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Top 7 Mobile App Development Trends 2018

19th Jan 2018

With the increase in the use of smartphones over the year 2017, there has been steep increase in the need for mobile app development. It had been a year of growth for app development. Previously, it was just an optimal investment solution, but now it has turned to a necessity. IoT was taken into consideration in 2017 but now it is expected to grow to almost $670 billion by the year 2021.

The top mobile app development trends that will play a vital role in 2018 are as follows:

1. Development of Cloud Based Applications

With an increased use of internet over the year, the whole smartphone industry has come a long way. More and more apps are designed that allows cloud interaction paving the way for minimal requirement of internal memory.

All the data is now stored on cloud which renders the user free from any storage issues. There is high demand for cloud based mobile applications which can easily fetch the data from the cloud at any point of time.

2. Escalating Speed of Mobile Pages

Escalating Speed of Mobile Pages

The next trend that is sure to create a huge impact is the increasing speed of mobile pages which improves the speed of page loading on all the mobile devices.

The increased speed will lead to reduction in the bounce rate thereby increasing the number of visitors, page ranking, simple content modification, CTR, better visibility of ad, etc.

3. Machine Learning - Essential Part of Mobile Apps

The concept of Machine Learning along with Artificial Intelligence is gaining importance. It is with the help of machine learning that apps will be able to recognize complicated patterns and draw necessary conclusions by evaluating and analyzing the data.

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For e.g. Machine learning will play a vital role in the medical industry by providing timely diagnosis and providing proper treatment plan. All the predictive applications will be the major game changers in 2018 and the years to come.

4. Internet of Things and Applications

IoT is among the most trending topics recently. It is playing its role in all types of businesses in various industries. It influences the retail business and the sectors like education, healthcare, etc.

The mobile app development companies are considering IoT and it is obvious to bring about a huge change in the daily life of each and every person.

Internet of Things and Applications

5. Augmented Reality to come into picture

AR had been the talk of the town in 2017 and will continue to be so in 2018. Till now AR was just in games & fun, but it is for sure to explore new fields. It aids in providing digital over virtual information that gives a clear outlook. In near future, AR connected apps are going to be the reality. It can also play a role in Enterprise Mobility Solution.

6. Increase in Wearable Apps

Increase in Wearable Apps

The wearable apps are the ones covering 2 aspects, one is need and the other is creating a style statement. It will create an impact in the healthcare industry. The example of the same is Apple, Samsung and Google smart watches. In the days to come, all these wearable apps are going to be the major apps.

7. Increased Security

The enterprise mobile app development not just focuses on creating new apps without considering the security aspect. With the increase in use of smartphones, the security feature is also gearing up. As the smartphones carry sensitive information, they too need to be secure. The future apps will consider this as an inbuilt feature leaving no dependency on third party apps.

The above trends of 2018 are gaining importance so gear up to be a part of the highly advanced mobility solutions.

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