent online. It is understandable that farmers need to get guidance regarding the weather, cropping trends, farming techniques, government schemes, and every other thing that’s important. A chatbot can easily provide it to farmers.

Chatbots like ‘KisanSevak’ helps the farmers with real-time artificial intelligence based advisory. Chatbots can help the farmers formulate a comprehensive strategy. You can check out the Agribot ‘KisanSevak’– developed by IConflux, on LinkedIn.

2. Data Analytics for agriculture

In today’s world, data is the foundation of almost all the tech-interventions. Data helps a lot in fine-tuning the system and bringing it as close to the real world as possible. The data about weather trends, demand of crops, land mapping, distribution channels and market rates; can help the farmer align his strategy for the best results.

Farmers can get quality insights on environmental factors and latest farming techniques through Tools like ‘My Crop’ – designed and developed by IConflux – one of the fastest growing Artificial Intelligence Service provider in India.

Data Analytics for agriculture

3. Internet of Things (IoT) for agriculture

Internet of Things iot for agriculture

The world of ‘Internet of Things’ has so many innovative ways to offer to the agriculture industry. From tilling the soil to managing irrigation, from storage to transportation, everything can be managed seamlessly with IoT. And not just agriculture, IoT can also be of a great help in animal husbandry and livestock management too.

Farmers can improve their prospects significantly through IoT tools such as, remote crop mapping, remote equipment management, weather forecast, livestock geofencing, warehousing, storage and sensor-based resource management.

4. Data Science Technology for agriculture

Data science helps info recasting and agriculture forecasting is very important for farmers as well as for agriculture companies. Data Science improves decision making and it narrows down the reaction time. It can transform the way agriculture has been done.

There are two types of forecasting: input forecasting and output forecasting.

Input forecasting includes forecast about the requirement of seeds, pesticides, fertilizers, irrigation and overall cost of farming.

Output forecasting includes forecast about the crop yield, income and profits, market rates of different crops, etc.

Data Science Technology for agriculture

5. Crop Forecast Technology for agriculture

Crop Forecast Technology for agriculture

Agriculture depends on so many different factors. And yes, it was done by our ancestors by hunch and common-sense once upon a time, today the world is so complicated, the wise decision is to analyse the available data and then only make a decision. And technology makes  it easier.

A system to analyse the data about weather, soil fertility, pesticides and fertilizers used and periodic crop yield; allows the farmer to do perfect economic planning and it strengthens the global food security too.

6. Online Marketplace Platforms for agriculture

Online Marketplace Platforms have the potential to manage the Input and Output in agriculture domain. In fact, India is an agriculture centric economy and India has the potential to be the best agriculture industry in the world, with the help of technology.

Managing procurement of farm produce to managing its supply throughout the world, it is made so simple with today’s technology. The world is going towards a new global agriculture revolution and Online Marketplace Platforms are the best way for agriculture companies, to reap the benefits of technology.

Online Marketplace Platforms for agriculture

7. Block-chain Technology for agriculture

Block-chain Technology for agriculture

Block-chain technology can ensure the quality and integrity of the produce and it can also bring transparency in the agriculture marketplaces. More importantly, this technology helps to remove the bad players and wrong processes that have plagued the agriculture industry. This can ensure the ideal distribution from farm to market, where everyone wins.

Global giants such as Walmart, Alibaba, UPS, Amazon, Nestle, etc. have already embraced the Block-chain technology and the world’s going to witness a lot more transformations brought about by Block-chain technology, in the future.

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These technologies can open up a new world of opportunities for the farmers!

Agriculture is and will remain at the core of the human progress. Which is why it is important to give a technological boost to the agriculture industry. With numerous tools & programs available and seamless global connectivity; the world is ready to witness a new way to GO FARMING!

IConflux Technologies is upbeat about the countless opportunities that agriculture world offers. And we are ever committed to give the best technological solution to the farmers and agriculture industry. Contact IConflux on +91 - 95127 87877 or send an email to info@iconflux.com.

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