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Improve On-ground Operational Efficiency with
Field Force Management Systems by IConflux

In a competitive era, having an efficient field workforce is crucial for better sales revenues in any business. Be it service industry or product-based business, managing the dynamic sales personnel and field force can turn out to be quite tiring and time-wasting activity. With our advanced field force management solutions, keep a track of your field force, assign tasks, improve customer service standards and manage your workforce, efficiently.

Automating Field Force Management with Modern Software

We provide exclusive solution customized as per your business structure and sales process to help you improve operational efficiency. By leveraging technology and integrating modern tools, we provide your organization the power to:

  • Create jobs and work schedule for on-ground workforce
  • Track technicians and sales personnel in real-time
  • Manage ongoing and new tasks from a single window
  • Give instructions/assign tasks to specific employee
  • Create transparent workflows with accountability and delegation

Why invest in a Field Force Automation Software by IConflux?

With the help of a powerful field force management software, you can automate reporting and workforce management. Field force management solution for enterprises empowers the employees as well as the management to control various tasks, delegate work and reduce workload by assigning clear responsibilities. Along with this, there are several other benefits of investing in a field force management solution, including:

  • Enhanced operational efficiency
  • Improve employee satisfaction levels
  • Real-time sales reporting and customer support
  • Automated processes leading to less paperwork

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