Prediction - How the world would be working after Coronavirus?

28th Apr 2020

Digital Transformation is a MUST today! Why?

We all have learned it – the hard way!

By now we have already experienced how COVID-19 forced organizations to adopt the Work From Home model. Amid the Coronavirus outbreak, the Organisation had to search for reliable digital tools for meetings, collaboration, project management, and file sharing, not just to maintain but also to enhance productivity. This is just one of the many examples of ‘how DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION can help you survive through any uncertainty’. These solutions are going to create amazing opportunities after the Coronavirus situation too, for sure!

So, in case you are wondering how will be the business after coronavirus?

We are all set to experience the RISE OF INTELLIGENT ENTERPRISES!!

Here are 6 predictions about work culture after Coronavirus:

1. Data Management Using Cloud Infrastructure:

Data Management Using Cloud Infrastructure:

Many companies were still procrastinating the shift to cloud technology, before the COVID – 19 hit us. But not anymore! Organizations across the world are now realizing that it is not practical to access huge amounts of data through conventional channels. Cloud Infrastructure includes hardware & software components such as multicore servers, data centres, network infrastructure, firewalls, load balancers, data networks, virtualization software, etc. Cloud is the one technology that will allow organizations to access anything from anywhere.

2. Real-time Monitoring Using IoT and Big Data:

Real-time Monitoring Using IoT and Big Data:

During the COVID – 19 pandemic, organizations realized the power of real-time data. This is true for governments to handle the situation – as we saw in the case of South Korea. But it is also true for large enterprises that are looking to restart their economic operations. IoT and Big Data allow business owners and CIOs to understand the historical & real-time market situation; and predict future trends in markets and consumer behavior. These two technologies are going to change the future.

3. AI-enabled Drug Discovery and Development:

AI-enabled Drug Discovery and Development:

Healthcare authorities, drug development researchers, and pharma companies are now on their toes to develop vaccines and drugs for COVID-19. They are taking the help of AI-enabled solutions extensively. Artificial Intelligence can be a way to shorten the process of drug discovery and drug development. So, even after everything gets resolved, Pharma companies and healthcare authorities will continue to use Artificial Intelligence, to develop effective solutions for various types of infections and other diseases.

4. Smooth Operations with Robotic Process Automation:

Smooth Operations with Robotic Process Automation:

Another amazing thing that the organizations realized was – they can weed out unnecessary processes and put repetitive tasks on automation. Many large enterprises have automated their processes which now do not require any human intervention. This trend is here to stay, even after the Coronavirus pandemic. as it ensures zero human error and a high degree of speed & efficiency. This is a great opportunity for SMEs to shift some of their processes to automation, using Robotic Process Automation bots.

5. Faster Healthcare Management Using Telemedicine:

Faster Healthcare Management Using Telemedicine:

These days, rather than visiting the Doctor or a healthcare centre, people prefer seeking advice over the internet and avail remote care. Many healthcare professionals & medical facilities were already offering these services but after the Coronavirus fiasco, more and more people are likely to use telemedicine facilities instead of visiting a doctor in person. This will definitely encourage all kinds of healthcare organizations, hospitals, and consultants to adopt this technology, save a lot of time and strengthen their position.

6. Amazing Safety & Accessibility with Robots & Drones:

Amazing Safety & Accessibility with Robots & Drones:

The best thing about Robots & Drones is - they are not alive; therefore, they can’t be stopped by pandemics or difficult working conditions. These days, Robots & Drones are extensively used to deliver essential groceries and emergency medical supplies. Organizations have realized that Robots & Drones can do so many diverse jobs such as surveillance, census, communication, etc. and keep working in odd situations too. Apart from that, they also reduce the operational cost and the need for human intervention.


Coronavirus has seriously impacted the economies, businesses, and lives of billions of people. However, it has brought new opportunities too. Silently, this situation is building up new work cultures, improving digital capabilities, changing consumer behavior, and creating a new set of opportunities. This is the right time to analyze your organization’s internal & external operations, and plan your Digital Transformation strategy. In case you need any help in doing so, you can contact IConflux Technologies at any time. Visit or send a mail to [email protected].

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