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Web And Mobile App Development

Enterprise Application Software Development & IT Consulting Services & Solution.

IConflux promotes grandiose in terms of productivity for your organization. With our custom enterprise business services, you can bring international-grade finesse to your IT infrastructure, reduce operational costs, improve your business processes and do more.


Enterprise Services

Powered by a team of industry-leading enterprise IT experts, IConflux is creating ripples in enterprise business services segment since inception. Our tactical approach and astute strategic planning evaluating your custom requirements help you take the advantage of technological breakthroughs for business growth. Having developed and deployed niche products for differentiated industry segments, we have mastered the innovation streak that makes an enterprise-ready for the future.

Our Meticulous Enterprise Services

Intranet Portal Development

Seamless communication and collaboration are critical to the success of an enterprise. Using our intranet portal development services, you can improve the process of sharing, collaboration and internal communication within the organization. We build feature-rich intranet portals that promotes easy access, insightful collaboration, secure document management, information/data sharing. Our expertise in intranet portal development services make us an ideal partner when you are thinking of redefining your organization’s culture through technology.

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Enterprise Mobile App Development

Helping you improve employee productivity, enhance data security and build knowledge base while simplifying your operations is our goal at building great enterprise mobile applications. Being in the enterprise mobile app development domain for 5+ years, we have successfully dealt with niche-specific challenges of all the industries including finance, healthcare, F&B, hospitality, education, among others. Using our deep insights into enterprise work culture, we can create sophisticated apps to help you implement automation and make your operations much more efficient.

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ERP System Development

We know how crucial a well-developed ERP system is for a progressive enterprise. By evaluating your business operations deeply, we provide efficient ERP business solutions for small and medium-scale enterprises. Creating custom ERP system based on your personalized requirement, we can help you achieve desired efficiency, make your organization leaner and improve your bottom line.

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CRM System Development

Client relationship management is an important function for any enterprise irrespective of the industry it works in. Using a CRM system, you can automate mundane tasks and make sure you never miss an opportunity to delight your valuable clients. Boasting a track record of building some of the best CRM systems for progressive businesses, the developers at IConflux are masters in this craft. Our expert developers understand your specific requirements, analyze your workflows and will configure and customize a powerful CRM solution that will enable you to service your clients in a better manner.

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Business/Technology Consulting

In an age of fast transformation, investing in technology is essential to beat competition and stay relevant. With the help of our insightful enterprise consulting services, you can identify valuable opportunities to integrate latest technologies into your existing business processes. Our niche-specific tech experts will identify the processes that need improvement and employ their deep knowledge to provide insightful business technology consulting to make your processes much more efficient.

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Digital Transformation

Transitioning from paper-based or mechanical processes for digital excellence can be a tiring and confusing job. Having knowledge of making enterprises better by infusion of technology, our experts can drive your digital business transformation efforts and help you create an organization for the future.

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Managed Services

Have a specific requirement in mind but finding it hard to gather resources to execute? Well, with the best industry talent, IConflux provides valuable staff augmentation services to growing enterprises. Hire top app developers, web developers and experts who can offer managed IT services according to your budget and requirements at an affordable cost.

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