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Why Should Startups Go with Flutter App Development?

13th Jun 2019

Technology startups have the highest rate of failure, worldwide. In an era of cutthroat competition, startups often face the problem of dealing with the evolving technology ecosystem. The need of the hour is continuous development and improvement, which they often fail at, reducing their success rates.

Choosing the right technology for their mobile app can help them rotate the development cycle, efficiently. With the right technology, they can often equip their mobile app with the features required for success. Demanding prospects and desire for quick roll-out often confuse startups on which technology platform to choose. The key here is to choose a technology that supports swift development and deployment like Flutter.

Why Choose Flutter for App Development?

For an app to be truly successful, it should possess some basic attributes such as:


Flutter, as a dynamic cross-platform development framework, can enrich any app with all these characteristics. Flutter mobile app development can promise faster development with engaging user interface. It's tagline ‘Build Beautiful Native Apps in Record Time’ highlights its capabilities to develop and deploy popular apps.

Flutter is developed by Google as an open-source framework that allows developers to create cross-platform apps for iOS & Android using a single codebase. Here are some reasons in favor of Flutter app development that makes it best for startups:

  • Flutter promotes faster development owing to code shareability

With Flutter, startups can quickly roll out mobile app on multiple mobile platforms. This means increased reach and exposure for an app, which ultimately has a positive impact on downloads.

One of the benefits of using Flutter for mobile app development is that it supports cross-platform development. Developers aren’t required to write code from scratch because of code shareability. All they need to do is to code once and use the same code base for iOS as well as Android. All this without any compromise on UI or UX as Flutter inherently takes care of that.

  • Faster Time to Market & Increased Developer Productivity

Flutter offers hot reload capabilities that mean developers can fix any errors or debug the app during the development itself. No longer are they required to recompile or redeploy the entire code due to a debugging issue. This means developers can see changes in the app in real time, which enables them to quickly launch new features, experiment or fix bugs.

All this means startups can enjoy lower time to market and optimal utilization of the sparse resources even during the early stages.

  • Intuitive & Engaging UI with Flutter Widgets

Flutter has a huge catalog of customizable widgets that can be used to create a full-native user experience on Android & iOS. With the largest library of widgets among all the available cross-platform development frameworks, Flutter can help developers deal with the design challenge, effectively.

Also, Flutter allows developers to follow material design for Android & Cupertino for iOS, which enhances the responsiveness of an app. All this means an amazing user experience which is a pre-requisite for the success of any app.

  • Optimized Resource Utilization

Flutter supports integration with Firebase which offers a collection of useful services for startups. Startups can use Firebase for cloud storage, hosting, managing real-time databases and a lot of other things. This gives them a chance to develop serverless, scalable and highlysecure infrastructure from the beginning without requiring any additional resources.

With Firebase’s common tools, developers can quickly develop mobile apps using minimal third-party tools. This ensures optimal utilization of available development resources and talent, which is beneficial for startups at the early stages.

Additional Benefits of Flutter App Development for Startups

  • Flutter is an open-source platform which reduces the cost of development
  • Constantly evolving platform which improves mobile app development process continuously
  • Easy integration and migration of existing applications
  • Internationalized libraries for localization of mobile apps as per geographical location

The above reasons make Flutter suitable for an app-based tech startup looking for quick development and deployment. What’s more, Flutter is being used by some of the biggest tech companies like Google, Alibaba, Tencent, among others. So, you need not worry about the platform’s reliability and security issues.

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Flutter can indeed be used for creating enterprise apps, MVP development or a full-fledged cross-platform app without much investment. Thus, choosing flutter for mobile app development can be a wise decision. If you are looking to explore how Flutter can augment your app development process, we at IConflux can guide you through the process. Our expert business analysts and Flutter app developers can refine your app idea and can take the app development process forward to provide you all the benefits offered by Flutter platform. So, what are you thinking? Get in touch with our experts now.

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