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Flutter 3.0 Release: What's New And Improved?

27th Apr 2023

Flutter 3, a huge cross-platform app development framework from Google, has been upgraded to support new platforms, including Material You, Linux, and macOS. It is now time for a stable version of Flutter, and Google is overjoyed to announce the release of Flutter 3!

Google has gradually grown Flutter into one of the most dynamic cross-platform developer toolkits over the last few years. The framework is officially supported for Windows, Web, and embedded devices, after solely supporting Android and iOS apps.

Flutter 3 Release. What's New?

Oh, you heard it correctly! The latest has rocked the entire Flutter app development services business enormous Flutter version. Flutter's release has been an emotional rollercoaster. Let's discover more about those amazing features everyone seems to be raving about before you rush to acquire the 3.0 edition.

Flutter 2 Vs Flutter 3. What Has Changed?

If you liked the old 2.10 version, wait till you see what's new in Flutter. Following the introduction of the Flutter 3.0 release date, the application development industry was guaranteed Avant-grade experiences. And the masterpiece lives up to the hype! Finally, Flutter 3.0 runs on Apple hardware and Intel, including all six key platforms. However, there are many more changes to investigate in Flutter app development services.

Flutter 3 Has Various New Features That Will Astound You

Now available on six platforms. When the developers of Flutter app development decided to make it available for Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS, mobile, and desktop browsers, they had all users in mind. All six systems are compatible with a single codebase. Web development is more effective since Flutter 3.0's code languages are compatible with JavaScript.

Supports Flutter Fire

Firebase is a back-end application development platform; therefore, creating and delivering Flutter apps requires complex technologies. The new set now includes data storage, cloud services, device testing features, and authentication.

Updates in Firebase Crashlytics

Flutter and Firebase upgraded the Firebase crashlytics capabilities, which enhanced the process of creating apps. Real-time crash reporting and significant warning metrics enable developers to create and maintain extremely reliable online and mobile apps.

Cascading Menus

It is possible to handle macOS programs more efficiently for better support, usability, internalization, and accessibility by turning on platform-specific integration Manus. It is revolutionary to have a function that reduces operating system utilization.

Material Design 3 Compatible

First, programmers who previously had trouble converting from Dart were considered by the creators of Flutter 3.0. The extensive Learning Dart tutorial and freshly included enhanced enumerations make constructing Flutter for mobile app development applications more quickly and efficiently possible.

Additionally, developers may easily create interfaces because the latest Flutter version fully complies with Material 3, Google's design language. It is simple to convert original ideas into extraordinary digital solutions thanks to Material Design 3's enhanced typeface, color scheme, and visual effects.

Mobile Updates

Flutter 3.0's stable release is groundbreaking for all cutting-edge mobile app developers. A list of awesome new features will be available in their division soon. What has changed in Flutter 3.0 to make the app more mobile device friendly?

Foldable Mobile Device Support

Using modern technologies, developers may provide consumers with a more seamless experience. Out-of-this-world design and a slew of fascinating widgets and functionality would now be adaptable to foldable smartphones.

iOS Release Simplified

The inclusion of the Flutter 3.0 IPA command will satisfy the app developers. Now it would be easy and painless to distribute and deploy iOS applications.

Ending The Support For 32-Bit Devices & iOS 9 & 10

Owners of the iPhone 4S, 5, and 4th generation of the iPad should be saddened to learn that the Flutter app development business has decided to discontinue support.

Refresh Rate Support For iOS

With the recently released Flutter 3.0, the Flutter development services team has taken care of iOS users by adding support for varied refresh rates. On most iPhones and iPads, it will enhance the quality of animations and visual details while scrolling.

Gradle Version Update

If you have performance issues, the Android Gradle Plugin advised updating primarily to version 7.12.

A Fascinating Flutter Games Toolkit

The video game business has always stood by and awaited Google's technological breakthrough. The news on "what's new in Flutter" is thus intended for game makers. An effective tool for creating 3D games is Flutter 3.0. The toolkit for casual games provides predetermined principles, instructions, and templates to streamline the creation of mobile and video games.

Full Support For International Text Input

Flutter now supports text input in any language on all desktop platforms, one of its new enhanced features. New foreign choices, including Japanese, Korean, and Chinese, are now available with Flutter 3.0.

Web Updates

Those tech enthusiasts who are anxious to see what's new in FlutterFlutter for developing web apps weren't let down by the release. The following upgrades will enable businesses to offer cutting-edge, high-quality items.

New Lifespan Api

New lifespan API Modification Without delivering an HTML page, App Lifecycles makes it possible to direct and monitor the bootstrapping process of newly developed Flutters applications. In this way, the Lighthouse functionality of app performance statistics was enhanced in Flutter 3.0. That is helpful in the following circumstances: New lifespan API Modification Without delivering an HTML page, App Lifecycles makes it possible to direct and monitor the bootstrapping process of newly developed Flutters applications. In this way, the Lighthouse functionality of app performance statistics was enhanced in Flutter 3.0. That is helpful in the following circumstances:

  • Before you access the Flutter app, the HTML interactive landing will load;
  • The loading indication
  • The splash screen

For additional in-depth information, consult the developer team's official documentation.

Image Decoding

Asynchronous decoding for the main thread is a feature of the updated API. The recently introduced Flutter 3.0 feature of the built-in image codecs in browsers enables faster decoding while keeping the main thread free of all the accumulated trash.

Windows 7/ Windows 8 Limitations

Earlier Windows operating system versions will only receive limited support from the Flutter web app development. The changes won't, however, impact Windows 10 users.

Tooling Updates


Impeller's experimental features help developers deal with early-onset garbage on all six platforms, especially iOS. Impeller is not in line when the app functions properly since a better set of shaders were used to construct it at engine build time.

Android Inline Ads

Transitions, scrolling, and other user interactions are all substantially more efficient when utilizing the Google mobile advertisements package. Platform views made with Flutter 3.0 can do away with the need for a Flutter Framework to wait for Android views before starting.

Optimized Performance

Developers of Flutter for mobile app development can see gains in the overall speed optimization of opacity animations and widgets in very basic instances.

Lint Package Update

Existing apps and extensions were required to update for the new Flutter version before its release. The new lint v.2 does, however, feature automatic updates. That enables Flutter apps and plugins that previously did not utilize the lint package to transition using the tutorial.


After learning about the new features in Flutter 3.0, there is no room for advancement in Flutter development services. Nonetheless, the project administrators are certain that the Flutter ecosystem will grow in the foreseeable future. So we must wait for optimal new additions in UI & UX, functionality, and much more.

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