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The deadly combination of RPA, Chatbots, and AI

25th Sep 2019

One of the greatest movies of all times “2001: A Space Odyssey”, they show a conflict between Artificial Intelligence and humans. The curious thing about this movie is – this movie was released in 1968! This is the most popular perception of Artificial Intelligence in the world. But we have come a long way since then. Today’s AI are here already and they are working well. A lot of people do not understand that they use products or services which use RPA, Chatbot and Artificial Intelligence on a regular basis. All the three together can turn the tables and can be a game changer. And this is the reason why now people are thinking about combining these three concepts together to solve complex problems.


Let’s go through RPA, Chatbot and Artificial Intelligence, one by one.

  • Robotic Process Automation

    1. Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

This is the oldest type of automation. It has been widely used in so many different industries, including Banking, Finance, Manufacturing. The RPA is based on predefined set of instructions which is fed into the hardware or software systems. The process needs very precise data and organized tasks otherwise one anomaly may lead to big issues. It is the best option for large enterprises where repetitive and manipulative tasks can be done without human intervention.

RPA’s combination with Artificial Intelligence? RPA can be equipped with an AI very easily. The combination with AI allows the RPA to break free from the need of structured data and repetitive tasks. With the AI, RPA can analyse and use unstructured data and improvise itself. This can take the IT industry to the next level and makes the services faster there were many applications and tools are available in the market which uses RPA and AI combinely.

Benefits of RPA

  • Reduced operational cost
  • No training and retaining required
  • Can work 24 X 7 X 365
  • Improved precision and efficiency
  • Faster operations
  • Allows human capital to be used on intellectual tasks
  • Can be equipped with AI to take decision and improvise itself

  • chatbot

    2. Chatbots

It has become so much easy to create and deploy a chatbot these days. Find out which are the popular platforms to build a chatbot? They can be deployed on websites, mobile apps, social media, WhatsApp, SMS, and so many more platforms. Chatbot allows any business to communicate with the users 24 X 7 X 365. In the era of globalization, it is important that a business responds to the users from across the world. And Chatbots gives the business a freedom from time zone constraints.

All chatbots don’t use Artificial Intelligence (AI). Chatbots are also like RPA, they depend on structured data and instructions. In a way, we can say chatbots are Robotic Communication Automation (RCA). Just like the RPA, there are sets of predefined responses based on the combination of inputs by the user. But if a chatbot is equipped with an AI, it can learn how to manage the individual conversation as per the sensibilities of the user and ensure successful conversation.

Combining Chatbot and RPA

Both the technologies have their own advantages and benefits but if you combine them both, it exerts the effect of synergism. They both add even more advantages to each other’s functions. The Chatbot can take care of front-office tasks which require interaction with the users; and the RPA system can take care of the related functions in the enterprise systems like support desk, CRM, inventory management, etc. Together they can navigate through gigantic enterprise systems and provide the user with the desired services/ function easily. And everything happens without the need for human intervention. The RPA can automatically connect with all the required applications and gives all the input which were to be manually given by the employees, in a regular world.

Benefits of Chatbots

  • Ability to handover the conversation to humans
  • Ability to understand the response of users
  • Better and faster customer service
  • Round the clock availability
  • Ability to handle multiple chats at the same time
  • Easy and cost-effective deployment

  • AI ML

    3. Artificial Intelligence

The next era belongs to Artificial Intelligence, without any doubt. Looking at the level of innovation going on in the AI industry, we can say that in the coming years there will not be any distinction between humans and AI. You won’t be able to understand if you are dealing with a human or an AI. Even today, AI rules our world but only a few AI enabled systems come into direct contact with humans – such as chatbots and virtual assistants.

An AI can be used to automate everything, be it a robotic arm movement, chatbot conversation, movement of packages in the warehouse, flying plane on autopilot, recognising face of criminals in public areas, etc. AI will allow humanity to let the system do repetitive tasks and focus more on the intellectual tasks. More, it is not possible for the human mind to collect and process the huge amount of data that is generated through the internet and smartphones. And this data is going to increase in the coming future, only AI can process it and utilize it to the fullest.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

  • Integration with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies
  • Ability to adjust operations to the user speed
  • Building a bridge between human resources and users
  • Integration with facial recognition technology
  • Machine learning applications
  • Ability to recognise voice and vision

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The deadly combination of RPA, Chatbots and AI

Together these three can accomplish a new automation revolution in the world. With the help of AI, RPA and Chatbots, businesses can expand their capacity beyond imagination. These are the technologies that will be intertwined with our lives in the future.

Equipped by the Artificial Intelligence, a chatbot can interact with the user and manage a conversation. If an employee is seeking a specific access, he/ she can get it resolved through a conversation with a chatbot and if the employee needs assistance of tech support, the chatbot can connect with the RPA system and allot a task. On the other hand, an RPA system that is equipped with an AI, will analyse and resolve the issue through automation. What’s more? Think about the integration of these systems with Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine Learning or facial and speech recognition! The possibilities are endless. Which is why, this combination of RPA, Chatbots and AI is a truly deadly combination, the oasis of a revolution.

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