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9 Things You Need To Tick Off Your Check List Before You Go Live With A New Mobile App

17th Nov 2017

In a world that is quickly changing, where everyone’s coming up with a new idea every single day, it is important that you start working on yours as soon as possible. If you don’t, someone else might come up with the same idea, sooner or later, and build their empire on your land of dreams.

By the year 2019, the number of mobile users is expected to cross 5 billion. Using mobile apps simplifies tasks that might be difficult and time-consuming on PC. But still, each type of mobile application comes with different kind of challenges.

There are things you need to know before you launch your new mobile app in order to avoid potholes that usually most of the businesses stumble upon. Let’s create a checklist with some very important point covered for you and discuss how these points made their way up to this list.


It is really important for your app to perform consistently across all the devices and platforms, irrespective of the type of the device. One more factor that impacts more is ease of use. Make an easy to use interface with simple and elegant logos and well-defined screens.


It doesn’t concern your users if your app is running on 500 or 500000 devices simultaneously, they just don’t care. All they will notice is how your app is running on their device and how slow it is. Your app should perform consistently under changing user loads. Crashing due to high loads is not an option here if you want your app to dominate the market.

Identify every issue that impacts the stability of your app, and plan out everything in advance. Know your app’s breaking point, and calculate the workload your app will have to handle once it is out in the market, with a factor of safety.

Backend Infrastructure

The performance of your mobile app depends on your servers and storage systems to a very considerable extent. The ability of your servers to deliver content at the right time to your users and store their data on your storage systems is crucial for your application to do well. Plan your backend support systems well, keep them up to date and prepared for the time when there will be a lot of traffic to be handled.

Delivery Network

The delivery network mentioned here represents the network of the distribution of your app and the same link back to your customer service department. When your customers want some changes to be done, you have to make changes. Make your mobile app adjustable that they can easily adapt changes in future if required.


When the number of app users increases, failure of your app to cope up with the expected level of performance is the last thing you want. Maintain the quality of your app as it becomes popular. Design infrastructure of your app such that it can withstand a high amount of load.


As your network grows, it becomes more vulnerable to threats. Usually, this happens because initial security parameters while designing infrastructure of the app are comparatively of low standards then what you require for an expanded network. Account for every security parameter such as bandwidth, connection quality and transaction account while planning for your security infrastructure. Be prepared to what comes next and to provide a high level of security based on the growth of your app.

Server Scalability

Keep your servers ready for peaks that may occur in the times of immense workloads. Prioritize all the tasks at hand when you expand, but make sure that user experience is right at the top in the times of high demands as well as low demands. Virtual servers, hybrid clouds and public clouds might help in such times or if you can come up with your own plans to tackle such situations, nothing can be better than that.


Nothing is perfect, and neither is your mobile app. There will always be some problems regarding performance, design, security or whatsoever. But make sure you keep your app troubleshoot ready by monitoring app performance from end to end. Use every tool that you can to identify and re-mediate issues before they turn out to be a major problem.

Update Ready

Keep updating your app at regular intervals. People love to keep their gadgets update. No matter how minor update there is, they will always update. So keep your system prepared to give regular updates across devices and platforms. Always keep analyzing your app and know what is working well and what needs to be changed.

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Hope this checklist helps you achieve your organizational goals. Every point discussed here contains equal importance. Make sure you don’t get lazy and make a pass on any of these. And if you think it has got a very strong grip on you, let us help you out. We, at IConflux, make sure that everything is right in the place where it is supposed to be. For more details, contact us at [email protected].

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