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From customizing an HTML5 website design to provide an updated look and feel, to developing a full end-to-end HTML5 web development solution in India & USA, we do everything you require. Our HTML5 development services optimize the performance with quicker loading times, easy scalability and responsiveness of the application. Build your customizable solutions capable of functioning flawlessly with us.

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Multi-Domain Expertise

Domain Expertise

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Agile Development

Development Process

Secure, Sustainable & Scalable Web Solutions Powered by HTML5 Development Services

HTML5 is a versatile and advanced web development platform known to promise remarkable performance and exciting user experience. As an expert HTML5 development company, we have an in-house team of experienced HTML5 developers who make use of agile development methodology to develop custom solutions. Our proven and flexible development model is focused around developing a cost-efficient solution and starts with a thorough evaluation of your requirements and business model.

Agile Development

Benefits of
HTML5 Development

Enhanced Security

Cost effective, Cross-platform Development

HTML5 allows developers to utilize a single codebase for multiple platforms without any additional effort. This brings down the cost of development and at the same time equips a brand/business to be operational on multiple platforms at the same time. Also, as developers use the same code to roll out solutions on different platforms, the cost of maintenance is also reduced.

Engaging UI

Improved Page Rankings

Using HTML5 for website development has a range of SEO benefits too. HTML5 is known for standard, readable and structured code which is essential for good search engine rankings. HTML5 can help in re-indexing of websites owing to specific markup features which are highly beneficial for SEO purposes.

Effective Testing

Supports Offline Functionality

HTML5 offers local storage support for web application code and content. The offline application cache allows businesses to use web apps without connecting to the internet. Also, offline functionality is known to boost the functionality and performance of web apps. This makes businesses using HTML5 web apps more productive than their counterparts relying on online web apps.

Increased Market Reach

Consistency & Compatibility

HTML5 allows developers to promise a seamless user experience across multiple browsers. HTML5 offers superior levels of compatibility for all modern browsers ensuring a consistent experience. In the modern world, consistency is the key to long-term engagement and success. HTML5 enables organizations to stay future-ready by creating web apps and solutions that are compatible with a wide range of web browsers.

Higher Sticky Quotient & Loyalty

Improved Analytics & Business Intelligence

HTML5 is equipped with capabilities to create applications that enable organizations to make better use of available data. HTML5 allows businesses the power to gather and analyze useful data using browser-based analytics tools to derive meaningful insights about users.

Higher Sticky Quotient & Loyalty

Native Video Support

HTML5 allows distribution of HD videos owing to built-in support for video sharing through supporting browsers. This means websites developed using HTML5 can be embedded with high-quality video directly on a web page, improving the engagement quotient of the website. Not only this is a great engagement metric in the modern world where video is the most preferred content format, but such a tactic allows businesses to create dynamic solutions in the form of interactive websites that have more chances of success.

Features of
HTML5 Powered Solutions

Highly Intuitive

Enhanced User Experience

HTML5 comes with a wide range of design tools allowing developers to offer an intuitive user experience for the end-users. The resultant apps are more engaging and help in boosting retention and conversion rates.

Seamless Navigation

Geolocation Support

HTML5 supports geolocation making the platform suitable to build location-specific service apps or websites.

Fast Loading

Mobile Ready

HTML5 solutions are responsive as the platform is equipped to develop mobile-ready solutions. This means that users can use solutions on any device, improving the mobility of an organization and making them more productive.

Improved Nativity

Cross-browser Compatibility

HTML5 apps support all major internet browsers including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Firefox, etc.


Secure Storage

HTML5 comes with enhanced storage features that improve the security capabilities of a solution. Owing to its hybrid cookie-style storage and client-side database framework, HTML5 solutions are more secure and dynamic in terms of storing data.

Best-in-class HTML 5 Development Services

As an apex HTML5 expert in development domain, we provide excellent solutions that help companies to grow their online footprint using the mobile medium. As solutions developed using HTML5 are highly responsive, it helps organizations going mobile. We offer the following end-to-end HTML5 services to help businesses:

HTML5 Web Application Development

HTML5 Website Development

Static to HTML5 Design Migration

AngularJS Migration

Custom HTML5 Design


Why Hire
HTML5 Developers from IConflux?

Intensive Testing and QA Process

Expert & Highly-Experienced Resource Pool

Our developers have developed robust HTML5 solutions for large and small-scale organizations across industries, lending them wise insights into the platform’s capabilities and business requirements.

Agile Development Methodologies

Personalized Engagement Model

Adopting a personalized development approach, we believe in understanding your requirements, business model and future growth prospects to create a suitable engagement plan.

Complete IOS App Deployment Support

Remarkable Tech Proficiency

Having complete knowledge of HTML5 framework along with modern development methodologies and latest tech trends, our team boasts of excellent tech proficiency that benefits your development project.

Intensive Testing and QA Process

Exemplary Post-Deployment Support

Believing in complete handholding, we provide great post-deployment support to ensure everything is working as you want it to be.

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