Wondering which CRM is best for you? Here is the answer…

04th May 2019

Implementing CRM is a crucial task, it is more like the stepping stone for your business to jump into the new possibilities. It really unlocks the explosive growth, of implemented properly. That’s why you need a CRM and a CRM implementation partner to make it happen. So, if you think you need a CRM for your business, you need to figure out these 2 things first.

How to select the BEST CRM for your business?

True, there are many other CRM but this is not just about the technology or popularity. Implementing CRM is a positive yet complex decision. Some CRM are created to cater to a specific industry and some are allrounder. So, you need to do your bit of research about that.

1. Check out the CRMs available

Check out the CRMs available

Visit the official sites and understand their offerings. You can try reading analyst reports, checkout the reviews, forums and chat groups. You can also get in touch with people who have actually used them.

2. Select a few of them for comparison

First of all, you need to define a set of your expectation from a CRM. You can list down their pros and cons, evaluate their features and compare them on pure merit, you can think about the cost factor later.

Select a few of them for comparison

3. See if you can get a free trial

See if you can get a free trial

The most reliable way to select a CRM is by actually using it. Well, for that you’ll need to sign up for their free trials, updates and newsletters. Or you can inquire in your peer groups, if someone has been using it.

4. Make a scorecard, you’ll get your winner

Give rating to the different properties of the CRMs, with highest priority to what is important for you, and not what is being offered. Evaluate the CRM’s user experience, freedom of customization, data management, automation, analyses & insights, workflow management, and most importantly the customer support services.

Make a scorecard, you’ll get your winner

So, now you’re sure that you need CRM and have clear idea about what you need. It is the time to find the answer for another question.

How to select a CRM implementation partner?

Now may be a right time to think about the price factor, but not just the price. You’ll need to evaluate many CRM implementation services providers on for a great variety of factors. You might need to repeat your requirements again and again to them, but that’s how it’s done. Thankfully, the technology and internet has made them quite convenient. And when you do, look out for these qualities in the CRM implementation partner.

1. Communication Experience

Communication Experience

Your first few interactions with a CRM implementation service provider will give you the idea about how your entire CRM implementation would go forward. The communication needs to be as clear as it could be, to get the perfect result.

2. Knowledge About Product

The world of CRM is a really fast one, the technology is upgraded every single day and new possibilities emerge. The service provider needs to hold considerable prowess with the product and its features, for a success venture.

Knowledge About Product

3. Experience of the Tech Team

Experience of the Tech Team

At the end of the day, only the developer teams know the in and out of any CRM. They are the architect of your customized CRM so they need to have at least a minimum experience in your industry. Just to contain the possibilities of glitches.

4. Resources and Legacy

Check out the organization’s strength, both in terms of experience and personnel, because you need the confirmation about their capabilities. Looking at their portfolio and clientele, you can at least assume their capabilities.

Resources and Legacy

5. Reviews and References

Reviews and References

References and reviews also are credible ways to do a bit of background check of any CRM implementation partner. In fact, reviews play a major role in selection process these days. There are a few websites which give you honest reviews.

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How to select a CRM implementation partner?

Of course, Vtiger is undoubtedly one of the most popular CRM at the moment. Contus and many other platforms have tasted success by empowering their team with Vtiger CRM. But you need to evaluate your requirements and select the best one. If you need any help with implementation of CRM for your business, if you are looking for a CRM partner contact iConflux today on [email protected] or click here to get in touch.

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