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Web And Mobile App Development




Japa Club is a superfast mobile app which helps the devotees at Hare Krishna Movement, manage their daily routine and visits to the temple. The app helps the devotees manage their daily Japa schedule and Japa calendar to achieve their Mala targets. Also, the app allows people to do Darshan and register for temple visit or events, especially in the times of social distancing.

The app is totally secure and it is compatible with both Android and iOS. It runs realtime on almost all sorts of smartphones and tabs. It has been created using FLUTTER technology which is the best for such social apps.

The Japa Club mobile app also gives unrestricted access to a huge number of videos and live streaming from Bhadaj’s Harekrishna Temple. The devotees can do virtual malas and also share their Japa Cards in their social networks. The Japa Club app is an amazing platform for the devotees to come together and take the Hare Krishna Movement forward.


  • Daily Darshan & Quotes
  • Daily Mala Targets
  • Japa Reminders
  • Live Video Streaming
  • Temple Visit Planning
  • Event Registration
  • Virtual Mala
  • Japa Card Sharing